There are many thousands of positive words throughout this website.

These are the words that EMPOWER the other words.

The Positive Emotions

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Dr. Barbara Fredrickson identifies the top 10 positive emotions as Interest, Amusement, Inspiration, Hope, Pride, Serenity, Love, Joy, Awe, and Gratitude.

These emotions improve your physiology; your heart and your immune system as well as your mental health and ability.

Gramercy (from "Grand Merci!") is the Apotheosis

Simple acknowledgement of these positive emotions, as they occur, is genuinely uplifting:

HOPE - The whole range from Hope to Certainty.

Advancement, Advocacy, Aid, Aim, Ambition, Anticipation, Apprehension, Approach, Aspiration, Assumption, Assuredness, Attraction, Belief, Boost, Bright side, Buoyancy, Certainty, Certitude, Comfort, Commission, Conceivability, Confidence, Conjecture, Constancy, Conviction, Dearest wish, Dependence, Desiderata/Desideratum, Desire, Direction, Dream, Drive, Encouragement, Enthusiasm, Envisagement, Expectancy, Expectation, Faith, Faithfulness, Fancy, Forecast, Foreseeability, Fortitude, Future, Gain, Goal, Goodness, Heaven, Helpfulness, Hopefulness, Incentive, Inducement, Inspiration, Intent, Intention, Interdependence, Invigoration, Kindness, Likelihood, Love, Loyalty, Need, Objective, Opportunity, Optimism, Outlook, Paradise, Picture, Plan, Possibility, Possibleness, Potential, Potentiality, Prediction, Presumption, Prevision, Probability, Promise, Prospect, Purpose, Pursuit, Quality, Reinforcement, Reliance, Rosiness, Sanguineness, Sanguinity, Security, Speculation, Succor, Support, Supposition, Sureness, Surety, Thinkableness, Trial, Trust, Upwardness, Utopia, Virtuality, Vision, Want, Whole-spiritedness, Wish, Yen.

The Positive Emotions of 'Interest/Amusement' and 'Pride' can have undesirable egocentric aspects to them.  Similarly 'Awe' can have it's fearsome side. Of exclusive interest are the healthy most positive sides of these words.

"I'm open to..."


Absorption, Advantage, Affect, Affinity, Agacerie, Alliance, Allure, Allurement, Amusement, Animation, Appeal, Applicability, Appositeness, Ardency, Ardour, Arousal, Attendance, Attention, Attentiveness, Attraction, Attractiveness, Avidity, Avidness, Awakening, Bait, Beckon, Beguilement, Behoof, Belonging, Benefit, Boon, Call forth, Calling, Captivation, Care, Carrot, Chemistry, Choice, Compeller, Compulsion,  Connection, Consideration, Consonance, Craving, Curiosity, Curiousness, Dash, Dazzle, Delight, Demand, Desiderata, Desire, Desirableness, Destiny, Direction, Diversion, Dividend, Draw, Drive, Eagerness, Effectiveness, Elan, Enamouredness, Enchantingness, Enchantment, Encouragement, Endearment, Energization, Engagingness, Engrossingness, Engrossment, Enjoyment, Enkindler, Enlivenment, Enrapturement, Enthrallment, Enthusiasm, Entertainment, Enticement, Entrancement, Evocation, Evoker, Exhilaration, Exuberance, Fancy, Fascination, Favourite, Fervor, Flirtation, Focus, Fondness, Grab, Grabber, Gratification, Gravy, Heed, Hold, Hook, Hunger, Immersion, Import, Impression, Impulse, Incentive, Incitement, Inclination, Inducement, Indulgence, Infatuation, Inflamer, Influence, Inquisitiveness, Inspiration, Inspiriter, Inspiritment, Interest, Interestingness, Intrigue, Invitation, Invitingness, Involvement, Impassionedness, Keenness, Kindling, Leaning, Liking, Livelihood, Lodestone, Longing, Lure, Magnetization, Matter, Merit, Mesmerization, Mesmerizer, Mission, Motivation, Motive, Newsworthiness, Notice, Oomph, Partiality, Participation, Passion, Patronage, Peculiarity, Perk, Persuasion, Persuasiveness,  Pizazz,  Pleasure, Poignancy, Predilection, Preference, Preoccupation, Priority, Provocation, Purpose, Pursuance, Pursuit, Quality, Raise, Ravishment, Refreshment, Regardfulness, Relation, Relevance, Relevancy, Relish, Responsiveness, Revelation, Riveter, Search, Seducement, Seduction, Seductiveness, Spellbinder, Spice, Spiciness, Spirit, Steerer, Stimulant, Stimulation, Stimulus, Summoner, Sweetener, Sweetening, Tantalization, Temptation, Thoughtfulness, Thirst, Tickle, Titillation, Transfixion, Transportability, Turn on, Understanding, Use, Vehemence, Verve, Viewpoint, Vigour, Vim, Vivacity, Want, Whim, Winsomeness, Wow, Yearning, Yen, Zeal, Zealousness, Zestfulness

