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The finest nouns in the English language to describe everyone from A to Z. A resource for everyone from Academicians to Eulogists including teachers, tutors, positive psychologists, consultants, coaches, students, writers and all those who want to improve their, and others', lives.  Perfect for describing friends as well as describing self.

Nouns are considered to be neutral inasmuch as any one of them could be potentially either good or bad.  The nouns listed here have inherent 'normally good' qualities.  They're good in absence of an external moral bias.  The meanings of some of these nouns even become wholly negated with the imposition of an unnatural negative bias (ie. bad Optimist)

CONCRETE NOUNS that Describe People

Combine these with positive verbs for your resume'.

"I am a(n)..."

A. Academician, Acceptor, Ace, Ace-in-the-hole, Achiever, Adept, Adherent, Administrator, Admirer, Adorer, Advantage, Adviser, Advisor, Advocate, Aelurophile, Aerophile, Aesthete, Aficionada/Aficionado, Aid, Aide, AilurophileAlannah, Alleviator, Ally, Almsgiver, Almsperson, Alternate, Altruist, Agent, (noun)-aholic [ex. workaholic, Ambassador, Amoret, Angel, Aficionada, Aficionado, Affluential, Americophile, Amerindophile/Amerindophilist, Anglophile, Apostle, Appreciator, Apprentice, Arctophile, Arbiter, Archetype, Architect, Artisan, Artist, Artiste, Ascendant, Aspirant, Asset, Assignee, Assigner, Assistant, Associate, Astrophile, Athlete, Attendant, Audiophile, Author, Authority, Autodidact, Avant-garde, Awardee

At the root of the word 'Amateur' is the Latin 'Amat' meaning that an amateur is someone who does something purely for the love of it.

B. Baby, Backbone, Backer, Backup, Ball of fire, Baron, Beata (fem. ver. of:), Beatus, Beaut, Beauty, Beau ideal, Bee's Knees, Begetter, Being, Bel-esprit, Believer, Belle, Benchmark, Benefactor, Benefactress, Beneficiary, Benefit, Bestower, Bibliophile, Big cheese, Big enchilada, Big fish, Big gun, Big wheel, Bigwig, Biophile, Blessing, Bodyguard, Bon vivant, Boss, Booster, Brain, Brass, Brother, Bud, Buddy, Buff, Bundle of energy, Bundle of joy, Builder

There's no other way save the 'I Am'.

What's worth going for?

C. Campaigner, Captain, Carer, Caretaker, Cartophile, Catalyst, Cat's meow, Cause, Cavalier, Celebrant, Celebrator, Center of attention, CEO, CFO, Chair, Chairperson, Chamberlain, Champ, Champion, Chaperon, Charmer, Cherub, Cherisher, Chief, Chieftan, Child, Chum, Cinephile, Clerisy, Climber, CoadjutantCoadjutor, Cognoscente, Cognoscenti, Cohort, Coiner, Collaborator, Colleague, Collector, Comforter, Commander, Companion, Compeller, Complement, Composer, Comrade, Concert pianist, Concierge, Conductor, Confederate, Conferrer, Confidant, Confrere, Connoisseur, Conservator, Consoler, Consul, Consultant, Contributor, Controller, Convive,  Cooperator, Corker, Cornerstone, Cosmocrat, Cosmopolitan/Cosmopolite, Councillor, Counsel, Counselor, Counsellor, Count, Co-worker, Crackerjack, Craftsperson, Creator, Credit, Crew, Cub, Curator, Custodian, Cynosure

D. Dad, Dancer, Darling, Daughter, Dean, Dear, Defender, Deipnosophist, Demophile, Designer, Devisee, Devisor, Devotee, Digerati, DillyDirector, Disciple, Discophile, Discoverer, Distributor, Doer, Doll, Donee, Donor, Doter (rare: doater), Doozer, DoozyDoula, Doyen/Doyenne, Dream, Dreamboat, Duke, Dynamo

