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Hint: Better use all of these words often if you want Santa to find you. Somewhere within them, for sure, is found the meaning of Christmas.

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Find Kringly Christmas Adjectives below, in a Ring-ting-tinglingly fashion, find Christmas Adverbs here, and Welcoming Christmas Verbs at the bottom.


Graphic Definition of Bedizenment


Christmas Nouns

Concrete (vs. abstract) nouns are in black.

Purple words could be both concrete and abstract nouns.

A. Abundance, Acceptance, Accommodation, Acquaintance, Action, Adeste Fideles, Adoration, Adornment, Adulation, Advent, Affability, Affection, Affinity, Agape, Agreeability, Agreeableness, Aid, Allegiance, Altruism, Altruist, Allure, Amenity, Amiableness, Amiability, Amity, Ampleness, Angel, Announcement, Anticipation, Antlers, Appeal, Appreciation, Array, Aroma, Artificial (Tree), Assistance, Assuagement, Atmosphere, Attraction

The Perfect Gift

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B. Babe, Baby, Baking, Banquet, Bauble, Bazaar, Beard, Beautification, Beauty, Bedizenment, Beginning, Belief, Bell, Belonging, Bellyful Benedicite, Benediction,, Benefactor, Benefaction, Beneficence, Benevolence, Bestowal, Bethlehem, Birth, Birthplace, Blessedness, Blessing, Blitzen (Reindeer Trans: Lightning), Bonhomie, Boots, Bough, Bounteousness, Bountifulness, Bounty, Buoyancy, Bows, Box, Boxing Day, Broad-mindedness, Brother, Brotherhood/Brotherliness, Busyness, Buying

Graphic Definition of Titivated

Cheers            Cheers!

C. Calling Birds (4), Camel, Camaraderie, Candle, Candlelight, Candy, Candy Cane, Cap, Cards, Care, Caring, Carol, Caroller, Carolling, Carousel, Cathedral, Celebration, Celestial being, Centerpiece, Ceremony, Champion, Chapel, Charitableness, Charity, Charm, Cheer, Cheerfulness, Cheeriness, Cherub, Cherubim, Chestnuts, Child, Children, Chill, Chime, Chimney, Chocolates, Choir, Chorale, Chorister, Christ, Christ Child, Christian, Christianity, Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas Future/Past, Christmas Mass, Christmas Morning, Christmas Movie Releases, Christmastide, Church, Cindy-Lou Who, Tree, Cider, Cinnamon, Civility, Closeness, Coal, Cocoa, Cognizance, Cold, Comet (Reindeer), Comfort, Comity, Commotion, Communication, Community, Commercialisation, Commercialism, Companionability, Companionship, Company, Compassion, Condiments, Confections, Confelicity, Congeniality, Congenialness, Congregation, Connection, Contentment, Contribution, Consideration, Consumerism, Consumption, Convention, Convive, Conviviality, Cookies (& Milk for Santa), Cookery, Cooking, Cooperation, Cordiality, Correspondence, Cosiness, Crafts, Cranberries, Creation, Crèche, Chris Cringle, Crowds, Cuisine, Cupid (Reindeer), Customs 

Graphic Definition of Philoxenia

A Christmas Wish for Ewe

D. Dad, Dancer (Reindeer), Dasher (Reindeer), December, Decency, Décor, Decoration, Deed, Delectation, Delight, Delightfulness, Delivery, Deo, Desire, Devotedness, Devotion, Dickens, Dinner, Display, Divine messenger, Dolls, Dolly, Donations, Donkey, Donner (Reindeer [from Donder n. thunder German]), Donation, Donor, Dove, Dressing, Drinks, Drum, Drummer (Boy/Tin)

E. Earth, Eating, Ebenezer, Edification, Efforts, Eggnog, Elation, Elevation, Elf, Elves, Embellishment, Embrace, Emmanuel, Enchantment, Endearment, Enlightenment, Enjoyableness, Enjoyment, Enough, Entertaining, Entertainment, Enthrallment, Enthusiasm, Enticement, Enrichment, Epiphany, Essence, Eve, Events, Evergreen, Exaltation, Exchange, Excitement, Exhibit, Exhibition, Exhilaration, Expectancy, Expense, Extravagance, Exuberance, Exultation

