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Able, Able-bodied, Abloom, Active, Afflated, Agile, Alimentary, Amaranthine, Athletic, Boosted, Bright-eyed, Bushy-tailed, Brawny, Canty, Clean, Encouraged, Eupeptic, Exercised, Fine, Fit, Firm, Flourishing, Flush, Fortified, Fed, Fresh, Good, Great, Hale, Hardy, Healthful, Healthy, Heartened, Hearty, Herbal, Hortative/Hortatory Hydrated, Hygeian, Hygienic, In Fine Fettle, In Shape, Inspired, Inspirited, Invigorated, Lively, Lissome, Lusty, Marmoreal, Motivated, Muscular, Nourished, Nutrimented, Nutrified,

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Physically fit, Pollent, Potent, Powerful, Prime, Primed, Regular, Rejuvenated, Restored, Revitalized, Revived, Reviviscent, Robust, Rosy, Rugged, Salubrious, Salutary, Sanative/Sanatory, Sensate, Sensational, Skookum, Sound, Spry, Sthenic, Stimulated, Strapping, Strengthened, Strong, Substantial, Teleorganic, Tempean, Tough, Trim, Upbuilding, Uplifted, Utile Dulci, Vegetarian, Vegete, Vibrant, Vigorous, Virile, Vital, Vitalized, Vitative, Vivified, Vulnerary, Well, Well-conditioned, Whole, Wholesome, Winning, Zoetic


Nouns - Abstract

Ability, Activeness, Activity, Agility, Athleticism, Boost, Bloom, Brawn, Cleanliness, Exercise, Fitness, Flushness, Fortification, Freshness, Haleness, Hardiness, Health, Healthiness, Heartiness, Hygiene, Hygienics, Inspiration, Invigoration, Liveliness, Lustiness, Nourishment, Nutriment, Nutrition, Power, Rejuvenation, Restoration, Revitalization, Revivification, Robustness, Robustiousness, Rosiness, Ruggedness, Soundness, Spryness, Stamina, Stimulation, Strength, Toughness, Trimness, Uplift, Vibrancy, Vigour, Vigorousness, Virility, Vitality, Vitalization, Vivification, Wellness, Wellbeing, Wholeness, Wholeheartedness, Wholesomeness, Workout, Yen, Zeal, Zest, Zestfulness 

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Nouns - Personal

Aide, Adviser, Advisor, Advocate, Alleviator, Athlete, Booster, Caretaker, Champion, Cheerleader, Chiropractor, Coach, Councillor, Counselor, Counsellor, Dancer, Doctor, Doer, Dynamo, Eager beaver, Encourager, Enthusiast, Ergophile, Exerciser, Exponent, Facilitator, Go-getter, Gymnast, Healer, Helper, Inspiration, Inspirer, Inspiriter, Jogger, Lightworker, Motivator, Nurse, Optimist, Patron, Powerhouse, Proponent, Reliever, Runner, Teammate, Therapist, Titleholder, Trainer, Up-and-comer, Victor, Victress, Victrix, Well-wisher, Winner



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