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Positive Adjectives About Men

Positive Words to Describe your Father, Son, Husband, Lover, Boyfriend or Yourself

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A. A-1, A-OK, A-one, Abiding, Able, Able-bodied, Aboveboard, Abundant, Accelerated, Accepting, Accessible, Accommodating,  Accommodative, Accomplished, Accordant, Accountable, Accurate, Ace, Aces, Active, Actual, Acuminous, Adaptable, Adapted, Adapting, Adaptive, Adept, Admirable, Admired, Adonic, Adorable, Adoring, Adroit, Advanced, Advantaged, Advantageous, Adventuresome, Adventurous, Advocative, Affable, Affectionate, Affective, Affiliated, AffinedAffirming, Afflated, Affluent, Agile, Agreeable, Alacritous, Alert, All heart, All right, All set, All systems go, All there, Allegiant, Allied, Allowing, Alluring, Altruistic, Alright, Amative, Amatory, Amazing, Ambitious, Amenable, Amiable, Amicable, Amoroso, Ample, Amusing, Aphrodisiacal, ApollonianAppealing, Apposite, Appreciated, Appreciative, Approachable, Appropriate, Approving, Apropos, Apt, Ardent, Argus-eyed, Aristocratic, Arousing, Arresting, Artful, Articulate, Artisanal, Ascendant, Assertive, Assiduous, Assistive, Associated, Associative, Assured, Assuring, Astute, At ease, At hand, At leisure, At one's disposal, At the ready, Attentive, Attractive, Au fait, Autodidactic, Athletic, Attractive, Atypical, August, Auspicious, Authentic, Authoritative, Autonomous, Available, Avid, Awaited, Aware, Awesome, Axiological

Odin and Thor

 Action Figure Super Hero

B. Balanced, Baronial, Becoming, Beefy, Believable, Beloved, Benefic, Beneficent, Beneficial, Benevolent, Benignant, Better, Better-than-before, Best, Best-loved, Beyond compare, Big, Big league, Biggest*, Big-hearted, Big-time, Blameless, Blazing, Blessed, Bold, Bonafide, Boss, Bounteous, Bountiful, Brainy, Brave, Brawny, Brief, Bright, Brilliant, Brisk, Broadminded, Brotherly, Bullish, Buoyant, Business-like, Busy, By the numbers

C. Calm, Calming, Calmative, Can do, Canny, Capable, Capital, Captivating, Cared for, Carefree, Careful, Caring, Caretaking, Casual, Categorical, Causal, Causative, Centered, Central, Cerebral, Certain, Champion, Changeable, Changeless, Charismatic, Charitable, Charmed, Charming, Cheerful, Cherished, Cherry, Chief, Chipper, Chivalrous, Choice, Choicest, Chummy, Civic, Civil, Civilized, Classic, Classical, Classy, Clean, Clear, Clear-cut, Clear-eyed, Clearheaded, Clear-sighted, Clement, Clever, Climactic, Close, Cogent, Cognizant, Coherent, Cohortative, Collaborative, Collected, Collegial, Colourful, Come-at-able, Comfortable, Comforting, Comical, Commanding, Commendable, Commendatory, Commiserative, Committed, Commodious, Commonsensical, Communicative, Commutual, Companionable, Compassionate, Compatible, Compelling, Competent, Complete, Completed, Complimentary, Composed, Comprehensive, Concentrated, Conciliatory, Concise, Conclusive, Concordant, Concrete, Condolatory, Conferrable, Confident, Confirmed, Congenial, Connected, Conquering, Conscientious, Conscious, Consensual, Consentaneous, Consentient, Consequential, Considerable, Considerate, Consistent, Consonant, Constructive, Contemplative, Contemporary,  Content, Contributive, Convenient, Conversant, Convictive, Convincing, Convivial, Cooking with fire/gas, Cool, Cooperative, Coordinated, Copacetic, Cordial, Correct, Correlative, Courageous, Courteous, Courtly, Couthie, Cozy, Crack, Crackerjack, Creative, Credential, Credible, Creditable, Credited, Crowd-pleasing, Crucial, Crystal (clear), Cuddly, Cultivated, Cultured, Cunning, Curative, Curious, Current, Cute