Food & Drink Words

F. Faith, Familiarity, Family, Father, Father Christmas, Favour, Feast, Feelings, Fellowship, Fest, Festival, Festivity, Figurines, Fir, Fire, Fireplace, Fireside, Firewood, Flash, Flavour, Flock, Flourish, Folklore, Fondness, Food, Forgiveness, Formalities, Fragrances, Frankincense, Fraternity, French Hens, Friend, Friendliness, Friendship, Frills, Frivolity, Frolic, Frost, Frosty the Snowman, Fruitcake, Fruitfulness, Fullness, Fun, Furbelow

Graphic Definition of Coruscant

Good Wishes!

G. Gabriel, Gaiety, Games, Garland, Garnish, Gathering, Geese-a-laying, Generations, Generosity, Geniality, Gentleness, Gift, Gift Card, Gingerbread (Cookie, Man, House), Giving, Gladness, Glass, Glee, Glitter, Globe, Gloria, Glorification, Gloves, Glow, God, Godliness, Gold (also Five Rings), Good, Good Cheer, Goodies, Good-naturedness, Goodness, Good will, Goose, Gospel, Grace, Graciousness, Gratefulness, Gratification, Gratitude, Gravy, Greenery, Greeting, Grinch, Guest


H. Ham, Happiness, Harmony, Heart, Hearth, Heaven, Help, Helper, Helping (assisting, food [seconds], hand), Helpfulness, Henosis, Herald, Heritage, Holiday, Holly, Holiness, Homage, Home, Home Cooking, Hope/Hopefulness, Hospitality, Host, Hot Chocolate, Hot Cider, Hubbub, Hug, Humaneness, Humanitarian, Humanitarianism, Humanity, Hustle-and-Bustle

Graphic Definition of Proleptic


I. Ice, Ice Castle, Ice Skates, Icicle, Illumination, Immanuel, Inclusion, Indulgence, Infant, Inn, Innocence, Interchange, Invitation, Involvement, Ivy

J. Jack Frost, Japanese Orange, Jerusalem, Jesus, Jingle Bells, Jollity, Joseph, Journey, Joy!, Joyfulness, Joyousness, Joviality, Jubilance, Jubilation

K. Kids, Kin, Kindness, Kind-heartedness, Kindliness, Kindred, King (Christ the…/Wenceslaus), Kings (Three/King-of…)

L. Ladies Dancing, Lamb, Lamb of God, Largesse, Laughter, Layout, Lenity, Letter (to Santa), Libation, Light-heartedness, Lights, List (Santa’s/Shopping), Little One, Liveliness, Log, Longing, Lord, Lords-a-leaping, Love, Loved Ones, Luminosity, Lustre 

M. Maids-a-milking, Magi, (Balthasar, Gaspar, Melchior), Magic, Magnanimity, Mail, Mandarin Orange, Manger, Mantle, Marvel, Mary, Max (Grinch’s dog), Meal, Meaning, Meliorism, Memories, Memory, Mercy, Merriment, Merrymaking, Messiah, Milk (& Cookies for Santa), Mince pie, Minister, Miracle, Mirth, Mistletoe, Mittens, Mom, Money, Mood, Morality, Mother, Munificence, Music, Myrrh

N. Nascence/Nascency, Nativity, Naughtiness, Needles, Neighbourliness, Neonate, Nestling, Newborn, Niceness, Nicety, (Silent) Night, Nobleness, Noel, North Pole, Nostalgia, Nourishment, November, Nutcracker, Nutmeg, Nuts

 Graphic Definition of Filial

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O. Observance, Occasion, Offspring, Olive (The other reindeer), Omniety, Omnism, Origin, Ornaments, Ornamentation, Oven, Ox