 The Good Book


Amour-propre, Aplomb, Assurance, Assuredness, Bloom, Blossom, Boldness, Cachet, Certitude, Character, Composure, Confidence, Congratulations, Contentedness, Cred, Credit, Decency, Elevation, Ethics, Excellence, Faith, Fullness, Gallantry, Gladness, Good thing, Grace, Graciousness, Gratification, Happiness, Honour, Identity, Inspiration, Integrity, Liveliness, Merit, Morale, Morality, Nobility, Nobleness, Peace of Mind, Pleasure, Poise, Prestige, Pride, Proudness, Rectitude, Refreshment, Respect, Respectability, Righteousness, Satisfaction, Self-confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Love, Self-regard, Self-reliance, Self-respect, Self-satisfaction, Self-trust, Self-worth, Sensibility, Significance, Sufficiency, Sureness, Surety, Trust, Upstandingness, Vigour, Virtue, Well-being, Worth, Worthiness



Accord, Agreement, Amity, Aplomb, Armistice, Assurance, Ataraxia, Ataraxis, Ataraxy, Atonement, At-oneness, Balance, Bed of Roses, Blessedness, Breeze, Calm, Calmness, Capacity, Chill, Clarity, Clearness, Collectedness, Comfort, Comity, Composedness, Composure, Concord, Concordance, Consonance, Constancy, Contemplation, Contentedness, Contentment, Coolheadedness, Coolness, Detachment, Dignity, Dispassion, Ease, Easiness, Easygoingness, Effortlessness, Enlightenment, Enough, Equability, Equanimity, Equilibrium, Evenness, Forbearance, Freedom, Fulfillment, Gentleness, Gladness, Goodwill, Gratification, Happiness, Harmony, Heart, Heartsease, Heaven, Humility, Impartiality, Imperturbability, Imperturbation, Indisturbance, Inexcitability, Insouciance, Juste-Milieu, Justice, Law & Order, Leisure, Leniency, Lenity, Levelheadedness, Liberty, Middle Way, Mildness, Moderateness, Moderation, Naturalness, Neutrality, Nirvana, Noiselessness, Nonaggression, Nonchalance, Nonviolence, Nothing in excess, Order, Orderliness, Pacifism, Paradise, Passiveness, Passivity, Patience, Peace, Peace and quiet, Peace of mind, Peaceableness, Peacefulness, Philosophicalness, Philosophy, Placidity, Placidness, Poise, Presence of mind, Quiescence, Quiescency, Quiet, Quietism, Quietness, Quietude, Relaxation, Relaxedness, Reliability, Relief, Repletion, Requiescence, Reserve, Rest, Restfulness, Sangfroid, Satiety, Satisfaction, Satori, Security, Sedateness, Self-assurance, Self-composedness, Self-control, Self-possession, Self-restraint, Sereneness, Serenity, Silence, Simplicity, Smoothness, Snugness, Sobriety, Soothingness, Soundlessness, Stability, Staidness, Steadiness, Stillness, Temperance, Temperateness, Tranquility, Tranquilness, Understanding, Unexcitability, Unflappability, Unison, Unity, Unreservedness, Unruffledness, Untroubledness, Wellbeing


