A  Comprehensive List of

Complimentary Words about

Food & Drink

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A. Aged, Alimental/Alimentary, Alluring, Ambrosial/Ambrosian, Ample, Anamnestic, Aplenty, Appealing, Aperitive*, Appetizing, Appreciated, Aromatic, Artful, Artisanal, At the ready, Authentic, Awaited, Awesome

B. Beautiful, Benevolent, Beyond compare, Bijou, Blissful, Blithesome, Blue-ribbon, Bounteous, Bountiful, Brimming, Bubbly, Bursting, Buttery

C. Complete, Congenial, Convivial, Candescent, Captivating, Cared for, Carefree, Careful, Caring, Casual, Celebrated, Celebratory, Champion,  Charming, Cheerful, Cherished, Chic, Chocolatey, Choice, Choicest, Citrusy, Civil, Civilized, Classic, Classical, Classy, Colourful, Comfortable, Comforting, Commanding, Commendable, Commendatory, Commodious, Companionable, Compatible, Compelling,  Complete, Composed, Comprehensive, Conceptual, Concordant, Confelicitous, Conferrable, Congenial, Conscientious, Considerable, Considerate, Contemporary, Content, Convenient, Convivial, Coordinated, Copious, Cordial, Corking, Coruscant, Cosmopolitan, Courteous, Courtly, Couthie, Crack, Crackerjack, Creamy, Creative, Crisp, Crowd-pleasing, Cultivated, Cultured, Curative, Cutting-edge, Crunchy

D. Dainty, Dandy, Dapatical, Daring, Darling, Dazzling, Dear, Dearest, Debonair, Decent, Decorous, Delectable, Delicate, Delicious, Delighted, Delightful, Delish, Deluxe, Deserving, Designer, Desirable, Desired, Desirous, Dignified, Disarming, Discerning, Disciplined, Distinctive, Distinguished, Distinguishing, Diverse, Diverting, Divine, Doted on, Doting, Dulcet, Dynamic, Dynamite


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E. Easygoing, Easy to talk to, Easy to understand, Ebullient, Effervescent, Effortless, Effulgent, Elated, Elating, Electric, Electrifying, Elegant, Elevating, Eloquent, Empyreal, Enamouring, Enchanted, Enchanting, Endearing, Energetic, Energizing, Engaging, Engrossing, Enjoyable, Enjoyed, Enlightening, Enlivened, Enlivening, Enriching, Entertaining, Enthralling, Enthusiastic, Enticed, Enticing, Entranced, Entrancing, Epic, Epicurean, Esthetic/Esthetical, Eudaemonistic/Eudaemonistical, Eupeptic, Euphonious, Euphoric, Eventful, Evocative, Exceeding, Excellent, Excelling, Exceptional, Excited, Exciting, Exemplary, Exhilarated, Exhilarating, Exhortative/Exhortatory, Expansive, Expert, Expressive, Exquisite, Exotic, Extra-, Extraordinaire, Extraordinary, Exuberant, Eye-catching

F. Fab, Fabulous, Familial, Familiar, Family, Fancy, Fancy-free, Fanciful, Fantabulous, Fantastic, Far-out, Fascinating, Fashionable, Favourite, Feateous, Feelgood, Felicitous, Feracious, Festal, Festive, Filled, Filling, Fine, Finer, Finest, Finger-licking, First-class, First-order, First-rate, Fitting, Five-star, Flaky, Flamboyant, Flashy, Flavoured, Flavourful, Flavoursome, Flawless, Flourishing, Flowing, Fluent, Fly (chiefly British), Fond, Foremost, Foresighted, Formal, Fortuitous, Fortunate, Forward-thinking, Four-star, Frabjous, Fraternal, Freethinking, Fresh, Friendly, Frolicsome, Front-page, Fruity, Fulfilling, Fulgent, Full, Full-bodied, Fun


G. Galore, Gamesome, Gastronomic, Gay, Gelastic, Gelogenic, Generous, Genial, Genteel, Gentle, Gentlemanly, Genuine, Gifted, Giving, Glad, Glazed, Glamorous, Gleaming, Gleeful, Glistening, Glorious, Glowing, Golden, Good, Goodhearted, Good-feeling, Good-humoured, Goodly, Good-natured, Gorgeous, Gourmet, Graced, Graceful, Gracious, Gradely, Grand, Grateful, Gratified, Gratifying, Great, Greatest, Greathearted, Gregarious, Groovy, Gumptious, Gustatory