P. Package, Pageant, Parade, Parcel, Parcel Post, Parish, Partridge, Party, Party Poppers, Patience, Peace (incl. Prince of...), Peacefulness, Pear Tree, Philanthropist, Philanthropy, Philoxenia, Phone Calls, Pickles, Pie, Piety, Pine Tree, Pinecone, Pipers Piping, Playthings, Pleasantness, Pleasure, Plenitude, Plenteousness, Plenty, Poinsettia, Polar Express, Positivity, Potato Chips, Potatoes (Baked/Mashed), Popcorn String, Prancer (Reindeer), Preoccupation, Preparation, Pretzels, Present, Presentation, Priest, Prince of Peace, Procinct, Production, Profusion, Protector, Pudding (Figgy/Plum), Punch, Purpose

Q. Qualtagh

Graphic Definition of Anamnestic

Returning Home: The Meaning of Christmas

R. Ravishment, Reception, Recipience, Recipient, Reciprocation, Reciprocity, Redolence, Refreshments, Regalia, Regard, Reindeer, Rejoicing, Relations, Relatives, Relaxation, Religion, Relish, Repast, Respect, Rest, Revelry, Reverence, Reunion, Ribbon, Ritual, Rudolph

S. Sack, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Sales, Santa, Santa Claus, Santa's Helpers, Santa's Little Helper, Santa's Workshop, Satiation, Satiety, Satisfaction, Saviour, Savouriness, Scarf, Scents, Scrooge, Scrumptiousness, Seals, Season, Seasoning, Season's Greetings, Seconds (helpings), Secret Santa, Self-indulgence, Selflessness, Senses, Sensation, Sensitivity, Sentiment, Sharing, Shepherd, Shine, Shop, Shortbread (cookie), Silence, Sincerity, Sister, Skate, Sled, Sleep, Sleeplessness, Sleigh, Sleigh bells, Smiles, Smiling, Snacks, Snow, Snow angel, Snowball, Snowbound, Snowfall, Snowflake, Snow Globe, Snowman, Snugness, Social, Soft-heartendness, Sociability, Sodality, Song, Spangle, Sparkle, Spectacle, Spice, Spirit, Spread (dinner), Spruce, Stable, Star, Starlight, St. Nicholas, St. Nick, Stocking, Stocking stuffer, Story, Stove, Strands, Stuffing, Suffisance, Sufficiency, Sugarplum, Surprise, Swans-a-swimming, Sweater, Sweetness, Sweet Potatoes, Sweets, Symbolism, Sympathy

Graphic Definition of Festal


T. Tanenbaum, Tantalization, Tenderness, Thanks, Thankfulness, Thaumatology, Theism, Theology, Thoughtfulness, Tidings (Glad/of Wonder & Joy), Tinkling, Tinsel, Tin Soldier, Throng, Tiny Tim, Titivation, Teddy Bear, Tenderheartedness, Toboggan, Togetherness, Tolerance, Toleration, Toy, Toyland, Tradition, (Toy) Train, Tranquility, Transport, Travel, Treasure, Treat, Tree (incl. Charlie Brown's), Trimming, Trinket, Trip, Trumpet, Trumpeters, Tucket, Turkey, Turtle Doves, T.V. Specials, Twinkling

U. Understanding, Undertaking, Unification, Unity, Universality, Unselfishness


V. Vacation, Value, Values, Veneration, Virgin, Virtue, Visit, Visitants, Visitation, Visitors, Vitality, Vivaciousness, Vivacity, Vixen (Reindeer), Vocalists, Volunteers

W. Walnuts, Warmth, Wassail, Welcome, Well-being, Wholesomeness, Whoville, Window Display, Wine, Winter, Winter solstice, Wintertide, Wintertime, Wise men, Wish, Wishes, Wonder, Wonderland, Wonderment, Workshop, World, Worship, Wrap, Wrapping, Wrapping Paper, Wreath

X. Xmas

Graphic Definition of Confelicitous

Yay!             Yippy!

