Graphic Definition of Ascendant

Ascendant adj.  1. Moving or inclining upward; rising

2. Superior, dominant in influence orposition

n. 1. The top position in control

2. an ancestor

also: Ascendancy n. the quality of rising

In life, we often strive to reach new heights, and the word "ascendant" embodies this spirit of growth and progress. It signifies a rising trajectory where every step forward propels us closer to our aspiration. The power of the human spirit is truly ascendant, capable of transcending obstacles and reaching for the stars with unwavering resolve. 

In a spiritual context the word "ascendant" takes on a deeper resonance, symbolizing the spiritual journey towards enlightenment and transcendence. It reflects the soul's ascent towards greater understanding and connection with the divine, guided by faith and illuminated by the light of divine love. With hearts uplifted in gratitude, we embrace the ascendancy of our spiritual awakening, allowing this transformative power to lift us to new heights of compassion, forgiveness, and grace.


"The most enviable writers are those who, quite often unanalytically and unconsciously, have realized that there are different facets to their nature and are able to live and work with now one, now another, in the ascendant."

- Dorothea Brande


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