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Edgar Cayce Readings

Affirmation 1

               Not my will but Yours, O Lord, be done in me and through me.  Let me ever be a channel of blessings, today, now, to those that I contact, in every way. Let my going within and my coming out be in accord with that You would have me do, and as the call comes, “Here I am, send me, use me!” 262-3

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Affirmation 2

               Our Father and our God! Here I am.  Use me as You have seen, as You see best.  Let me in every way be a channel of blessings to others today. 3250-1          

Affirmation 3

               Lord, help me to fulfill the mission that You have for me in the earth at this time.  Let my thoughts, my activities, my purposes, be wholly in keeping with that which You would have me do. 1688-8

Affirmation 4

               Let my patience, my tolerance, and my activity be of such a positive nature that it fits me – like a glove – to be patient with my fellow man, to minister to those who are sick, to those who are afflicted, to sit with those who are shut-in, to read with those who are losing their sight, to reason with those who are wary of the turmoils; showing brotherly love, patience, persistence in the Lord, and the love that overcomes all things.

               These are the things I must do. And find patience with myself.  518-2

Affirmation 5

               Let that light be within me in such measures that I, as a child of God, may realize His love for man.  May I live that, then, in my life day by day.  262-129

Affirmation 6

               Your will, O Lord, be done in me and through me as You see that I have need of for my soul development, and that I may through this development be the greater channel of blessing to my fellow man. 288-37

Affirmation 7

               May that strength as was manifest in the consciousness of the Christ life be so magnified in me as to make every atom of my body conscious of His presence working in and through me, bringing that to pass as He sees I have need of now. 281-12

Affirmation 8

               Open my eyes, O God, that I may know the glory You have prepared for me.  262-124

Affirmation 9

               Create in me, O God, a new purpose, a righteous spirit, that I may, as Your child, be a living example of that which I have professed, and do profess to believe, by manifesting the same among my fellow men.  262-124

Affirmation 10

               Let there be performed in my body that service, that activity O Father, that You see necessary to make my body whole: that I may be the greater service for You in this experience.  560-6

Note: Two of these, affirmation 10 and affirmation 22, will assist people with their health concerns.  Please pass these along to anyone who might benefit.  The other affirmations might assist with fulfilling the (Affirmation 10) promise to God to be the greater service to Him.

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Affirmation 11

               Let the knowledge of the Lord so permeate my being that there is less and less of self, more and more of God, in my dealings with my fellow man; that the Christ may be in all, through all, in His name. 262-95

Affirmation 12

               Lord, here I am!  Use me in the manner and way that You see that I may best manifest You in the earth!  Let my going within and coming out be acceptable in Your sight day by day.  And may I ever live, act, think, that what I do and say will be in keeping with Your will.  361-11

Affirmation 13

               Our, Father who art in heaven, may Your kingdom come in earth through Your presence in me, that in light of Your word may shine unto those who I meet day by day.  May Your presence in my brother be such that I may glorify You.  262-30

Affirmation 14

               Father, God!  Let me, as Your child, see in my fellow man the divinity I would worship in You.  262-130

Affirmation 15

               Lord, I am Yours, wholly – in body, in mind, in purpose.  Be the guide, O God, in my daily problems, my daily going within and coming out. 303-24

Affirmation 16

               Lord, let that which is best for me – that I may be of greater service – be my purpose, my hope and my activity now.  2803-4

Affirmation 17   

               Lord, use me in the service of my country, in the service of my fellow man, in such a way and manner that I may do so to Your name and glory.  And may it bring that awareness, that consciousness of the closer walk with the Christ.  362-15

Affirmation 18

               Into Your hands, O Father, I give myself; in body, in mind; in that Your forces of good, Your influence, may be manifested to those I contact day by day.  379-12

Affirmation 19

               Help me to know that if I would be forgiven, if I would have friends, if I would know peace I must make friends, be kind, be joyous, be content – but never satisfied!  For that longing which arises to better myself is not merely that my body can take ease, or that I may gratify the appetites thereof!  But it is rather that glory of the hope within for the greater knowledge of the spiritual life to grow and to bloom in my workaday life.  1723-1

Affirmation 20   

               Father, God! Create in my mind, my body, that purpose that You would have; that there may be the demonstration, the manifestation of Your spirit, of Your purpose with Your servant.