D. Daedal Dapper, Daring, Dashing, Dauntless, Dazzling, Dear, Dearest, Debonair, Decent, Decisive, Decorous, Dedicated, Deductive, Deep, Definite, Definitive, Deft, Delectable, Deliberate, Deluxe, Democratic, Demonstrative,  Dependable, Desired, Desirable, Destined, Determinant, Determined, Developed, Devoted, Devout, Dexterous, Dialectical, Didactic, Didascalic, Diehard, Different, Dignified, Diligent, Diplomatic, Direct, Disarming, Discerning, Disciplined, Discreet, Discriminating, Distinct, Distinctive, Distinguished, Diverse, Diverting, Dominant, Doted on, Doting, Doubtless, Doughty, Down-to-earth, Dreamy, Driven, Driving, Durable, Dutiful, Dynamic, Dynamite

E. Eager, Earnest, Earthy, Easy, Easygoing, Easy to approach, Easy to reach, Easy to talk to, Easy to understand, Echt, Economical, Edified, Edifying, Educated, Educational, Effective, Effectual, Efficacious, Efficient, Effortless, Elating, Electric, Electrifying, EleemosynaryEleutherian, Elevated, Elevating, Eligible, Eloquent, Emerging, Eminent, Empathetic, Employed, Empowered, Empowering, Enamouring, Enchanting, Encouraging, Endearing, Endorsing, Endowed, Enduring, Energetic, Energizing, Engaged, Engaging, Enhanced, Enjoyable, Enjoyed, Enlightened, Enlightening, Enlivened, Enlivening, Ennobled, Ennobling, En règle, Enriched, Ensured, Ensuring, Enterprising, Entertaining, Enthusiastic,  Enthralling, Enticed, Enticing, Entrepreneurial, Entrusted, Epic, Equable, Equanimous, Equiparent, Equiponderant/Equiponderate, Equipped, Equitable, Erudite, Essential, Established, Esteemed, Ethical, Eudaemonistic/Eudaemonistical, Even-handed, Evocative, Evolved, Evolving, Exact, Excellent, Excelling, Exceptional, Exciting, Exclusive, Executive, Exemplary, Exhilarating, Expeditious, Expeditive, Experienced, Expert, Explorative, Expressive, Exhortative/Exhortatory, Exquisite, Extraordinary, Exultant

The Perfect Man

F. Facilitative, Factual, Fain, Fair, Faithful, Familial, Fantastic, Far-reaching, Far-sighted, Fascinating, Fatherly, Faultless, Favourable, Favoured, Favourite, Fearless, Feasible, Fecund, Feelgood, FelicitousFeracious, Fertile, Fervent, Festive, Fetching, Fidelitous, Fiery, Filigreed, Fine, Finer, Finest, Firm, First, First-class, First-order, First-rate, Fit, Fitting, Five-star, Flawless, Flexible, Flourishing, Fluent, Focused, Fond, Forceful, Foremost, Foresighted, Forgivable, Forgiving, Formidable, For real, Forthcoming, Forthright, Fortified, Fortifying, Fortuitous, Fortunate, Forward-thinking, Foundational, Foundationary, Four-star, Frank, Fraternal, Free, Freethinking, Friendly, Frisky, Front-page, Fruitful, Fulfilled, Fulfilling, Fun, Fundamental, Funny

 Throbbing Heart Romantic Adjectives

G. Gainful, Gallant, Galore, Game, Gamesome, Generative, Generous, Genial, Genteel, Gentle, Gentlemanly, Genuine, Germane, Get-at-able, Gifted, Giving, Glad, Gnarly, Goal-oriented, Godly, Golden, Good, Goodhearted, Good-feeling, Good-humoured, Good-looking,  Good-natured, Graceful, Gracious, Grand, Grateful, Gratified, Gratifying, Great, Greatest, Greathearted, Gregarious, Grounded, Growing, Gruntled, Guaranteed, Gubernatorial, Guiding, Guileless, Gumptious, Gung ho, Gutsy, Gymnastic

H. Hale, Handsome, Handy, Happening, Happy, Hard-working, Hardy, Harmless, Harmonic, Harmonious, Harmonizable, Head, Healthy, Heartfelt, Heartsome, Heart-to-heart, Heartwarming, Hearty, Heavyweight, Helpful, Helping, Henotic, Heroic, High Calibre, High-class, High-demand, Highly regarded, Highly seasoned, Highly valued, High-minded, High-power, High-powered, High-quality, High-reaching, High-spirited, Hilarious, Honest, Honourable, Honoured, Hortative/Hortatory, Hospitable, Hot, Huggy, Huggable, Human, Humane, Humanistic, Humanitarian, Humble, Humorous, Hunky, Hygienic, Hypnotic

