Graphic Definition of Biophilia

Biophilia n. An innate love for the natural world. Psychology

"Biophilia" encapsulates a profound appreciation... .

..for the living world, inviting us to embrace its vitality and beauty with open arms. It speaks to our innate connection to nature, fostering a sense of wonder and awe for the intricate web of life that surrounds us. In the essence of biophilia we find a source of inspiration and rejuvenation, as we immerse ourselves in the splendor of forests, mountains, and oceans. This word reminds us to cultivate a deep reverence for the Earth and its inhabitants, nurturing a harmonious relationship that brings joy and fulfillment to our lives.

Personal Noun: Biophile            Florescence

Inflorescence            Noctiflorous


"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."

- William Shakespeare

All the Love in the World

The Good Book

Everything Good about Everything Good

"There is no way to be pointed out save [except] the 'I AM'

It is the birth of the spirit." - Edgar Cayce Reading 262-10


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