Y. Youngsters, Yule, Yule log, Yuletide

Z. Zeal, Zest

 Definition of Giving

Giving can also be a Gift of the Spirit


Christmas Adjectives


A. Abiding, Abundant, Accepting, Accommodating, Accommodative, Accordant, Adoring, Aesthetical, Affable, Agapeistic, Aglitter, Aglow, All Heart, Alluring, Ambrosial, Ample, Anamnestic, Angelic, Anointed, Anticipative, Appreciative, Aromatic, Artisanal, Astral, Auriferous, Awaited, Awesome

B. Beamish, Beauteous, Beautiful, Begotten, Beloved, Benefic, Benedictive, Benedictory, Beneficent, Blessed, Biblical, Big-hearted, Blustery, Born, Bounteous, Bountiful, Boxing, Bracing, Bright, Brilliant, Brotherly, Bucolic Buoyant, Bustling, Busy

New Age Christianity

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C.  Candlelit, Candescent, Caring, Celebrated, Celebratory, Celestial, Chaplinesque, Charming, Cheerful, Cherished, Childlike, Chilly, Chocolate, Choral, Christian, Christmassy, Clinquant, Cold, Colourful, Comfortable, Comforting, Coming (Santa), Commodious, Commutual, Companionable, Compassionate, Confelicitous, Congenial, Considerate, Consonant, Contributive, Convivial, Cooked, Cooperative, Coruscant, Couthie, Cozy, Crackerjack, Cultural

D. Dazzling, Dear, Decent, Decorated, Decorative, Delectable, Delicious, Delightful, Devotional, Dickensian, Divine, Dovelike, Doxological, Dynamic

Graphic Definition of Liberal

Divine Adjectives            Divine Nouns

E. Eager, Eaten, Ecclesiastical, Ecumenical, Edible, Edified/Edifying, Effervescent, Effulgent, Elating, Eleemosynary, Elfin, Empathetic, Empyreal, Empyrean, Enchanting, Endearing, Enduring, Energizing, Engaging, Enjoyable, Enjoyed, Enlightening, Enlivening, Ennobling, Enriching, Enthralling, Enthusiastic, Enticing, Euphonic/Euphonious, Eventful, Evocative, Exalting, Excellent, Excelsis, Excited, Exciting, Exhilarating, Expensive, Exuberant, Exultant

F. Fabulous, Fain, Faithful, Familial, Familiar, Fancy, Fascinating, Feracious, Festal, Festive, Filial, Five Golden…, Flamboyant, Flashy, Flavourful, Flourished, Food, Forbearant/Forbearing, Frabjous, Fragrant, Fraternal, Freezing, French (Two Hens), Friendly, Frolicsome, Frosty (also the Snowman), Fruitful, Full, Fulfilling, Fulgent, Fulgid, Fun

G. Galore, Garnished, Gay, Generous, Gift-wrapped, Giving, Gleaming, Glistening, Glistering, Glittering, Global, Glowing, Godly, Golden, Goodhearted, Good-natured, Gracious, Gratifying, Green, Gruntled, Gustatory

H. Halcyon, Haloed, Hallowed, Happy, Heartfelt, Heartening, Heartsome, Heavenly, Henotic, Helpful, Heralded, Holy, Holliday, Homemade, Homeward (also an adverb), Hopeful, Host, Humane, Humanistic, Humanitarian

Bells & Holly

I. Icy, Idealistic, Illecebrous, Illuminated, Immaculate (conception), Imaginative, Immaculate, Inaurate, Incandescent, Indulgent, Indulging, Innocent, Inspiriting, Intemerate, Interactive, International, Intriguing, Invigorating, Inviting

J. Jiggish, Jiminy (...Christmas), Jingly, Jolif, Jolly, Jovial, Joyful, Joyous, Jubilant

K. Kind, Kind-hearted, Kindly

L. Lambent, Largifical, Latitudinarian, Lautitious, Lavish, Lepid, Liberal, Liefly, Light, Light-hearted, Lively, Longanimous, Long-established, Long-standing, Lordly, Loved, Lovely, Loving, Lucent, Luciferous, Lucriferous, Luminous, Lusory, Lustrous

M. Mabsoot, Magical, Magistral, Magnanimous, Marvellous, Meaningful, Melioristic, Mellifluous, Melodious, Merry, Memorable, Miraculous, Moral, Motivated, Motivating, Multicultural, Munificent, Musical, Mutual