I. Ideal, Idealistic, Idiosyncratic, Idoneous, Illimitable, Illuminating, Imaginative, Imitable, Immaculate, Immeasurable, Impartial, Impassioned, Impavid, Impeccable, Impeccant, Imperturbable, Impish, Important, Impressive, Improvisational, Incisive, Inclusive, Incomparable, Incontestable, Incontrovertible, Incomplex, Incorrupt, Incorruptible, Indefatigable, In demand, Independent, Indestructible, Indispensable, Indomitable, Indubitable, Industrious, Inexhaustible, Infallible, Infatuated, Infatuating, In fine fettle (good spirits), Influential, Informative, Informed, Ingenious, In good health, Inimitable, Innate, Innovative, In love, Inquisitive, In readiness, Insightful, Inspirational, Inspired, Inspiring, Inspirited, Instinctive, Instructive, Instrumental, Integral, Integrated, Integrative, Interconnected, Interconnective, Intellectual, Intelligent, Intense, Intent, Interactive, Interested, Interesting, International, Intertwined, In the moment, In the now, In the pink, In the saddle, In the swim, Intimate, Intrepid, Intrigued, Intriguing, Introspective, Inventive, Invigorated, Invigorating, Invincible, Inviolable, Inviting, Irrefutable, Irrefragable, Irreplaceable, Irrepressible, Irreproachable, Irresistible

J. Jaunty, Jazzy, Jocose, Jocular, Jocund, Jolly, Jovial, Joyful, Joyous, Jubilant, Judicious, Juicy, Just, Justified, Just right, Juvenescent


K. Keen, Key, Kind, Kind-hearted, Kindly, Kingly, Kissable, Knightly, Knowable, Knowing, Knowledgeable

L. Laid-back, Lasting, Latitudinarian, Laudable, Lavish, Lawful, Law-abiding, Leading, Leading-edge, Learned, Learning, Legal, Legit, Legitimate, Leisurely, Lenient, Leonine, Lepid, Lettered, Level-headed, Liberal, Liberated, Liberating, Libertarian, Light-hearted, Likable, Liked, Like-minded, Limber, Lionhearted, Lionized, Literate, Lithe, Lithesome, Lively, Logical, Longanimous, Long-lived, Long-standing, Lordly, Lousy with, Love, Lovable, Loved, Loving, Loyal, Lucid, Lucky, Lucrative, Luculent, Luminous, Luscious, Lusty, Luxurious

M. Mabsoot, Magistral, Magical, Magnanimous, Magnetic, Magnificent, Main, Majestic, Major, Major league, Making a difference, Manageable, Managerial, Malleable, Manly, Mannerly, Marmoreal/Marmorean, Marvelous, Masculine, Massagable, Masterful, Masterly, Matchless, Matter-of-fact, Mature, Maximal, Maximum, Meaningful, Measured, Meditative, Melioristic, Mellow, Memorable, Merciful, Meritable, Meritorious, Merry, Mesmerizing, Meteoric, Methodical, Methodological, Meticulous, Mettlesome, Mindful, Mirthful, Mischievous, Mitigative, Mitigatory, Model, Modest, Moneyed, Moral, More, Most Excellent, Motivated, Motivational, Moving, Mucho, Multidimensional, Multidisciplined, Multifaceted, Munificent, Muscular

N. Natty, Natural, Near to one's heart, Nearby, Neat, Necessary, Needed, Neighbourly, Never-failing, Nice, Nifty, Nimble, Nimble-witted, Noble, Nobody's fool, No dummy, Noetic, No strings attached, Nonchalant, Nonpareil, Not born yesterday, Not tied down, Not unlikely, Nourished, Nourishing, Now, Nubile, Number 1, Number one, Numero uno, Nurtured, Nurturing, Nutrimental

O. Objective, Obliging, Observant, Obtainable, Olympian, On hand, On one's toes, On target, On the ball, On the beam, On the button, On the job, On the outlook, On the money, On the move, On the nose, One, Oneiric, Open, Open-handed, Open-hearted, Open-minded, Opportune, Optimal, Optimistic, Optimum, Opulent, Orderly, Organic, Organized, Oriented, Original, Ornamental, Outgoing, Out-of-sight, Out-of-this-world, Outspoken, Outstanding, Overflowing, Overjoyed, Overriding, Overruling, Overt