H. Hale, Handsome, Happening, Happy, Happy-go-lucky, Harmonic, Harmonious, Healthful, Healthy, Heartfelt, Heart-to-heart, Heartsome, Heartwarming, Hearty, Heavenly, Henotic, Helpful, Hep, Heralded, Herbal, High Calibre, High-class, High-quality, High-spirited, Highest, Highly regarded, Highly valued, Hilarious, Honeyed, Hortative/Hortatory, Hospitable, Hot


Happy Birthday Alternatives

I. Ideal, Illecebrous, Illuminating, Illustrious, Imaginative, Imitable, Immaculate, Immarcescible, Immeasurable, Immediate, Immense, Immortal, Immune, Impartial, Impassioned, Impavid, Impeccable, Imperturbable, Impish, Important, Impressive, Improved, Improving, Improvisational, In, In 7th Heaven, Incandescent, Inclusive, Incomparable, Incredible, In demand, Inebriating, Ineffable, Infatuating, In fine fettle (good spirits), Infused, Inimitable, Innovative, In love, In seventh Heaven, Insouciant, Inspired, Inspiring, Inspirited, Inspiriting, Interconnective, Intellectual, Intelligent, Interactive, Interesting, In the groove, In the swim, Intoxicating, Intrigued, Intriguing, Invigorated, Invigorating, Inviting, In vogue, Irenic, Irresistible

J. Jam-packed, Jazzy, Jestful, Jiggish, Jocose, Jocular, Joculatory, Jocund, Jolif, Jolly, Jovial, Joyful, Joyous, Joysome, Jubilant, Juicy, Just right

K. Keen, Kind, Kind-hearted, Kindly, Kindred, Kingly, Knightly, Knowledgeable, Kooky

L. Ladylike, Laid-back, Lambent, Largifical, Lasting, Laudable, Laudatory, Lautitious, Lavish, Lean, Legendary, Liefly, Leisurely, Lepid, Liberal, Liberating, Light, Lightening, Likable, Liked, Like-minded, Light, Lip-smacking, Lively, Lovable, Loved, Lovely, Loving, Luculent, LudibundLudic, Luminous,  Luscious, Lush, Lustrous, Lusory, Luxuriant, Luxurious

M. Magical, Magnanimous, Magnetic, Magnificent, Majestic, Malty, Mannerly, Marinated, Marvellous, Mashed, Masterful, Masterly, Matchless, Maximal, Maximum, Meaningful, Measured, Meaty, Meet, Mellifluous, MelliloquentMellisonant, Mellow, Melodious, Memorable, Meritable, Meritorious, Merry, Mesmerizing, Meticulous, Mild, Mind-blowing, Mindful, Minty, Mirthful, Modern, Modernistic, Moist, Momentous, More, Morish, Most Excellent, Mouthwatering, Moving, Multidimensional, Musical

Positive Nouns that Describe People

N. Natty, Near to one's heart, Neat, Nectarous, Neighbourly, NeotericNice, Nifty, Nitid, Nonpareil, Notable, Noteworthy, Nourished, Nourishing, Novel, Nurturing, Nutrimental, NutritionalNutritious, Nummy, Nutty

O. Obliging, Oenophilic/Enophilic, Olympian, On, On Cloud Nine, On the ball, On the beam, Open-handed, Open-hearted, Open-minded, Optimal, Optimum, Opulent, Organized, Original, Ornamental, Outgoing, Out-of-sight, Out-of-this-world, Outstanding, Overflowing, Overjoyed, Overjoying

Quenched, Quenching

P. Pabulous, Palatable, Pally, Par excellence, Paradisal, Paradisaic/Paradisiacal, Peaceful, Peachy, Peachy keen, Peak, Peerless, Peppy, Perceptual, Perfect, Perfective, Perky, Personable, Phenomenal, Philoxenial, Picturesque, Piquant, Playful, Pleasant, Pleased, Pleasing, Pleasurable, Plenteous, Plentiful, Plum, Plummy, Pluperfect, Polished, Polite, Popular, Posh, Positive, Praised, Praiseworthy, Precious, Preferable, Preferred, Prefulgent, Premier, Premium, Prepared, Prepossessing, Prescious, Pretty, Priceless, Primal, Primary, Prime, Primed, Primo, Princely, Pristine, Privileged, Prized, Prize-winning, Procinct, Prodigious, Proficient, Profulgent, Prolific, Proper, Propitious, Prosperous, Provocative, Proud, Pukka, Pure, Purposeful