Affability, Afterglow, Agreeability, Agreeableness, Alleviation, Amiability, Amusement, Appreciation, At-oneness, Avidity, Blast, Blessedness, Bliss, Blissfulness, Blitheness, Blithesomeness, Bonniness, Boost, Brightness, Bright side, Buoyancy, Celebration, Cheer, Cheerfulness, Cheeriness, Cloud Nine, Congeniality, Congenialness, Contentedness, Contentment, Conviviality, Cordiality, Delectation, Delight, Delightedness, Delightfulness, Ease, Ebullience, Ecstasy, Effervescence, Elation, Elevation, Enchantment, Enjoyableness, Enjoyment, Enlightenment, Enlivenment, Enthrallment, Enthusiasm, Euphoria, Exaltation, Excitation, Exhilaration, Exuberance, Exultance, Exultation, Felicity, Festivity, Fortunateness, Frivolity, Frolic, Fulfillment, Fun, Gaiety, Gas, Gayness, Gladness, Gladsomeness, Glee, Gleefulness, Glow, Good Fortune, Good Nature, Good Spirit(s), Gratification, Gratulation, Gusto, Happiness, Hey-day, High, Hilariousness, Hilarity, Hoot, Humour, Hurrah, In seventh Heaven, Intoxication, Insouciance, Jauntiness, Jocosity, Jocularity, Jocundity, Joie de Vivre, Jollies, Jollification, Jolliness, Jollity, Joviality, Joy!, Joyance, Joyfulness, Joyousness, Jubilance, Jubilation, Jubilee, Kick, Laughs, Laughter, Levity, Lift, Lightheartedness, Liveliness, Merriment, Merriness, Merrymaking, Mirth, Mirthfulness, Nirvana, Optimism, Pep, Peppiness, Play, Perkiness, Playfulness, Pleasantness, Pleasure, Rapture, Ravishment, Regalement, Rejoicing, Relish, Repletion, Revelry, Rhapsody, Rollick, Romp, Rosiness, Satiety, Satisfaction, Seventh Heaven, Sociability, Sparkle, Spice, Spirit, Spiritedness, Sportiveness, Spree, Sprightliness, Sunshine, Tang, Thrill, Titillation, Transport, Treat, Uplift, Vim, Vitality, Vitalization, Vivaciousness, Vivacity, Vivification, Whimsy, Well-being, Zeal, Zest, Zing, Zip

Cheers            Smile More - It alleviates pain.


Abidingness, Acceptance, Accord, Acknowledgement, Admiration, Adoration, Adulation, Aerophilia, Affection, Affinity, Agape, Ailurophilia, Allegiance, Alliance, Altruism, Amativeness, Amiability, Amiableness, Amicability, Amicableness, Amity, Amore, Amour-propre, Appeal, Appraisal, Appreciation, Appreciativeness, Approbation, Approval, Ardour, Aroha, Asset, Astrophilia, Audiophilia, Attachment, Attraction, Avidity, Awareness, Beauty, Beguin, Benefaction, Beneficence, Benevolence, Benevolentness, Bigheartedness, Billet-doux, Bibliophilia, Biophilia, Bonhomie, Bliss, Brightness, Brotherhood, Camaraderie, Care, Caritas, Charitableness, Charity, Choice, Cinephilia, Cognizance, Comfort, Comity, Commiseration, Commitment, Communion, Community, Companionship, Compassion, Compassionateness, Compatibility, Completion, Comprehension, Concord, Condolence, Connection, Consideration, Consonance, Cooperation, Cynophilia, Deference, Delight, Demophilia, Devotedness, Devotion, Elevation, Emotion, Empathy, Enamouredness, Enchantment, Endearment, Faithfulness, Fancy, Favour, Feeling, Fellowship, Fidelity, Fondness, Forbearance, Forgiveness, Fraternity, Friendliness, Friendship, Generosity, Geniality, Gentleness, Givingness, Godliness, Good wishes, Goodness, Goodwill, Grace, Graciousness, Harmony, Heart, Heartiness, Heliophilia, Helpfulness, Hippophilia, Honour, Humaneness, Humanitarianism, Ideal, Idealism, Idealization, Increase, Infatuation, Innocence, Inspiration, Interest, Joy, Kindheartedness, Kindness, Kinship, Law, Largeheartedness, Largesse, Lenience, Leniency, Lenity, Life, Like-mindedness, Logophilia, Loveableness, Loving, Magnanimity, Mercy, Mindset, Mood, Mutuality, Mycophilia, Neighbourlikeness, Neighbourliness, Nemophilia, Neophilia, Nourishment, Nurture, Nyctophilia, Oneness, Option, Pacifism, Pardon, Partiality, Pash, Passion, Penchant, Perception, Perfection, Philalethia, Philanthropism, Philanthropy, Philocaly, Philogyny, Philology, Philomathy, Philosophicalness, Philosophy, Philoxenia, Pleasure, Polyamory, Potency, Preciousness, Predilection, Predisposition, Preference, Prize, Probity, Propensity, Purity, Quintessence, Rapport, Rapprochement, Rapture, Reaction, Reciprocity, Recognition, Regard, Respect, Responsiveness, Retrophilia, Revelry, Reverence, Romanticism, Sanction, Satisfaction, Selection, Sensation, Sensibility, Sensitivity, Sensuality, Sentiment, Sentimentality, Service, Sharing, Sheltering, Shielding, Sincerity, Sisterhood, Sociability, Sociality, Sodality, Softheartedness, Solidarity, Spark, Spirituality, Steadfastness, Support, Sweetener, Sweetness, Sympathy, Tenderheartedness, Tenderness, Theological Virtue, Theophilanthropism, Togetherness, Tolerance, Treasure, Trust, Truthfulness, Understanding, Unfailingness, Union, Unison, Unicity, Unity, Urge, Valuation, Value, Veneration, Virtue, Warmheartedness, Warmth, Welcome, Wholeheartedness, Wisdom, Xenophilia, Xenophily, Yen

