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        Personal Nouns

Academician, ace, ace-in-the-hole, achiever, adept, adherent, administrator, advantage, adviser, advisor, advocate, aid, aide, alleviator, ally, (noun)-aholic [ex. workaholic], ambassador, aficionada, aficionado, affluential, appreciator, apprentice, arbiter, artisan, artist, ascendant, aspirant, asset, assignee, assigner, assistant, associate, author, authority, autodidact, awardee.

Graphic Definition of Aspirant

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Backbone, style="margin-left: 40px; line-height: 200%; margin-right: 40px;" backer, backup, ball of fire, begetter, bel-espritbenefactor, benefactress, beneficiary, benefit, bestower, big cheese, big enchilada, big fish, big gun, big wheel, bigwig, boss, booster, brain, brass, bundle of energy, builder.

Campaigner, captain, carer, caretaker, catalyst, CEO, CFO, chair, chairperson, champ, champion, chaperon, charmer, chief, chieftan, climber, coadjutant, cognoscente, cognoscenti, collaborator, colleague, commander, companion, compeller, complement, composer, comrade, conductor, confederate, conferrer, confidant, confrere, connoisseur, conservator, consul, consultant, contributor, controller, cooperator, cornerstone, cosmopolitan/cosmopolite, councillor, counsel, counselor, counsellor, co-worker, craftsperson, creator, credit, crew, curator, custodian, cynosure.

Graphic Definition of Complement

Defender, designer, devisee, devisor, devotee, digerati, director,  discoverer, distributor, doer, donee, donor, doyen/doyenne, dynamo, dynamite.

Eager beaver, elder, employer, encourager, endorser, engineer, entrepreneur, ensurer, epitome, ergophile, essence, example, exec, executive, exemplar, experimenter, expert, exponent.

Fashioner, favourite, fellow worker, financier, fireball, first in command, force, forebearer, forefather, foreman, forerunner, foreseer, foundation, founder, fount, fountain, fountainhead.

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Generator, gem, genius, gentleman, gentlewoman, gift, givee, giver, Godsend, go-getter, good egg, governor, grantee, grantor, grubstaker, guarantor, guardian, guest, guide.

Handler, hard worker, head, head honcho, head person, heart, heavy hitter, heavyweight, height, heir, heiress, help, helper, helpmate, heritor (Middle English), heritress (Middle English), 'heritrix (Middle English), hero, heroine, highflier, high-flier, hit, host, hotshot, humanitarian, hustler.


Icon, ideal, illuminator, improvement, individual, industrialist, influence, influential, inheritor, initiator, innovator, inspiration, inspirer, inspiriter, institutor, intellect, intellectual, intelligentsia, introducer, inventor, invitee, inviter.


Keeper, key, kingpin,

Lead, leader, leading figure, leading light, legatee, legator, legend, legislator, liberal, libertarian, lieutenant, luminary.

Maestro, magician, maker, manager, marvel, master, mastermind, maven, mediator, meliorist, mentor, metropolitan, minder, mitigator, model, monitor, motor, mover, mover and shaker, motivator.

Neoteric, notable, no slouch, number one, numero uno, nurturer.

Officer, official, one and only, operator, optimist, orchestrator, organizer, original, originator, overseer, owner.

Pacifier, paradigm, paragon, paramount, participant, partisan, partner, pathfinder, patriarch, patron, peacekeeper, peacemaker, peer, perfectibilian, perfectibilist, perfectionist, performer, personality, phenom, phenomenon, philanthropist, pilot, pioneer, player, pistol, planner, plum, poet, policy maker, polyhistorpolymath, possessor, postulant, potentate, power broker, powerhouse, premier, presence, presenter, president, prevailer, prime mover, principal, pro, problem-solver, proconsul, proctor, prodigy, producer, professional, promoter, promulgator, proponent, proposer, proprietor, protagonist, protean,  protector, protégé, protégée, provider, publisher, purist, purveyor.

Graphic Definition of Paragon

Rain-maker, reacher, receiver, recipient, reliever, regulator, representative, researcher, resolver, resource, rewarder, right-hand person, role model, rooter.

Sage, salt of the earth, saver, saviour, savant, scholar, scripter, secret weapon, self-starter, sentinel, servant, server, specialist, sponsor, standard, star, straight shooter, stipendiary, strategist, solon, specialist, stabilizer, staker, steward, striver, student, success, successor, superintendant, superior, superman, superstar, superwoman, supervisor, supplier, support, supporter, surety, survivor.

