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A slang adjective for stylish and contemporary 'Cool' has stayed Cool

longer (since the 1930's) than any other such slang term.

"Cool" is a versatile word with a range of positive connotations. It can describe someone who exudes an attractive confidence and charisma, effortlessly capturing attention and admiration. As a situation or experience, it's a sensational and invigorating feeling evoking enjoyable satisfaction at a temperature that's not overly excited. "Cool" can also refer to something new, innovative, or stylish, suggesting originality or trendiness. Overall, "cool" embodies a sense of being effortlessly impressive and appealing.


Aah! (Surprise)            Aaah! (Satisfaction)            Cheers            Cheers!            Excellent!            Hurray!            Huzzah!             Joy!            Kudos!            Love this/it!            Oooo!            Tretis            Ta-da!            Vivat!            Whee!            Woo-Hoo!            Wow!            Yay!             Yes!          Yippy!           You Rock!            Zazzy

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