Graphic Definition of Euphonious


Positive Musical Vocabulary

N. Nascent, Natal, Naughty, Near-to-one's-heart, Neighbourly, Nice, Nippy, Nocturnal, Nourishing, Nurturing


O. One-horse-open, Open-hearted, Ornamental, Overflowing, Overjoying

P. Pabulous, Pacific, Paciferous, Parental, Parthenian, Patient, Peaceable, Peaceful, Philanthropic, Philodemic, PhiloxenialPicturesque, Piquant, Playful, Pleasant, Pleasing, Pleasurable, Plenteous, Plentiful, Prayerful, Pretty, Preoccupied, Preoccupying, Prevenient, Procinct, Profulgent, Proleptic/Proleptical, Propitious

Q.    Quemeful, Quiet

R. Recipient, Reciprocal, Red, Red & Green, Red-nosed, Redolent, Refulgent, Rejoicing, Rejuvenating, Relaxing, Religious, Repleat, Resplendent, Restful, Revered, Rewarding, Riant, RidentRutilant

Graphic Defnition of Redolent

S. Sacred, SapidSaporific/Saporous, Satisfying, Savoury, Scintillant, Scintillating, Scintillescent, Scrumptious, Seasonal, Selcouth, Selfless, Sensate, Sensational, Sentimental, Seraphic, Sharing, Shining, Shiny, Shiny-eyed, Showy, Silent (Night), Sincere, Sisterly, Snowy, Sociable, Social, Soigne, Sparkling, Special, Spectacular, Splendent, Splendid, Splendorous, Spirited, Spiritual, Sprauncy, Starry, Stellar, Stuffed, Suaveolent, Sufficient, Sumptuous, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Supernal, Surprised, Swaddling, Sweet, Symbolic

T. Tasty, Tempestive, Thankful, Thaumatological, Theopneustic, Thoughtful, Time-honoured, Touching, Traditional, Traditive, Tranquil, Treasurable, Treasured, Trimmed, Triumphant, Trumpeting, Twinkling, Twinkly

U. Ugly (Christmas Sweater), Unifying, United, Universal, Unwrapped, Uplifting

V. Vegete, Venerable, Vestal, Vibrant, Virtuous, Vivacious, Vivifying

W. Waiting, Warm, Warm-hearted, Welcome, Welcomed, Welcoming, Well-fed, Well-intentioned, Well-liked, Well-meaning, Well-received, Welsome, White (Christmas/Beard/Snow), Wholehearted, Wholesome, Wintertide, Wintertime, Wintry, Wonderful (incl. Life), Wondrous, Worldwide, Worshipful, Wrapped

Graphic Definition of Lambent

We Are One

Y. Young-at-Heart, Yule, Yuletide

X. Xenial, Xenodochial

Z. Zazzy, Zestful, Zesty

Graphic Definition of Suffisance


Christmas Adverbs

 "We do things..."

A. Abidingly, Abundantly, Acceptingly, Accomodatingly, Actively, Adorably, Adoringly, Affably, Affectionately, Agelessly, Agreeably, Altruistically, Amenably, Amiably, Amply, Amusingly, Angelically, Appetizingly, Appreciably, Appreciatively, Approachably, Appropriately, Approvingly, Ardently, Artistically, Attentively, Attractively, Authentically, Avidly, Awesomely 

B. Beautifully, Beauteously, Befriendingly, Believably, Beneficently, Beneficially, Benevolently, Benignly, Blazingly, Blessedly, Blissfully, Blithely, Boisterously, Bounteously, Bountifully, Brightly, Brilliantly, Briskly, Brotherly, Buoyantly, Busily

C. Carefully, Caringly, Celestially,  Charitably, Charmingly, Cheerfully,  Clemently, Colourfully, Comfortably, Comfortingly, Communicatively, Compassionately,  Compellingly, Completely, Congenially, Conscientiously, Consciously, Considerately, Consonantly, Constructively, Contently, Contemplatively, Contributively, Contently,  Convivially, Cooperatively, Cordially, Courteously, Cosily