Teacher, teammate, a 10, thinker, titleholder, top dog, trailblazer, trainer, trustee, tutor, tycoon.

Underwriter, up-and-comer, upholder.

Validator, vaulter, vice president, victor, victress, victrix, VIP, visitor, visionary, virtuoso, volunteer.

Warantor, wellspring, well-wisher, wheeler and dealer, whip, whiz, whiz kid, whizz, winner, wizard, wonder, wordsmith, workhorse, workmate, writer, wunderkind.

 Graphic Definition of Aegis

        Abstract Nouns


Ability, Abundance, Acceleration, Acceptability, Acceptance, Accessibility, Accommodation, Accomplishment, Accumulation, Accuracy, Acknowledgement, Accreditation, Activity, Actuality, Adaptability, Adeptness, Administration, Admirability, Admirableness, Admiration, Advancement, Advantage, Ae, Aegis, Affiliation, Amalgamation, Apogee, Appreciation, Approachability, Approbation, Appropriateness, Approval, Aptness, Acquisition, Ardency, Arrangement, Arrival, Artfulness, Articulacy, Ascendancy, Aspiration, Assets, Assertiveness, Assiduousness, Assistance, Association, Assurance, Assurgency, Astuteness, Ataraxia, Ataraxis, Ataraxy, Attentiveness, Audition, Augustness, Authentication, Authenticity, Authority, Authorization, Avidness, Awareness.


Balance, Ball of fire, Benchmark, Benefit, Beneficence, Betterment, Bigness, Blockbuster, Blue Ribbon, Boldness, Boom, Bounty, Business, Busyness, Brains, Brass, Braveness, Brightness, Brilliance, Buoyancy, Bustle.

Graphic Definition of Celeritous



Cachet, Calm, Calmness, Canniness, Capability, Capacity, Capital, Care, Carefulness, Celerity, Center, Centrality, Certainty, Certification, Championing, Championship, Charisma, Civic-mindedness, Civility, Civilization, Clarity, Class, Cleanliness, Clearheadedness, Clemency, Cleverness, Climb, Coadjuvancy, Coequality, Cogence, Cognizance, Coherence, Collaboration, Collation, Collection, Collegiality, Constructiveness, Construction, Contribution, Comity, Command, Commendation, Commerce, Commerciality, Commercialization, Commitment, Communication, Community-mindedness, Commutuality, Compatibleness, Compendiousness, Compensation, Competence, Complement, Composure, Comprehension, Concertedness, Conscientiousness, Conciseness, Concord, Concordance, Conduciveness, Conferment, Conferral, Confidence, Confirmation, Congeniality, Congruousness, Conjunction, Connection, Conscience, Consentaneity/Consentaneousness/Consentience, Consideration, Consistency, Consolidation, Consonance, Constancy, Construction, Constructiveness, Contemporariness, Corporation, Consumption, Continuity, Contribution, Control, Conversance, Conversation, Conviction, Convincingness, Cooperation, Cachet, Calm, Calmness, Canniness, Capability, Capacity, Capital, Care,  Coordination, Copiousness, Courage, Courageousness, Courtesy, Correctness, Corroboration, Cost-effectiveness, Creation, Creativity, Credence, Credentials, Credibility, Credit, Cultivation, Culture, Cumulation, Currency, Cycle.


Dauntlessness, Decency, Decisiveness, Dedication, Deduction, Definiteness, Definitiveness, Deftness, Department, Dependability, Deservingness, Deservedness, Design, Desirability, Destiny, Determination, Development, Devotion, Dexterity, Diagnosis, Diagnostics, Dignity, Diligence, Diplomacy, Direction, Discernment, Discipline, Discretion, Discreteness, Discrimination, Dispassion, Distinction, Distinguishableness, Distinguishability, Distinguishment, Distinguisher, Distinguishment. Direction, Discipline, Diversity, Dominance, Doughtiness, Drive, Durability, Duty, Dynamics, Dynamite.