E. Eager beaver, Earl, Ecstatic, Einstein, Elder, Employer, Enchanter, Enchantress, Encourager, Endorser, Engineer, Enkindler, Enophile, Ensurer, Entertainer, Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Epididact, Epicure, Epicurean, Epitome, Ergophile, Escort, Essence, Eudaimonist, Example, Exec, Executive, Exemplar, Excellency, Experimenter, Expert, Exponent

    English elocution is existence extant.  Expertise in executing expression evaluates everybody's emblematic energy of ennui or excellence.  Enlightened enunciation is essential to an enduring ego and to enjoyably eventful, easygoing or enthusiastic, exchange.  Effective efficiency in expressive elocution evaluates the essence and experience of each and every entity.

    Express exquisitely.  Effective executive emergence is electric, energetic, engaging, earnest, ethical, and equally enlightened and enlightening.  It evolves and excites everyone.  It empowers the everyday to emanate enchantment, elation, excitement, and effervescence.  Executing exemplary expression emancipates the enjoyable, energizes the exceptional, engages the exciting, and electrifies the ebullient with endearing exuberance. Eagerly encourage the epitome: Endeavour to express extraordinary excellence.

F. Facilitator, Family, Fan, Fancier, Fascinator, Fashioner, Favourite, Fellow worker, Fiancé, Financier, Fireball, Fireman, First in command, Flame, Folks, Foodie, Foodophile, Force, Forebearer, Forefather, Foreman, Forerunner, Foreseer, Foundation, Founder, Fount, Fountain, Fountainhead, Francophile, Friend

G. Gallophile, Gastronome, Gastronomer, Gastronomist, Generator, Gem, Genius, Gentleman, Gentlewoman, Germanophile, Gift, Givee, Giver, Godparent, Godsend, Go-getter, Good egg, Good Samaritan, Good spirit, Good thing, Gourmet, Governor, Grandee, Grantee, Grantor, Grubstaker, Guarantor, Guardian, Guest, Guidance counsellor, Guide, Guru

H. Handler, Hard worker, Head, Head honcho, Head person, Heart, Heartthrob, Heavy hitter,  Heavyweight, Height, Heir, Heiress, Heliophile, Hellenophile, Help, Helper, Helpmate, Heritor (Middle English), Heritress (Middle English), Heritrix (Middle English), Hero, Heroine, Highflier, High-flier, Hippophile, Hit, Homemaker, Hopeful, Host, Hotshot, Hot stuff, House-sitter, Human being, Humanitarian, Humdinger, Husband

I. Icon, Iconophile, Ideal, Idol, Idolizer, Illuminator, Improvement, Inamorata, Inamorato, Individual, Indophile, Industrialist, Infant, Influence, Influential, Inheritor, Initiator, Innocent, Innovator, Inspiration, Inspirer, Inspiriter, Institutor, Intellect, Intellectual, Intelligentsia, Intimate, Introducer, Inventor, Invitee, Inviter, Iranophile

J. Jazzophile, Jewel

K. Keeper, Key, Kingpin, Knight, Knockout

L. Ladies' man, Lady, Lamb, Latinophile, Latitudinarian, Laureate, Lead, Leader, Leading figure, Leading light, Legatee, Legator, Legend, Legislator, LiberalLibertarian, Librocubicularist, Lieutenant, Life-of-the-party, Lightworker, Linguaphile, Little one, Livewire, Live one, Logophile, Lollapalozza, Lord, Lover, Lulu, Luminary

M. Maestro, Magician, Magistrate, Maker, Major-domo, Manager, Marquess, Marquis, Marvel, Master, Mastermind, Matriarch, Materfamilias, Maven, Mediator, Meditator, Meliorist, Memory-maker, Mentor, Metropolitan, Minder, Miracle, Miracle worker, Mitigator, Mate, Model, Mom, Monitor, Moppet, Mother, Motor, Mover, Mover and shaker, Motivator, Musicophile, Mycophile

N. Nabob, Neighbour, Nemophilist, Neophile, Neonate, Neoteric, Nestling, Newborn, Nipper, Nobleman, Nonesuch, Notable, No slouch, Number one, Numero uno, Nurse, Nursling, Nurturer

O. Object of affection, Officer, Official, Offspring, Oenophile, Omnist, One and only, Operator, Optimist, Orchestrator, Orchidophile, Organizer, Original, Originator, Ornithophile, Overseer, Owner

To love someone is to learn the song in their heart...

