The Fruits of the Spirit

"It isn't the great things...  

It is just being kind, just being gentle, just being patient...."  

                                                  - Edgar Cayce 416-7

A Whole Lotta Fruit

Edgar Cayce stated that the ways of man are via power whereas the ways of God are via the "Fruits of the Spirit".  These are consistent with the biblical 'Meek inheriting the Earth' idiom and with the eastern 'Seva' concept.  They are:

Brotherly Love        Compassion

Fellowship        Friendship

Gentleness        Hope        Joy        Kindness

Long-suffering        Love        Nobleness        Obedience

Patience        Peace        Self-sacrifice

Tolerance        Truth


Goodness, Faith, Meekness, Self-control, and Temperance

are also mentioned in Galatians 5:22-23


Hope/Certainty, Joy, Love, and Peace are also among the energising, oh-so-desirable, and sought-after Positive Emotions.

There's a Fork in the road - Take it!

To know the Spiritual Incentives for this behaviour see: The Gifts of the Spirit

and the Universal Laws that are their foundation.



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