Eagerness, Earnestness, Eco-friendliness, Economics, Economy, Edification, Education, Effectiveness, Effectuality, Efficaciousness, Efficiency, Electricity, Electrification, Eloquence, Emergence, Eminence, Empirical, Employability, Employment, Enactment, Encouragement, Endorsement, Endurance, Energy, Energization, Engagement, Engagingness, Enkindlement, Enlightenment, Ennoblement, Enrichment, Enterprise, Enthusiasm, Entrepreneurship, Entrustment, Environment, Environmentalism, Equableness, Equality, Equalization, Equanimousness, Equipoise, Equitableness, Ergophilia, Erudition, Essentiality, Establishment, Esteem, Estimableness, Ethic, Ergophilia, Erudition, Essentiality, Establishment, Esteem, Estimableness, Ethics, Evenhandedness, Exactitude, Excellence, Exceptionality, Exemplariness, Expedience, Expeditiousness, Experience, Expertness, Extensiveness, Extraordinariness, Exuberance.


Facilitation, Fact, Fairness, Faithfulness, Fastness, Favourability, Favour, Fearlessness, Feasibility, Fecundity, Fertility, Finance, Firm, Firmness, Fittingness, Flawlessness, Flourish, Fluency, Focus, Forbearance, Foresightedness, Formality, Formidableness, Forthcomingness, Fortification, Forthrightness, Fortuity, Fortune, Foundation, Frankness, Freshness, Friendliness, Fruitfulness, Functionality, Fundament.


Gainfulness, Galvanization, Generation, Genuineness, Get-up-and-Go, Gift, Go-ahead, Goal, Gold, Good, Goodness, Gravitas, Greenness, Growth, Guaranty, Guide, Gumption, Gutsiness.


Handiness, Hardiness, Harmony, Harmoniousness, Head, Heartiness, Health, Heed, Henosis, Helpfulness, Heuristic, Honesty, Honour, Hugeness, Humanitarianism, Hunger.


Idoneity/Idoneousness, Imagination, Imitability, Imitableness, Immaculateness, Immediacy, Immensity, Impartiality, Impeccability, Impeccancy, Impellent, Imperatives, Imperturbability, Importance, Impressiveness, Improvement, Incision, Inclusion, Income, Incomparability, Incontestability, Incontrovertibility, Incorporation, Incorruption, Incorruptibility, Increase, Indefatigability, Independence, Indispensability, Indisputability, Indomitability, Indubitability, Indubitableness, Industriousness, Inerrancy, Inexhaustibility, Influence, Information, Informativeness, Ingeniousness, Inimitability, Initiative, Innateness, Innovativeness, Inquisitiveness, Insightfulness, Inspiration, Inspiritment, Institution, Instruction, Instrumentality, Insurance, Integrality, Integration, Intellectuality, Intelligence, Intensification, Intensity, Intent, Interconnectedness, Interconnection, Intrepidness, Intrigue, Inventiveness, Investigation, Investment, Invigoration, Irrefragability, Irrefragableness, Irrefutability, Irrepressibility, Irreproachableness. 

Graphic Definition of Indefatigable


Joint venture, Judiciousness, Junction, Justness, Justifiability.


Keenness, Key, Kinetics, Knowledge, Kudos!


Laudation, Lawfulness, Lead, Leading edge, Learning, Legality, League, Level, Likableness, Like-mindedness, Location, Logic, Longanimity, Lucrativeness.


Magnetics, Majority, Major league, Manageability, Management, Manageableness, Manifestation, Malleability, Malleableness, Marketability, Mastery, Materiality, Maximization, Maximum, Meaning, Meaningfulness, Measure, Merchandisable, Merchandising, Merit, Meteor, Method, Methodicalness, Meticulousness, Mettlesomeness, Mindfulness, Mitigation,  Model, Modernity, Money, Money-maker, Morality, Morals, Motivation, Mutuality.

Graphic Definition of Melioristic



Neatness, Necesity, Need, Ne plus ultra, Nimbleness, Nobility, Nobleness, Notability, Noteworthiness, Novelty.


Objectives, Objectivity, Obligingness, Observation, Office, Ongoingness, Openness, Open-mindedness, Operation, Opportunity, Optimization, Optimism, Optimum, Order, Originality, Origination, Organization, Outspokeness, Outstandingness.