P. Pacifier, Pal, Paladin, Pangloss, Pansophist, Paraclete, Paradigm, Paragon, Paramount, Pard, Parent, Participant, Partisan, Partner, Paterfamilias, Pathfinder, Patriarch, Patron, Peach, Pearl, Peacekeeper, Peacemaker, Peer, Percipient, Perfectibilian, Perfectibilist, Perfectionist, Performer, Personality, Persophile, Pet, Phenom, Phenomenon, Philalethist, Philanthropist, Philomath, Philogynist, Philonoist, Philosopher, Pigsney, Pilot, Pinnacle, Pinup, Pin-up, Pioneer, Pip/Pippin, Pistol, Planner, Player, Playmate, Plum, Pluviophile, Poet, Policy maker, PolyhistorPolymath, Pogonophile, Possessor, Postulant, Potentate, Power broker, Powerhouse, Preceptor, Premier, Presence, Presenter, President, Prevailer, Prime mover, Primogenitor, Prince, Princess, Principal, Pro, Problem-solver, Proconsul, Procreator, Proctor, Prodigy, Producer, Professional, Professor, Progeny, Progenitor, Promoter, Promulgator, Prophet, Propitiator, Proponent, Proposer, Proprietor, Protagonist, Protean, Protector, Protégé, Protégée, Provider, Publisher, Purist, Purveyor

Q. Qualtagh

R. Raconteur, Raconteuse, Rain-maker, Reacher, Receiver, Recipient, Reliever, Regulator, Rejoicer, Representative, Researcher, Resolver, Resource, Retrophile, Rewarder, Right-hand person, Ripsnorter, Role model, Romantic, Romeo, Rooter, Ruler, Runner, Russophile

S. Sage, Saint, Salt of the earth, Sanctifier, Santa Claus, Saver, Saviour, Savant, Schatzi, Scholar, Scholarch, Scion, Scripter, Sculptor, Secret weapon, Seeker, Self-Starter, Sentinel, Servant, Server, Sharpy, Shaver, Significant other, Sinophile, Sire, Sister, Skipper, Small fry, Smoothie, Soul, Soul mate, Sovereign, Spark plug, Specialist, Sponsor, Sprite, Sprout, Squire, Standard, Standout, Star, Straight shooter, Stipendiary, Strategist, Socializer, Socius, Sockdolager/Sockdologer, Solon, Something, Something else, Specialist, Stabilizer, Staker, Steward, Stipendiary, Stripling, Striver, Student, Stylist, Success, Successor, Sugar, Suitor, Superintendent, Superior, Superman, Superstar, Superwoman, Supervisor, Supplier, Support, Supporter, Surety, Survivor, Swain, Sweetheart

T. Tadpole, Teacher, Teammate, a 10, Technophile, Testator, Teutonophile/Teutophile, Thalassophile, Thaumatologist, TheodidactTheotokos, Thinker, Titleholder, Tootsie, Top dog, Tot, Trailblazer, Trainer, Treasure, Trier, True love, Trustee, Turophile, Tutelary, Tutor, Tycoon, Typhlophile

Look for Good and Ye will Find It

The Universal Laws and More


U. Underwriter, Up-and-comer, Upholder, Urchin

V. Validator, Valedictorian, Vaulter, Victor, Victress, Victrix, Videophile, Viscount, VIP, Visitor, Visionary, Virtuoso, Volunteer, Votary

W. Warantee, Warantor, Warden, Wellspring, Well-wisher, Wheeler and dealer, Whip, Whippersnapper, Whiz, Whiz kid, Whizz, Wife, Winner, Wizard, Wonder, Wooer, Wordsmith, Workhorse, Workmate, Worshiper, Writer, Wunderkind

X. Xenophile

Y. Youngster, Younker, Youth

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