The Good Book

For a New Age


D. Dazzlingly, Dearly, Decently, Decorously, Deeply, Delectably, Delicately, Delightedly, Delightfully, Dependably, Deservingly, Desirably, Devotedly, Devoutly, Diligently, Disarmingly, Discerningly, Discretely, Distinctively, Diversely, Divinely, Dreamily

E. Eagerly, Ebulliently, Effervescently, Elaborately, Elatedly, Elatingly, Elegantly, Elevatingly, Enchantingly,  Endearingly, Enduringly, Engagingly, Enjoyably,  Enliveningly, Enrichingly, Entertainingly, Enthrallingly, Enthusiastically, Enticingly, Entrancingly, Equitably, Especially, Eternally, Ethically, Euphorically, Evenly, Evocatively, Exaltingly, Exceedingly, Excellently, Excellingly, Excitingly,  Exhilaratingly, Expectantly, Expressively, Exquisitely, Extravagantly, Exuberantly, Exultantly, Exultingly

F. Fabulously, Faithfully, Fantastically, Felicitously, Festively,  Finely, Flamboyantly, Flavourfully, Flourishingly, Fondly, Forever, Forgivingly, Formally, Fortuitously, Fortunately, Fraternally, Freely, Frolicsomely, Fruitfully, Fully, Fullfilingly

G. Gamefully, Gamesomely, Gaily, Generously, Genially, Gently, Genuinely, Gladly, Gleefully, Gloriously, Glowingly, Good-humouredly, Good-naturedly, Gracefully, Graciously, Grandly, Gratefully, Gratifyingly, Greatly

H. Happily, Hardily, Harmoniously, Heartily, Heavenly, Helpfully, High-spiritedly,  Highly, Hopefully, Hospitably, Humanely, Humbly, Humorously

I. Ideally, Idealistically, Illuminatingly, Illustriously, Imaginatively, Immaculately, Impassionedly, Impeccably,  Impressively,  Indefatiguably, Infinitely, Innocently, Insightfully, Inspiredly, Inspiringly, Intensely, Intimately, Invitingly, Irrepressibly, Irresistibly

J. Jauntily, Jazzily, Jestingly, Jocosely, Jocularly, Jovially, Joyfully, Joyously, Jubilantly 

K. Kiddingly, Kindly, Kind-heartedly, Knowingly

L. Laughingly, Lavishly, Leniently, Liberally, Liberatingly, Lightly, Light-heartedly, Likably,  Lively, Longingly, Lovably, Lovingly, Luminously, Lusciously, Lushly, Lustrously, Luxuriantly, Luxuriously

M. Magically, Magnanimously,  Magnificently, Majestically, Marvellously, Maternally, Meaningfully, Measurably, Melodiously, Mellowly, Mercifully, Merrily,  Meticulously, Mindfully, Miraculously, Mirthfully, Morally, Most deeply, Most fully, Most highly, Munificently, Musically, Mutually

Graphic Definitionof Eleemosynary

Reputable Charities

N. Neatly, Nicely, Nobly, Notably, Noticeably

O. Obligingly, Observantly, Openly, Openhandedly, Open-heartedly, Opportunely, Optimally, Optimistically, Opulently, Outstandingly

P. Pacifistically, Parentally, Paternally, Patiently, Peaceably, Peacefully, Perceptively, Personably, Philanthropically, Philosophically, Philoxenially, Picturesquely, Piously, Piquantly, Placidly, Playfully, Pleasantly, Pleasingly, Pleasurably, Politely, Popularly, Positively, Praiseworthily, Prayerfully, Prayerfully, Preciously, Preparedly, Prodigiously, Prolifically, Promisingly, Prosperously, Proactively, Public-spiritedly, Purely

Q. Quaintly, Qualitatively, Quietly, Quintessentially

R.  Radiantly, Readily, Receptively, Reciprocally, Reflectively, Remarkably, Resolutely, Resoundingly, Resourcefully, Respectfully, Resplendently, Restfully, Restively, Restoratively, Rewardingly, Reverently, Rhapsodically, Risibly, Robustly, Rollickingly, Rosily