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Painstakingness, Paradigm, Paragon, Paramountcy, Pardon, Participation, Particularity, Patience, Peak, Peerlessness, Penetration, Perception, Percipience, Performance, Perseverance, Persistence, Personableness, Perspicacity, Perspicuousness, Persuasion, Pertinence, Plan, Pluckiness, Philanthropy, Phlegmaticalness/Phlegmaticness, Pioneer, Pivot, Pleasantness, Plenaries, Plenty, Plenteousness, Plentifulness, Poise, Polish, Politeness, Popularity, Positiveness, Possibility, Potency, Potential, Power, Practicability, Practicality, Practice, Pragmatism, Praiseworthiness, Precision, Predominance, Pre-eminence, Preferability, Preferableness, Premiership, Premium, Preparedness, Preponderance, Presence, Presidency, Prevalence, Prevailingness, Principal, Priority, Procurability, Prodigiousness, Proactivity, Proactiveness, Probability, Probity, Productiveness, Professionalism, Proficiency, Profit, Profitability, Progress, Progression, Prolificacy, Prolificity, Prolificness, Promise, Promotion, Promptness, Properness, Property, Propitiousness, Propriety, Propulsion, Prospects, Prosperity, Prosperousness, Protectiveness, Pride, Proof, Provision, Prudence, Prudency, Public-spiritedness, Punch, Punctuality, Punctiliousness, Purity, Purification, Purpose, Purposefulness.

Graphic Definition of Paradigm


Quantity, Qualification, Quality, Quickness.


Rapidity, Rapport, Rapprochement, Ratheness, Ratification, Ratiocination, Rationality, Razor-sharpness, Reach, Readiness, Realism, Realization, Reason, Reasonableness, Reasonability, Reasoning, Reassurance, Receptiveness, Recipience, Reciprocity, Recognition, Recommendation, Refinement, Regularity, Regulation, Relevance, Reliability, Remarkableness, Remuneration, Repletion, Reputation, Resilience, Resolution, Resourcefulness, Resources, Respectability, Respect, Respectfulness, Responsibility, Responsiveness, Retail, Retention, Reward, Rewardableness, Revenue, Righteousness, Rightfulness, Right-mindedness, Rigorousness, Robustness, Rock solidness, Rootedness, Rousing, Routine, Ruggedness, Run.


Safety, Saleability, Salubriousness/Salubrity, Salutariness, Sanction, Sangfroid, Sanguinity, Sanguineness, Satisfaction, Savvy, Scholarliness, Science, Scrupulousness, Seamlessness, Seasoning, Security, Securement, Sedulousness, Selection, Self-assertiveness, Self-assuredness, Self-confidence, Self-discipline, Self-sufficiency, Self-sustenance, Sensibility, Serendipity, Seriousness, Service, Service-mindedness, Settlement, Share, Sharpness, Sharp-wittedness, Shine, Shrewdness, Significance, Skilfulness, Skill, Smartness, Smoothness, Solidness, Solid gold, Soundness, Sparkle, Spectacularism, Spectacularity,  Speed, Spirit, Splendidness, Sportsmanship, Spotlessness, Square, Squared up, Stability, Staidness, Stainlessness, Stalwartness, Standard, Standardization, Stateliness, Station, Staunchness, Steadiness, Steadfastness, Stick-to-itiveness, Stipend, Straightness, Straightforwardness, Strategy, Strength, Strenuousness, Structure, Studiousness, Sturdiness, Suasion, Subsidiary, Substance, Substantiality, Substantiation, Success, Succinctness, Sufficiency, Suitability, Suitableness, Sum, Sureness, Surety, Superabundance, Superbness, Superiority, Superlative, Suppleness, Support, Sure-footedness, Sure-handedness, Sustainment, Sustenance, Sustentation, Sway, Swiftness, Synergy, Systemagicness, Systematization.

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Tact, Tactic, Talent, Tangibility, Teaching, Temperateness, Tenability, Tenaciousness, Thoroughness, Thoughtfulness, Thriving, Tidiness, Tightness, Timeliness, Tirelessness, Top, Toughness, Trade, Training, Transformation, Transparency, Tremendousness, Trial, Trying, Trimness, Truth, Trust, Trustworthiness, Truthfulness, Tour de force.


Understandability, Understanding, Uniqueness, Unison, Unity, Uprightness, Upstandingness, Usability, Usefulness, User-friendliness, Utility, Utilitarianism, Utilization.


Valiance, Validity, Validation, Value, Values, Vehemence, Velocity, Vendibles, Venturesomeness, Venturousness, Veracity, Veridicality, Verification, Versatility, Vertex, Viability, Vibrancy, Vigilance, Vigorousness, Virtuosity, Vision, Vivency, Vividness, Vitality.


Want, Warranty, Weight, Welcome, Wholeness, Winning(s), Wisdom, Wholesale, Work, Workability, Working, Worthiness.


Xenophilia, Xenophily.


Zeal, Zest.

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