R. Rad, Radiant, Rapturous, Ravishing, Readied, Ready, Recherche', Receptive, Recommendable, Recuperative, Red-carpet, Redolent, Refined, Refreshing, Refulgent, Regal, Regnant, Rejuvenating, Rejuvenescent, Relaxed, Relaxing, Relieving, Relished, Relishing, Remarkable, Renascent, Renewing, Replete, Resourceful, Respectable, Resplendent, Restful, Restorative, Revitalized, Revitalizing, Reviviscent, Revivifying, Rhapsodic, Riant, Rich, Rident, Ridibund, Right neighbourly, Risible, Risorial, Robust, Rollicking, Rosy, Rousing, Rutilant

S. Salubrious, Salted, Sapid, Saporific/Saporous, Satisfied, Satisfying, Saucy, Savoury, Scintillant, Scintillating, Scintillescent, Scrumptious, Seasoned, Second-to-none, Selcouth, Sensate, Sensational, Sentimental, Serene, Shining, Silky, Slaked, Slaking, Smart, Sensational, Smiling, Smooth, Snazzy, Snappy, Soaring, Sociable, Social, Societal, Soigne, Sophisticated, Spanking, Sparkling, Special, Spectacular, Spicy, Spirited, Splendid, Splendiferous, Splendorous, Spruce, Stellar, Sterling, Stimulating, Stimulative, Stimulatory, Striking, Strong, Stupendous, Stylish, Suave, Suaveolent, Sublime, Substantial, Successful, Succulent, Sugary, Sumptuous, Sunny, Super, Superabundant, Superb, Super-civilized, Superior, Superlative, Surpassing, Swank, Sweet, Sweet-smelling, Sweet-tasting, Sybaritic

T. Talented, Tangible, Tangy, Tantalizing, Tasteful, Tasty, Tempestive, Tempting, Tender, Tender-hearted, Terrific, Thankful, Thankworthy, Thorough, Thoughtful, Thrilled, Thrilling, Tickety-Boo, Tickled, Tidy, Tight, Timeless, Tip-top, Tireless, Titillating, Tonic, Toothsome, Top, Top drawer, Top-notch, Tops, Totally-tubular, To the max, Touching, Touted, Tranquil, Transcendent, Transporting, Treasurable, Treasured, Tremendous, Trim, Triumphant 

U. Unassuming, Unbeatable, Uncompromising, Unconditionally Loving, Understanding, Unequalled, Unfailing, Unforgettable, Unparalleled, Unrivalled, Unselfish, Unsurpassed, Untiring, Unwithdrawing, Unzymotic, Upbeat, Upbuilding, Uplifted, Uplifting, Up to snuff, Uptown, Urbane, Usable, Utile Dulci, Utmost, Utopian, Utopic 

V. Valued, Vegetarian, Vegete, Velvety, Vibrant, Viparious, VitalizingVitative, Vivacious, Vivid, Vivifying, Vogue

W. Wanted, Warm, Warm-hearted, Welcome, Welcomed, Welcoming, Weleful, Well-arranged, Well-built, Well-disposed, Well-done, Well-liked, Well-made, Well-planned, Well-received, Well-suited, Well-timed, Welsome, Whimsical, Whipped, Whiz-bang, Wholehearted, Wholesome, Winning, Winsome, With it, Without equal, Without limit, Witty, Wizardly, Wonderful, Wonderstruck, Wonder-working, Wondrous, World class,  Worthwhile, Worthy

X. Xenial, Xenodocial

Y. Yummy

Z. Zazzy, Zestful, Zesty, Zero cool, Zingy, Zoetic


Abidingness, Ability, Abundance, Accommodation, Accord, Adroitness, Adventure, Aesthetic, Afflatus, Affability, Affection, Affinity, Agreeability, Agreeableness,  Aliveness, Alleviation, Allure, Amativeness, Ambrosia, Amelioration, Amenity, Amiability, Amiableness, Amicability, Amity, Amore, Amour-propre, Aperitif, Appeal, Appetence, Appetizer, Aptness, Artistry, Attentiveness, Authenticity, Awesomeness  


