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Simple text & photo web page compliments to circulate

because who couldn't use all the compliments they can get?


Congratulatory Words


 The Primary Sentiment: Thank-you!

Shakespearian thanks        Many Tanks!        For the Help

Child-like Youtube Thanks

Thank-you words to compose your own message


 Not the Bible: A Positive Word Resource and much More  

Reasons for Thanks

U 4 Existing      4 Making Me Laugh

Professional Business Compliments


High 5!            Huzzah!


Generic Compliments

You're Cooler than a Pirate and a Ninja put together!

Cool Flair     Get-Together?     Joy Wish

Rude Awakening!         The way you look at things         You Make Me Laugh     

You Rock!    Your Style     Well Done!    High 5! 

Romantic Compliments

Adjectivication     All that I love about you     Cats and Dogs     Heart Clouds

     I Like You Best     I really like you     I want to know you     Knock-Knock...?     Laugh at the World Together

Miss You Weekdays     My Heart     Next to Food     Space Guardian


 Cool!            Cheers            Cheers!            Excellent!             Gramercy!           Hallelujah!           Hurray!           Huzzah!           Joy!            Kudos!            Oooo!             Ta-da!            Vivat!            Whee!            Woo-Hoo!            Yay!            Yes!          Yippy           You Rock!


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