Law of Attraction Vocabulary

Timed Thoughts to Contemplate

to Create a New Reality

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The Laws of Attraction

Graphic Definition of Flow

According to Abraham Hicks once a positive thought, such as 'Satisfaction' is held for as little as seventeen seconds a fortifying secondary vibratory force will form to compound the thought with another like it in a person's future. Thought that is sustained for a 68 seconds (4 x 17) or more is said to actually bring about physical evidence of manifestation.  Simply closing one's eyes and holding the thought will sustain the feeling for as long as desired.

The premise is that feelings such as "allowing" and "enjoyment" are important and necessary in leading to the recipience of popular concepts such as "prosperity" and "abundance".

Momentum can be gained via this methodology via a person out-talking their inner critical voice in duration daily and also via increasing enthusiasm.  Energizing words are included for that purpose.


Time Your Positive Thoughts Here

17 seconds minimum to compound your thoughts/feelings for future benefit

Over one minute for next-level results



Abundance     Advancement     Advantage     Alignment     Allowance     Allure,     Amour propre     Amusement     Anticipation     Appreciation (Thank-you word list)   Arrival     Attraction     Awakening     Beauty     Blissfulness     Bountifulness     Bounteousness     Buoyancy     Calling     Certainty     Clarity     Confidence     Coincidence     Consonance     Delectation      Delight     Draw     Eagerness     Ease     Energy     Engagement     Enjoyment     Enlightenment     Enthrallment     Enthusiasm     Eudaemonia     Evocation     Exhilaration     Flow     Friendship     Fun     Freedom     Gentleness  

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Create Your Ideal

Good     Grace     Gramercy     Gratification     Gravy     Harmony     Increase     Indulgence     Inspiration     Intrigue     Invigoration   Joy!   Jubilance     Knowingness     Light-heartedness     Lodestone     Love     Luxury     Magnetism     Magnetization    Oomph     Optimism     Passion     Peace     Pleasure     Pizazz     Potential     Possibility     Prevision     Progress     Promise     Prosperity     Purpose     Quality     Ravishment     Receiving     Recipience     Recipient     Refreshment     Relish     Repletion     Responsiveness     Revelation     Satisfaction     Security     Serendipity     Spirit     Suffisance     Supply     Surety     Synchronicity     Tantalization     Thaumaturgy     Understanding     Unicity     Utopia     Vehemence     Vigour     Vivacity     Wellbeing     Whole-spiritedness     Worthiness     Wow     Zestfulness

The Nature of Good


Try thinking of synchronicity as you move about all day and see what conincidences happen


Accepting            Allowing

Basking            Rising

Summoning            Thriving


Adverb: Freely 

Look for Good and Ye will Find It

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Aaah! (Satisfaction)             Aah! (Surprise)            Cheers            Cool!            Excellent!            Gramercy!            Hurray!            Joy!            "Mmmmm..."             Oooo!             Whee!            Woo-Hoo!            Yay!            Yes!            Yippy!             

Uncommon Adjectives  ("I Am...")

Advantageous            Affined            Afflated            Afflating            Ambrosial            Animastic            Aperitive            Apodictic            Assurgent            Auspicious            Axiomatic            Benignant            Canty           Cohortative            Confelicitous            Conferrable            Consonant            Crackerjack            Effulgent            Elemental            Eleutherian            Empyrean            Equable            Equanimous            Esthetic            Eudaemonistic             Excelsior            Fain             Felicitous            Feracious            Frabjous            Fulgent            Gruntled            Gustatory            Happy            Heartsome            Henotic            Illecebrous            Incomplex            Indubitable            Ineffable            Innate            Insouciant            In Sync          Irrefragable            Jolif            Largifical            Lautitious            Lepid            Liefly            Limpid            Lucriferous            Luculent            Ludibund            Ludic            Lusory            Mabsoot            Mirific            Nascent            Neoteric            Orbific            Paciferous            Paradisiacal            Pecuniary            Pellucid            Percipient            Perspicacious            Phlegmatic            Piquant            Pluperfect            Pollent            Prefulgent            Prescient            Prevenient            Prevoyant             Primo            Profulgent            Proleptic/Proleptical            Propitious            Providential            Recipient            Refulgent            Replete            Riant            Rident            Salubrious            Sanative            Sanguine            Sapid            Sapient/Sapiential            Saporific/Saporous           Sensate            Sthenic            Sybaritic            Tachytelic            Teleorganic            Theanthropic            Theopneustic            Upbuilding            Vegete            Verdurous            Veridical/Veridicous            Vibratile            Vitative            Weleful            Welsome            Worthy            Zazzy            Zoetic

* Listening to the Abraham broadcasts, Abraham backtracks on two subjects;

one of these is that 68 seconds will create physical evidence

the other is that cannabis use removes one from the vortex.

Graphic Definition of Suffisance


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