P. Pabulous, Pacific, Pacifistic, Pally, Panglossian, Paramount, Parental, Par excellence, Participative, Participatory, Particular, Paramount, Pardonable, Passionate, Paternal, Patient, Peaceable, Peaceful, Peak, Pecuniary, Peerless, Peppy, Penetrating, Perceptive, Perceptual, Percipient, Perdurable, Perennial, Perfect, Perfective, Perky, Permanent, Permissive, Perpetual, Perseverant, Persistent, Personable, Perspicacious, Perspicuous, Persuasive, Pertinent, Pharaonic, Phenomenal, Philanthropic, Philoprogenitive, Philosophical, Phlegmatic, Picked, Pioneering, Pithy, Pivotal, Placid, Playful, Pleasant, Pleased, Pleasing, Pleasurable, Plenteous, Plentiful, Plummy, Pluperfect, Poignant, Poised, Polished, Polite, Pollent, Popular, Posh, Positive, Possible, Potent, Potential, Powerful, Practicable, Practical, Practiced, Pragmatic, Praiseworthy, Precious, Precise, Predominant, Preeminent, Pre-emptive, Preferred, Premier, Premium, Prepared, Preponderant, Prepotent, Present, Presentable, Presidential, Prevalent, Prevailing, Prevenient, Priceless, Primal, Primary, Prime, Primed, Primo, Princely, Principal, Principled, Priority, Privileged, Prized, Prize-winning, Pro, Proactive, Probable, Probative, Procurable, Prodigious, Productive, Professional, Proficient, Profound, Profuse, Progressive, Prolific, Prominent, Promising, Promoting, Prompt, Proper, Propitious, Prospective, Prosperous, ProtectiveProto-, Proud, Prudent, Public-spirited, Puissant, Punctual, Pumped up, Pure, Purifying, Purposeful, Purposive

Q. Qualified, Qualitative, Quality, Quemeful, Quick, Quickened, Quick on the uptake, Quick-witted, Quiet, Quintessential, Quixotic

R. Rad, Rapt, Rapturous, Rare, Rascally, Rational, Ravishing, Razor-sharp, Reliable, Reachable, Ready, Real, Reassuring, Receiving, Receptive, Reciprocal, Recommendable, Recommended, Red-carpet, Refined, Refreshing, Regal, Rejuvenating, Related, Relaxed, Relaxing, Relished, Remarkable, Renewing, Renewed, Resourceful, Respectable, Respected, Respectful, Rested, Restful, Restorative, Revitalized, Revitalizing, Revived, Revivifying, Rewarding, Rhapsodic, Riant, Rich, Rident, Right, Righteous, Right neighbourly,  Robust, Rollicking, Rousing

S. Safe, Salubrious, Salutary, Salutiferous, Sanguine, Sapient/Sapiential, Sartorial, Satisfactory, Satisfied, Satisfying, Savvy, Scholarly, Scientific, Scintillated, Scintillating, Scrumptious, Scrupulous, Seamless, Seasoned, Second-to-none, Secure, Sedulous, Seemly, Select, Selected, Self-accepting, Self-assured, Self-confident, Self-disciplined, Self-expressive, Self-governing, Selfless, Self-made, Self-sacrificing, Self-starting, Self-sufficient, Self-taught, Sensational, Sensible, Sensitive, Sensuous, Sensual, Sentimental, Serendipitous, Serene, Service-minded, Service-oriented, Settled, Settling, Sharing, Sharp, Sharp-eyed, Sharp-witted, Sheltering, Shiny-eyed, Shipshape, Shrewd, Sightly, Significant, Simple, Sincere, Sinewy, Sizable, Skillful, Skilled, Skookum, Sleek, Smart, Smashing, Smiley, Smiling, Smitten, Smooth, Snazzy, Snappy, Snugly, Sociable, Social, Societal, Soft-hearted, Soigne, Solid, Solid gold, Solomon-like, Something else, Soothfast, Soothing, Sophic, Sophisticated, Sought, Sought-after, Soulful, Sound,  Sovereign, Sparkling, Special, Spectacular, Spellbinding,  Spicy, Spiffy, Spirited, Spiritual, Splendid, Sponsal, Spontaneous, Sporting, Sportive, Spotless, Sprauncy, Sprightly, Spruce, Spruced up, Spry, Square, Stable, Staid, Stainless, Stalwart, Stand-up, Star, Stately, State-of-the-art, Statuesque, Staunch, Steadfast, Steady, Stellar, Sterling, Sthenic, Stick-to-itive, Stimulating, Stimulative, Stimulatory, Stirring, Stoic, Storied, Stouthearted, Straightforward, Straight out, Strapping, Strategic, Street smart, Streetwise, Striking, Strong, Strong-willed, Studious, Stunning, Stupendous, Sturdy, Stylish, Suasive, Suave, Sublime, Substantial, Substantive, Subtle, Successful, Succinct, Sufficient, Suitable, Suited,  Sunny, Super, Superb, Super-duper, Super-civilized, Super-ethical, Super-excellent, Superior, Superlative, Supersonic, Supple, Supported, Supportive, Sure, Sure-fire, Sure-footed, Sure-handed, Surpassing, Surprising, Sustentative, Swank, Swaying, Sweeping, Sweet, Symbiotic, Symmetrical, Sympathetic, Synergistic, Systematic