               Let my body, my mind, be such as to keep attuned to the best that may come as a channel of blessings to others.  1523-7

Affirmation 21

               Let my desire and my needs be in Your hands, You the Maker, Creator of the universe and all the forces and powers therein!  And may I conform in my attitude, my purpose, my desire, to that which You have as an activity for me.  462-8

Affirmation 22

               There is being carried into my physical body that which will aid in enlivening tissue, that I may exercise the faculties of my body the better.  This being carried through creative forces as are from God’s storehouse.  5532-2

Affirmation 23

               Let the body, the mind, be so in accord with the Divine, that may find expression through me, that there may come into my experience and my associations with my fellow man that which is in keeping with that purpose which, You, O Lord, have for me to do!  555-11

Affirmation 24   

               I am Yours, O Lord!  In You I put my trust.  Open my understanding that I may receive, consciously, that which You would have me do from day to day.  Let me be a channel of blessing to someone each day.  Let me be and so live that I may constrain others to glorify You.  620-3

Affirmation 25

               Here I am, Lord, seeking to be a channel of help and blessings to others.  Use me in the way that You see fit.  I acknowledge my weaknesses, but I look for the promised strength in You to keep me in the way that I should go.  1467-11

Affirmation 26

               Let others do as they may but for me and my house, love a living God.  Let me keep His precepts.  I know the way and that it is good.  I seek and I will find, I knock and it shall be opened unto me day by day.  For others look to me for counsel.  When I least suspect it I am an example for others.  262-109

Affirmation 27

               Lord, here I am.  Use me in that way and manner that I may be a better channel of service to You, and for bringing grace and mercy to those I meet day by day.  2051-5

Affirmation 28

               Our Father, our God!  Hear your servant, as I seek to do Your biddings.  Create in me a pure heart.  Search me, O God, and make me in that attitude, that activity, that is in keeping with Your purpose with me now.  379-19

Affirmation 29

               Keep my heart singing, for there is music and joy in the Happiness of knowing that I may be – and am – at a oneness with Him.  Though there may come disturbances, shadows, turmoils, these must pass in the light of patience, persistence, and loving kindness.  262-109

Affirmation 30

               As I would that men should do for me, I will do for them.  Let the fruits of the spirit be manifested in my life day by day.  I am not afraid to just be kind, just be patient, just be longsuffering even with those who would speak ill of me.  For what glory have I if I do good only to those who do good to me?  835-1

Affirmation 31

              Let my desire and my needs be in Your hands, Maker, Creator of the universe and all the forces and powers therein! And may I conform my attitude, my purpose, my desire, to that which You have as an activity for me. (Now leave it with Him and go to work!)  462-8

Affirmation 32

             Lord, here am I! Use me in the ways as You know best. May my going within and my coming out always be acceptable in Your sight, my Lord, my Strength, and my Redeemer.  2803-3

Affirmation 33

             Let that mind be in me that was in Him, who knew that of Himself He could do nothing, yet in the power of the light of the Father of all may we, may I, may all, come to know His love the better. Your will, O Father, be done in me just now.  436-3

Affirmation 34

            Create in me a pure heart, O God.  Open my heart to the faith that You have implanted in all that seek Your face.  Help with my unbelief in my God, in my neighbour, and in myself.  262-13

Affirmation 35

           Let virtue and understanding be in me, for my defence is in You, O Lord, my Redeemer; for You hear the prayer of the upright in heart.  262-17

Affirmation 36

           Father, as we seek to know your face, may we each, as individuals and as a group, come to know ourselves, even as we are known, that we, as lights in You, may give the better concept of Your Spirit in his world.  262-17

Affirmation 37

          Lord, let me fill that place in the lives of others as You have given and to give the opportunity, in such measures and such manners that others may come to know that life is of You, in You.   1823-1


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