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because who couldn't use all the compliments they can get?


 The Primary Sentiment: Thank-you!

Shakespearian thanks        Many Tanks!        For the Help

Child-like Youtube Thanks

Thank-you words to compose your own message

Reasons for Thanks

U 4 Existing      4 Making Me Laugh

Professional Business Compliments




Generic Compliments

You're Cooler than a Pirate and a Ninja put together!

Cool Flair     Dancing Tree Award     Get Along Together     Get-Together?     Joy Wish

Rude Awakening!         The way you look at things         You Make Me Laugh     

You Rock!    Your Style     Well Done!    High 5! 


Romantic Compliments

Adjectivication     All that I love about you     Cats and Dogs     Heart Clouds     Fleece Straight-jacket

     I Like You Best     I really like you     I want to know you     Knock-Knock...?     Laugh at the World Together

Miss You Weekdays     My Heart     Next to Food     Space Guardian     The way you move


 Cool!            Cheers            Cheers!            Excellent!             Gramercy!           Hallelujah!           Hurray!           Huzzah!           Joy!            Kudos!            Oooo!             Ta-da!            Vivat!            Whee!            Woo-Hoo!            Yay!            Yes!          Yippy           You Rock!


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