Badinage, Balance, Bash, Beauty, Benefaction, Beneficence, Benevolence, Benevolentness, Benison, Bigheartedness, Blessedness, Blessing,  Blissfulness, Blitheness, Blithesomeness, Bonhomie, Bonniness, Boost, Bounce, Bounty, Bountifulness, Bounteousness, Brightness, Brilliance, Brio,  Brunch, Buoyancy 

Company, Companionship, Conversation, Conviviality, Cachet, Camaraderie, Care, Carefulness, Caritas, Character, Charisma, Charm, Cheer, Cheerfulness, Cheeriness, Civility, Class, Classiness, Cleanliness, Cleverness, Closeness, Colourfulness, Comedy, Comfort, Comity, Commitment, Companionship, Compassion, Compassionateness, Complement, Completeness, Composedness, Composition, Composure, Congeniality,  Congenialness, Consanguinity, Conscientiousness, Consideration, Consistency, Consonance, Contemporariness, Contentedness, Contentment, Contribution, Conversance, Conversation, Conviviality, Coolheadedness, Coolness, Coordination, Cordiality, Cordialness, Correctness, Cosiness, Courteousness, Courtesy, Courtliness, Creativeness, Creativity, Creation, Creativeness, Creativity, Culture, Cuteness

Dash, Dazzle, Dazzlement, Dazzle, Debonairness, Dearness, Decency, Decorum, Dedication, Deftness, Delectableness, Delicacies, Delicacy, Delectations, Deliciousness, Delight, Delights, Delightedness, Delightfulness, Dependability, Desert, Desiderata/Desideratum, Desirability, Desirableness, Dexterity, Dextrousness, Dignity, Diligence, Dinner, Discernment, Discretion, Distinction, Drive, Dynamism

Earthliness, Ease, Easygoingness, Ebullience, Effectiveness, Effervescence, Efficacy, Efficiency, Effortlessness, Effulgence, Élan, Elegance, Eloquence, Embrace, Eminence, Enablement, Enamouredness, Enchantingness, Enchantments, Energy, Engagement, Engagingness, Engrossingness, Engrossment, Enhancement, Enjoyableness, Enjoyment, Enkindlement, Enlightenment, Enlivenment, Ennoblement, Enough, Enrapturement, Enrichment, Enterprise, Entertainment, Enthrallment, Enthusiasm, Enticement, Entrancement, Epicureanism, Equanimity, Esprit, Esse, Essence, Etiquette, Eudaimonia, Eudaimonism, Eunoia, Eupathy, Euphony, Eutaxy, Eutrapely, Event, Everything, Evocativeness, Exactly/Just what I needed, Excellence, Excellency, Exceptionalness, Excitation, Excitement, Exemplariness, Exhilaration, Existence, Expertise, Exploration, Expressiveness, Exquisiteness, Extraordinariness, Exuberance, Exuberancy

Fabulousness, Facilitation, Facility, Facundity, Family, Fancy, Favour, Feast, Feat, Felicity, Fellowship, Feminacy, Festival, Festiveness, Festivity, Fete, Fineness, Finesse, Flamboyance, Flair, Flavour, Fleetness, Flexibility, Flourish, Flow, Foison, Fondness, Food, Foodophile, Foodophilia, Food stuffs, Fraternity, Freshness, Friendliness, Friendship, Frivolity, Frolic, Frolicsomeness, Fruitfulness, Fulfillment, Fullness, Fulgor, Fun

Gallantry, Gamesomeness, Gaiety, Gathering, Gayness, Get-together, Generativity, Generosity, Generousness, Geniality, Genialness, Genius, Gentleness, Genuineness, Gift, Gifts, Giftedness, Givingness, Gladness, Gladsomeness, Glamour, Glee, Gleefulness, Good, Good cheer, Good company, Good food, Good nature, Goodness, Good spirit(s), Good thing, Good time, Goodwill, Good wishes, Grace, Gracefulness, Graciousness, Gratulation, Gravy, Greatness, Grooviness, Gumption, Gusto