Look for good and ye will find it. Search for it, for it is a pearl of great price.

Everything Good about Everything Good


T. Tactful, Tailor-made, Take-charge, Talented, Tangible, Tantalizing, Tasteful, Taught, Teachable, Teaching, Teeming, TeleorganicTemperate, Tenacious, Tender, Tender-hearted, Terrific, Thankful, Thankworthy, Therapeutic, There, Thorough, Thoroughgoing, Thoughtful, Thrilled, Thrilling, Thriving, Tickled, Tidy, Timely, Time-honoured, Timeless, Time-saving, Tip-top, Tireless, Titanic, Titillating, Today, Together, Tolerant, Tonic, Topical, Totally-tubular, Top, Top drawer, Top-notch, Tops, To the max, Touching, Tough, Trailblazing, Traditive, Tranquil, Transcendent, Transcendental, Transformable, Transformative, Transnormal, Transparent, Transpicuous, Traveled, Treasurable, Treasured, Tremendous, Trim, Triumphant, True, True-blue, Trusted, Trustful, Trusting, Trustworthy, Trusty, Truthful, Tuneful, Tutelary, Twenty-first century, Twenty-four carat, Tympanic

Unlimited Love

U. Unabashed, Unaffected, Unafraid, Unambiguous, Unassuming, Unattached, Unbiased, Unbigoted, Uncommon, Uncomplicated, Uncompromising, Unconditional, Unconditionally Loving, Unconventional, Uncorrupted, Undauntable, Undaunted, Undesigning, Understandable, Understanding, Understood, Under control, Undiminished, Undisputed, Undivided, Undoubted, Unencumbered, Unequalled, Unequivocable, Unequivocal, Unfailing, Unfaltering, Unfeigned, Unfettered, Unflagging, Unflappable, Unhesitating, Unified, Unimpeachable, Unimpeded, Unique, Unisonous, United, Unlimited, Unobjectionable, Unparalleled, Unprejudiced, Unpretentious, Unquestionable, Unreserved, Unrivalled, Unruffled, Unselfish, Unshakable, Unshaken, Unstoppable, Unsurpassed, Untiring, Unwavering, Up, Up-and-coming, Upbeat, Upbuilding, Upcoming, Up front, Uplifting, Upright, Upstanding,  Up-to-date, Up to par, Up to snuff, Up to speed, Uptown, Urbane, Utilitarian

V. Valiant, Valid, Validating, Validatory, Valorous, Valuable, Valued, Vast, Vegete, Vehement, Venerable, Venerated, Venial, Ventorious, Venturesome, Veracious, Veridical, Veridicous, Verified, Veriloquent, Veritable, Versatile, Versed, Veteran, Viable, Vibrant, Victorious, Vigilant, Vigorous, Virtuous, Visionary, Virile, Vital, Vitative, Vivacious, Vivid, Vivifying, Vocal, Vogue, Volcanic, Volitional

W. Wanted, Warm, Warm-hearted, Wealthy, Weighty, Welcome, Welcoming, Well, Well-arranged, Well-behaved, Well-built, Well-disposed, Well-established, Well-founded, Well-grounded, Well-informed, Well-intentioned, Well-liked, Well-made, Well-meaning, Well-proportioned, Well-read, Well-received, Well-spoken, Well-suited, Well-timed, Whimsical, Wholehearted, Wholesome, Wide-awake, Willing, Winnable, Winged, Winning, Wired, Wise, With it, Within reach, Without equal, Without limit, Witty, Wizardly, Woke, Wonderful, Wondrous, Working, World class, Worldly, Worldly-wise, Worthy

X. Xenial, Xenodochial

Y. Yummy

Z. Zany, Zealous, Zestful, Zoetic


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