The word Philosophy originates with the Greek 'Philos" (In love with...) "Sophia" (...Wisdom).


Romantic Adjectives


Acclaim, Acclamation, Admiration, Adoration, Adulation, Affection, Allegiance, Amazedness, Amazement, Apex, Apogee, Apotheosis, Appeal, Appreciation, Appreciativeness, Approbation, Approval, Astonishment, Astoundment, Awe, Awesomeness, Bedazzlement, Climax, Dazzlement, Deference, Deification, Delight, Devotion, Elevation, Esteem, Exaltation, Fascination, Favour, Fidelity, Flabbergast, Flabbergastment, Glorification, Glory, Greatness, Great Respect, Height, Homage, Honour, Idolatry, Idolization, Impression, Inspiration, Love, Loyalty, Marvel, Ne Plus Ultra, Obeisance, Peak, Piousness, Pietism, Piety, Pinnacle, Quintessence, Recognition, Regard, Respect, Reverence, Reverential Regard, Reverential wonder, Sensation, Stimulation, Sublimity, Surprise, Top, Tribute, Veneration, Vertex, Wonder, Wonderment, Worship, Zenith

Divine Adjectives            Divine Nouns



 Not the Bible - The Good Book, The Positive Emotions and Much More  



Acknowledgement, Admiration, Adoration, Affection, Answer, Apperception, Appreciation, Appreciativeness, Apprehension, Approbation, Approval, Assimilation, Awareness, Benison, Blessing, Cognition, Cognizance, Comprehension, Conception, Consciousness, Credit, Discovery, Favour, Glorification, Glory, Grace, Gramercy, Gratefulness, Gratitude, Hailing, Honour, Honouring, Idealization, Joy, Love, Nod, Notice, Perception, Praise, Realization, Recognition, Recognizance (archaic), Regard, Respect, Responsiveness, Reverence, Sanctification, Thankfulness, Thanks, Thanksgiving, Tribute, Understanding, Valuation, Verity

Thank-You Words Including Food


"In ordinary life we hardly realize

that we receive a great deal more than we give,

and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich."   - Dietrich Bonhoeffer   


Hypothesis: Gramercy is the apogee and destination as well as the path.  This is what God wants us to be because it invites Him in on the love and joy experience, glowing our existence and shining in the sunlight; ready to dance at a moment's notice sore back notwithstanding.


Positivity widens the scope to BIG PICTURE 'Oneness'.

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