Happiness, Harmoniousness, Harmony, Healthiness, Heart, Heartiness, Heartsomeness, Heavenliness, Helpfulness, High-spiritedness, Hilariousness, Hilarity, Hipness, Hoot, Hospitableness, Hospitality, Humanity, Humdinger, Humour, Humourousness

Illustriousness, Imagination, Immaculateness, Impeccability, Impishness, Implementation, Impressiveness, Inclusion, Inclusiveness, Indispensability, Individuality, Indulgence, Indulgences, Industriousness, Ingenuity, Initiative, Innovation, Insight, Insightfulness, Inspiration, Inspiritment, Instauration, Instinct, Interaction, Interconnection, Interestingness, Inventiveness, Invigoration, Invitation, Invitingness, Irrepressibility, Irreplaceability, Irrepressibility, Irresistibility, Isness, Izzat 

Jauntiness, Jazziness,  Jocosity, Jocularity, Jocundity, Joie de Vivre, Jollies, Jollification, Jolliness, Jollity, Joviality, Joy, Joyance, Joyfulness, Joyousness, Jubilance, Jubilation, Jubilee, Juice, Juiciness

Kalon, Keenness, Kindheartedness, Kindliness, Kindling, Kindness, Kinship, Knack, Know-how, Knowledge

Largeheartedness, Largesse, Laudability, Laugh, Laughter, Lavishness, Lead, Leadership, Lenity, Lepidity, Levity, Libation, Liberation, Lift, Light-heartedness, Lightness, Likeableness, Like-mindedness, Liveliness, Living, Lollapalooza, Lovability, Love, Loveableness, Loveliness, Love object, Loving, Loving-kindness, Lovingness, Luminosity, Lunch, Lusciousness, Lushness, Lustre, Luxury, Luxuriousness


Magic, Magnificence, Majesty, Management, Manners, Marvel, Masterfulness, Mastermind, Masterpiece, Masterdom, Mastership, Mastery, Meal, Meaningfulness, Mellifluousness, Mellowness, Memory, Memories, Merriment, Merriness, Merrymaking, Meticulousness, Mindfulness, Mirth, Mirthfulness, Mischief, Mischievousness, Modernity, Morale, Moxie, Munificence

Naturalness, Neatness, Neighbourlikeness, Neighbourliness, Niceness, Nicety, Niftiness, Nimbleness, Nirvana, Noteworthiness, Nourishment, Novity, Nurture, Nutrication, Nutrition

Oblectation, Obligingness, Oenomel, Openness, Open-handedness, Open-heartedness, Open-mindedness, Opportunity, Opulence, Orderliness, Or d'oeuvres, Originality, Outgoingness

Pabulum, Panacea, Panache, Panaesthesia, Panaesthetism, Panegyric, Paradise, Parage, Party,  Pathopoeia, Patronage, Pep, Pepper-upper, Peppiness, Percipience, Perfectibilism, Perfectionism, Perfection, Perkiness, Perseverance, Personage, Personality, Pertness, Phenomenon, Phenomena, Philocaly, Philoxenia, Pick-me-up, Piquancy, Pizzazz, Playfulness, Pleasantness, Pleasantry, Plenteousness, Plenitude, Plenty, Plushness, Poiesis, Poise, Polish, Politeness, Positivity, Practicality, Praiseworthiness, Preciousness, Preparation, Preparedness, Present, Presentation, Pride, Proactiveness, Proactivity, Procinct, Proficiency, Pronoia, Propinquity, Propitiousness, Prowess

Quaintness, Quality, Quiescence, Quiescency, Quietness, Quietude, Quintessence

Radiance, Raillery, Raise, Rapport, Ravishment, Readiness, Realm, Realness, Reassurance, Reception, Receptiveness, Reciprocity, Recognition, Refinement, Reflation, Refresher, Refreshment, Regalement, Regality, Regardfulness, Rejoicing, Rejuvenation, Relaxation, Relaxedness, Release, Reliability, Relish, Remarkableness, Remedy, Renewal, Repast, Repletion, Reputation, Resources, Resourcefulness, Respect, Respectability, Respite, Responsiveness, Restfulness, Restoration, Revelry, Revival, Rhapsody, Richness, Risibility, Rollick, Romanticism, Romp, Rosiness