S. Satisfactorily, Sanguinely, Scintillatingly, Scrumptiously, Scrupulously, Selflessly, Sensationally, Sensitively, Sentimentally, Serenely, Significantly, Simply, Sincerely, Skilfully, Smashingly, Smilingly, Sociably, Socially, Soft-heartedly, Softly, Soothingly, Specially, Spectacularly, Spiritedly, Spiritually, Splendidly, Splendiferously, Sportively, Stunningly, Stupendously, Sublimely, Substantially, Sufficiently, Sumptuously, Superabundantly, Superbly, Supportively, Supportingly, Surprisingly,  Sweetly, Sympathetically, Synergistically

T. Tastefully, Tastily, Tenderly, Terrifically, Thankfully, Thoughtfully, Thrillingly, Tidily, Tirelessly, Touchingly, Traditionally, Transcendentally, Tranquilly, Tremendously, Triumphantly, Truly, Trustingly, Trustfully

U. Unconditionally, Understandingly, Universally, Unstoppably, Upbeat, Uprightly, Unselfishly

V.  Venerably, Veraciously, Vibrantly, Vigilantly, Vigorously, Virtuously, Vitally, Visually, Vivaciously, Voluntarily

W. Warmly, Warm-heartedly, Well, Whole-heartedly, Wholesomely, Wholly, Willingly, With relish, Winningly, Wisely, Wonderfully, Wondrously


Y. Yearningly, Youthfully

Z. Zanily, with Zeal, Zealously, Zestfully

 Graphic Definition of Christmastide

Christmas Verbs 

Abiding, Accepting, Accomodating, Adoring, Adorning, Anticipating, Appreciating, Assisting, Awaiting, Baking, Beautifying, Bedizening, Bedecking, Belonging, Buying, Caring, Carolling, Celebrating, Comforting, Cooking, Decorating, Delighting, Desiring, Dining, Displaying, Drinking, Drumming, Eating, Edifying, Elating, Embellishing, Embracing, Enchanting, Endearing, Enlightening, Enlivening, Enriching, Enjoying, Entertaining, Enthralling, Exalting, Exchanging, Expecting, Feasting, Feeding, Feeling, Festooning, Filling, Flavouring, Flourishing, Freezing, Frolicking, Fulfilling, Gathering, Garnishing, Getting, Gift-giving, Gifting, Giving, Gleaming, Glistening, Glorifying, Glowing, Gracing, Gratifying, Helping, Heralding, Holidaying, Hoping, Hosting, Hugging, Illuminating, Imagining, Imbibing, Including, Indulging, Ingesting, Interacting, Intriguing, Invigorating, Inviting, Jingling, Journeying, Laughing, Lighting, Listing, Longing, Loving, Marvelling, Merrymaking, Ministering, Munching, Nibbling, Nourishing, Nurturing, Offering, Ornamenting, Packaging, Parceling, Partying, Paying, Piping, Playing, Pleasing, Posting, Praising, Praying, Preparing, Receiving, Rejoicing, Relaxing, Resting, Revelling, Revering, Roasting, Sating, Satiating, Satisfying, Sending, Serving, Sharing, Shining, Shipping, Shopping, Shovelling, Showing, Singing, Skating, Skiing, Sledding, Sleeping, Sleighing, Slicing, Snacking, Snowball fighting, Snuggling, Socializing, Spangling, Sparkling, Spending, Spicing, Sprucing, Storytelling, Stuffing, Surprising, Symbolizing, Sympathizing, Tasting, Thanking, Thronging, Titivated/Titivating Toasting (with drink / by fire), Tobogganing, Traveling, Treasuring, Treating, Trimming, Trinketing, Trumpeting, Understanding, Unifying, Unwrapping, Upholding, Uplifting, Vacationing, Valuing, Venerating, Visiting, Volunteering, Vivifying, Waiting, Warming, Wassailing, Welcoming, Wishing, Wondering, Worshiping, Wrapping, Wreathing


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