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Depression is the most common worldwide mental disorder.  Everyone suffers from it now and then.  Following are some of the ways via which it can be overcome.

The Positive Emotions!

Outdoor Exercise -  Exercise is always beneficial but outdoor exercise, when possible, is particularly good for mental health;  Biking, Hiking, Jogging , Lifting weights,  Swimming, Tai Chi,  Yoga, or perhaps the local park has a fitness circuit.  All exercise is 'paying it forward' in terms of feeling physically good.

Meditate to attain Peace - Twenty to thirty minutes daily. 

The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work. Also Increase Happiness using these 3 Magical Gifts (Must practice daily 4 it to work).  Similarly daily journaling about the best thing during the previous 24 hours can be effective.  When it comes to friends The aphorism 'The More the Merrier' is true.  Face-to-face friends are better and keep us growing more.

Positive External Links - See "The Facts" section of this page, in particular, for a truthful uplift.

Positive Adjective Glossary  - Answer the question "what" using the power of “I Am that I am” from Moses for emotional/spiritual elevation with words that both you, and God, know are absolutely true about you.  Assemble a list.  On your worst day there will still be hundreds of positive adjectives that are absolutely true about you.  On those days you can read the list of words that you’ve selected and know that…

        Assertions, as advanced abstractions, alter actions.  Actions ascertain an aggressive anima, or alternatively, admirable attributes.  Actions also animate and alter authentic affections.  The active articles among abstraction and action are assertions.  Acceptable assertions are abiding, accomplished, admirable, altruistic and absolutely appealing.

Advice from Depression Survivors on Reddit    "It always ends."

Positive Nouns - While nouns are supposed to be neutral these have uplifting qualities.

 10 Positive Psychology Videos


    English elocution is existence extant.  Expertise in executing expression evaluates everybody's emblematic energy of ennui or excellence.  Enlightened enunciation is essential to an enduring ego and to enjoyably eventful, easygoing or enthusiastic, exchange.  Effective efficiency in expressive elocution evaluates the essence and experience of each and every entity.

    Express exquisitely.  Effective executive emergence is electric, energetic, engaging, earnest, ethical, and equally enlightened and enlightening.  It evolves and excites everyone.  It empowers the everyday to emanate enchantment, elation, excitement, and effervescence.  Executing exemplary expression emancipates the enjoyable, energizes the exceptional, engages the exciting, and electrifies the ebullient with endearing exuberance. Eagerly encourage the epitome: Endeavor to express extraordinary excellence.

Positive Adjectives in Arabic, Chinese (simple), German, Hindi & Spanish

Positive Adverb Glossary - How things are done positively

         Fine fluency, in its fidelity and form, is a fantastically fundamental faculty. Forming flair for flavourful fluency is fulfilling and fortuitously fruitful. Follow-up fundamental foundations are fortunate feelings and furthering a flourishing and fortified firmament.

Positive Verb Glossary - A great resource for the first word in every line of a resume'.

Edgar Cayce Affirmations - Spiritual Affirmations.

Florence Scovel Schinn Affirmations - Affirmations for Happiness, Love, Success, Debt, & Sales.

Bibliotherapy - Bibliotherapy is a means of lifting one's spirits via reading uplifting literature.  (See the Funny Definitions below)  Also: Divine Adjectives

Biblical Bibliotherapy - Uplifting passages from the Bible recommended by Edgar Cayce.  

Listen to Music - Edgar Cayce specifically recommended string music

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Gamma Protocol to Stimulate Brain     Epic Uplifting Motivational Music (1hr followed by two other 2 hr volumes - recursive)

Isochronic Tones (40 min)    Binaural Beats (3 hrs) Balance brain hemispheres (& quiet the self critical voice)

Native Thunderdrums     Gershwin's Blu Rhapsody - Slo morning rise to EPIC Industriousness

Birds - Plants thrive best amidst brief high frequencies     Loon Nocturne


Children of War - One World                   Playing For Change - One Love                   What a Wonderful World


Unlimited Love


Compliments - One of the best ways to feel good is to make others feel good.  Compassion is at the top of the energy spectrum and Depression, being selfish, is at the very bottom even below Anger Free Click-to-Donate Charities  (Incl. Free Educational Games).

Two More Ways to Increase Dopamine Levels*

1. Checklist Small Tasks   As with listening to music and meditating, dopamine increases when we are organized and finish tasks regardless if the task is big or small.  It's been demonstrated that dopamine's satisfaction increases when we physically check something off of a to-do list.

2. Get a Streak Going   As with the checklist getting a streak going is effective in increasing dopamine levels.  A streak is a visual reminder of how many days in a row you've achieved something.

These require the use of an old-fashioned pen and paper, or an MSWord, or MS Excel file.  Recommended: Click Here to download an Excel Workbook file ready-made for this purpose. 

Funny Definitions - The biggest, oldest, and funniest anguished language archive on the Net.  Note: Cancer clinics have Humour Libraries (see Bibliotherapy above) because humour is known to boost Immune T-cells.


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