Saintliness, Salubriousness, Sanguineness, Sanguinity, Sapidity, Satiety, Satiation, Satisfaction, Sauciness, Savoir-faire, Savouriness, Scintillation, Scrumptiousness, Scrupulousness, Seasoning, Selection, Self-composure, Self-confidence, Self-discipline, Self-expression, Selflessness, Sensation, Sensibility, Sentiment, Sereneness, Serenity, Service, Seva, Seventh Heaven, Sharing, Sheltering, Shot in the arm, Simplicity, Sincerity, Skill, Smartness, Smile,  Smoothness, Snacks, Snazziness, Sociability, Social grace, Sociality, Soiree, Solace, Soothingness, Sophistication, Soul, Soulfulness, Space, Spark, Sparkle, Specialness, Spice, Spiciness, Spirit, Spirits, Spiritedness, Splendidness, Splendour, Spontaneity, Sportiveness, Sprightliness, Spunk, Standard, Standards, Stateliness, Stature, Stick-to-itiveness, Stimulation, Stimulus, Straightforwardness, Style, Stylishness, Suavity, Sublimity, Substance, Subtleness, Success, Successfulness, Succor, Suffisance, Sufficiency, Suitability, Suitableness, Sumptuousness, Sunniness, Sunshine, Superabilty, Superbia, Superabundance, Superbness, Superiority, Supper, Supplement, Support, Supremacy, Sure-footedness, Sure-handedness, Sureness, Surety, Surprise, Sustenance, Swankiness, Sweetener, Sweetening, Sweetness, Synergy


Tact, Talent, Tang, Tantalization, Taste, Temper (not "a" temper), Temperateness, Temptations, Tenderheartedness, Tenderness, Thaumaturgy, Therapy, Thoroughness, Thoughtfulness, Threpsology, Thrill, Tidiness, Timelessness, Timeliness,  Tirelessness, Titillation, Togetherness, Touch, Tranquility, Tranquilness, Transcendence, Treat, Treats, Trophism, Trophology 

Uberty, Ubuntu, Unfailingness, Unflappability, Uniqueness, Unreservedness, Unselfishness, Uplift, Upstandingness, Utopia

Value, Values, Versatility, Verve, Vibrancy, Vigour, Vim, Virtu, Virtue, Virtuousness, Virtuosity, Vision, Vitality, Vitalization, Vivaciousness, Vivacity, Vivency, Vivification, Volition

Warmheartedness, Warmth, Ways, Ways and means, Welcome, Welcomeness, Wellness, What it takes, Wherewithal, Whimsy, Wholeness, Wholeheartedness, Wholesomeness, Whole-spiritedness, Willingness, Wine, Winsomeness, Wit, Witticisms, Wittiness, Wonderfulness, Wonderment, Wonderwork, Wondrousness, Worldliness

Xenophilia, Xenophily


Zaniness, Zap, Zeal, Zealousness, Zest, Zestfulness, Zestiness, Zing, Zip, Zoomagnetism

with/for who/: (could be preceded by adjectives*)

BFF, Convive(s) Companions, Colleagues, Foodie, Boy/Girl Friends, Epicure, Gastronome, Gentleman, Gentlemen, Gentlewoman, Gentlewomen, Ladies, Host, Hostess, My love, Turophile

When: the Occasion/Date

...because I/you...


Abundantly, Accommodatingly, Adeptly, Admirably, Admiringly, Adroitly, Adventuresomely, Aesthetically, Affably, Affectionately, Affirmatively, Agreeably, Alluringly, Amazingly, Amenably, Amiably, Amply, Amoroso, Amusingly, Appetizingly, Appreciatively, Approvingly, Aptly, Artistically, Attractively, Auspiciously, Atypically, Augustly, Authentically, Awesomely

Beautifully, Beauteously, Befriendingly, Beneficently, Beneficially, Benevolently, Blazingly, Blessedly, Blissfully, Blithely, Boldly, Boisterously, Bounteously, Bountifully, Brightly, Brilliantly, Brotherly, Buoyantly


Capably, Captivatingly, Carefully, Caringly, Casually, Charismatically, Charmingly, Cheerfully, Chicly, Chivalrously, Civilly, Cleanly, Colourfully, Comfortably, Comfortingly, Commandingly, Commendably, Companionably, Compellingly, Conamore, Confidently, Congenially, Conscientiously, Considerately, Contently, Conversantly, Convivially, Coolly, Cordially, Courteously, Cosily, Creatively


