This word is personal for me, the Systemagic owner, compiler, and webmaster of this site. Having worked all day on reorganizing the graphic definitions page I dreamt last night of someone building a Garden of Eden; a reminder that this website was once called Virtually Heaven despite the Systemagicmotives URL. Similar to last night the words 'EPIDIDACTIC' and 'EPIDIDACT' came to me, as the first of three waking dream word presentations first thing in the morning. This was after I had been working all day on reorganizing the Divine Adjectives. The Divine Adjectives can be mind-boggling and Omnisentient  to contemplate and it was made clear to me that the Divine Adjectives are EPIDIDACTIC, and that I'm an EPIDIDACT.

I didn't have a clue what epididactic meant and a Google search disclosed that the word can't be found online other than in rare academic papers. I had to define the words here from scratch based on the components:

Epi = over, above, and/or on, as well as 'in addition to', toward, or among.

Didactic = intended to teach moral instruction.

Moreover, the proper placement of the word epididactic, in the Divine Adjectives list that I was working on at the time, was right between the words Epideictic and Epigrammatic; neither of which had anything much to do with the Divine and had to be deleted. This was, to me, truly remarkable.

The next morning, as I woke up, I was asking Ubiquity what was the meaning of the previous day's dream? Why? What? Why did it happen? I was shown another word: NOETIC. Unlike epididactic this word was already in my lists and I knew the word's meaning; "Of, or based in, mental activity or intellect." This dream response was just reflecting my questioning back at me. To be honest it felt a little disappointing compared the word from the previous day. 

On the third morning, whilst waking up, I got a much better answer: GRAMERCY. I didn't yet know the meaning of the word and had to look it up. Derived from the French 'Grand Merci' it means "great appreciation with a touch of awe."  This is to me the ultimate word. I takes all of the feeling of Joy, and all of the feeling of Love, and invites God into the picture. While many think that the ultimate word is 'Love' it's possible that this is the ultimate word for others as well.

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                                                                                                     Marty Ozols


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