Dapperly, Dazzlingly, Dashingly, Dearly, Debonairly, Decorously, Deftly, Delectably, Deliberately, Delicately, Deliciously, Delightedly, Delightfully, Devotedly, Dexterously, Diligently, Disarmingly, Discerningly, Discriminatingly, Distinctively, Divinely, Dreamily, Dynamically



Eagerly, Ebulliently, Ecstatically, Effectively, Effectually, Effervescently, Efficiently, Effortlessly, Effulgently, Elaborately, Elatedly, Elatingly, Electrically, Elegantly, Elevatingly, Eloquently, Eminently, Enchantingly, Endearingly, Energetically, Energizingly, Engagingly, Engrossingly, Enjoyably, Enlighteningly, Enliveningly, Enrapturously, Enrichingly, Entertainingly, Enthrallingly, Enthusiastically, Enticingly, Entrancingly, Especially, Esteemingly, Eternally, Eudaemonistically, Euphorically, Evocatively, Exactly, Exceedingly, Excellently, Excellingly, Exceptionally, Excitingly, Executively, Exhilaratingly, Exotically, Expertly, Expressively, Exquisitely, Extraordinarily, Extravagantly, Exuberantly


Fabulously, Fain, Fantastically, Fascinatingly, Fashionably, Favourably, Felicitously, Festively, Fetchingly, Finely, Fitly, Fittingly, Flamboyantly, Flavourfully, Flourishingly, Fluently, Fondly, Forever, Formally, Fortuitously, Fortunately, Fraternally, Freely, Freshly, Frolicsomely, Fruitfully, Fully, Fullfilingly 


Gallantly, Gamefully, Gamesomely, Gaily, Gastronomically, Generously, Genially, Gently, Genuinely, Gladly, Gleefully, Gloriously, Glowingly, Good-humouredly, Good-naturedly, Gorgeously, Gracefully, Graciously, Grandly, Gratefully, Gratifyingly, Greatly, Gustatorially


Handily, Happily, Harmoniously, Hauntingly, Healthily, Heartfelt, Heartily, Heavenly, High-spiritedly, Hilariously, Highly, Hiply, Honestly, Hospitably, Humbly, Humorously, Hypnotically


Illustriously, Imaginatively, Immaculately, Immeasurably, Impassionedly, Impeccably, Impishly, Importantly, Impressively, Incisively, Indefatigably, Influentially, Ingeniously, Innovatively, Insightfully, Inspirationally, Inspiredly, Inspiringly, Intellectually, Intelligently, Interactively, Interestingly, Intimately, Inventively, Invitingly, Irrepressibly, Irresistibly

Jestingly, Jocosely, Jocularly, Jovially, Joyfully, Joyously, Jubilantly


Keenly, Kindly, Kind-heartedly


Laudably, Lavishly, Liberally, Liberatingly, Lief, Lightly, Light-heartedly, Likably, Lively, Longingly, Lovably, Lovingly, Luminously, Lusciously, Lushly, Lustrously, Lustily, Luxuriantly, Luxuriously 


Magically, Magnanimously, Magnetically, Magnificently, Majestically, Majorly, Marvellously, Masterfully, Maternally, Meaningfully, Measurably, Melodiously, Mellowly, Merrily, Meticulously, Mindfully, Miraculously, Mirthfully, Mischievously, Modestly, Morally, Most deeply, Most fortunately, Most fully, Most highly,  Munificently, Musically


Naturally, Neatly, Nicely, Niftily, Nimbly, Nobly, Notably


Obligingly, Openly, Openhandedly, Open-heartedly, Open-mindedly, Opportunely, Optimally, Opulently, Orderly, Originally, Outstandingly


Passionately, Paternally, Patiently, Peaceably, Peacefully, Perceptively, Perfectly, Permissively, Personably, Personally, Persuasively, Pertly, Phenomenally, Philoxenially, Picturesquely, Piquantly, Placidly, Playfully, Pleasantly, Pleasingly, Pleasurably, Poetically, Politely, Popularly, Positively, Powerfully, Praiseworthily, Preciously, Preparedly, Prestigiously, Pristinely, Proactively, Prodigiously, Proficiently, Prolifically, Prominently, Promisingly, Properly, Propitiously, Proactively, Provocatively, Proudly, Purely


Quaintly, Qualitatively, Quick-wittedly, Quietly, Quintessentially


Radiantly, Rapturously, Ravishingly, Readily, Really, Receptively, Refreshingly, Regally, Relaxingly, Reliably, Remarkably, Reputably, Resourcefully, Responsibly, Respectably, Respectfully, Resplendently, Responsibly, Responsively, Restfully, Restively, Restoratively, Rhapsodically, Richly, Risibly, Robustly, Rollickingly, Rosily, Rousingly


Salubriously, Satisfactorily, Saucily, Sanguinely, Scintillatingly, Scrumptiously, Scrupulously, Sedulously, Selflessly, Sensationally, Sensitively, Sensuously, Serendipitously, Serenely, Significantly, Simply, Sincerely, Skilfully, Sleekly, Smartly, Smashingly, Smilingly, Smoothly, Sociably, Soft-heartedly, Solicitously, Solidly, Soothingly, Sophisticatedly, Soulfully, Specially, Spectacularly, Spellbindingly, Spiritedly, Splendidly, Splendiferously, Spontaneously, Sportingly, Sportively, Stunningly, Stupendously, Stylishly, Suavely, Sublimely, Substantially, Successfully, Sumptuously, Superabundantly, Superbly, Superiorly, Supportively, Supportingly, Supremely, Sweetly, Swimmingly, Synergistically



Tactfully, Tantalizingly, Tastefully, Tenderly, Terrifically, Thankfully, Thoroughly, Thoughtfully, Thrillingly, Tidily, Tirelessly, Together, Totally, Touchingly, Transcendently, Tranquilly, Tremendously, Triumphantly, Truly, Truthfully


Unbelievably,  Unequivocally, Uniquely, Unstoppably, Up, Upbeat, Unselfishly, Urbanely


Verily, Very, Vibrantly, Vitally, Visually, Vivaciously, Vively


Warmly, Warm-heartedly, Well, Whole-heartedly, Wholesomely, Wholly, With relish, Winningly, Wonderfully, Wondrously




Zanily, with Zeal, Zealously, Zestfully



Admired, Adored, Allured, Amused, Anticipated, Apricated, Applauded, Appreciated, Aroused, Arrived, Astounded, Attended, Attracted, Awakened, Became, Began, Befriended, Beguiled, Belonged, Benefited, Blended in, Blessed, Bloomed, Blossomed, Blown away, Buoyed, Calmed, Celebrated, Capered, Captivated, Cavorted, Celebrated, Charmed, Cheered, Cherished, Comforted, Compelled, Comported, Connected, Contented, Cultivated, Danced, Degusted, Dazzled, Dug, Dined, Elated, Electrified, Embraced, Enamoured, Enchanted, Energized, Engaged, Engaged in, Engrossed, Enjoyed, Enlivened, Entertained, Enthralled, Enticed, Evoked, Excited, Exhilarated, Experimented, Extracted, Fascinated, Feasted, Fed, Felicitated, Felt, Filled, Fired up, Found, Fulfilled, Frolicked, Gambolled, Gathered, Gathered momentum, Giggled, Gladdened, Got in there, Got into, Gratified, Greeted, Grew, Had, Harmonized, Heartened, Heightened, Holidayed, Homologated, Hospitated, Impressed, Indulged, Inspirited, Integrated, Interacted, Interconnected, Interested, Interfaced, Interplayed, Invigorated, Jested, Joked, Joined, Kicked up one's heels, Kindled, Laughed, Learned, Liberated, Lifted, Liked, Livened, Lightened, Listened, Loved, Lured, Made merry, Mafficked, Normalized, Noshed, Nourished, Nurtured, Pampered, Played, Pleased, Plunged into, Prized, Quenched, Quieted, Racked up, Raised, Rallied, Refocillated, Refreshed, Rejoice, Rejuvenated, Relaxed, Relished, Restored, Revelled, Revived, Revivified, Rollicked, Romped, Rose, Salved, Sated, Satiated, Satisfied, Savoured, Scored, Slaked, Smiled, Soothed, Sparked, Sparkled, Stilled, Stirred, Sufficed, Suited, Swept off one's feet, Sweetened, Tempered, Thrilled, Tickled, Titillated, Titivated, Touched, Treasured, Valued, Welcomed, Whooped it up, Wowed

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