Graphic Definition of Epididact/Epididactic

Epididactic adj. Above or beyond moral instruction.

Epididact n. person given to, or engaged by, ultra moral instruction.

"Epididactic" and "Epididact" represent concepts that emphasize a holistic, transformative approach to education and learning, transcending traditional boundaries to foster deeper understanding and personal growth. These terms invite us to explore new dimensions of knowledge and wisdom, opening doors to greater insight and enlightenment. 

Author/Webmaster Message

The words 'EPIDIDACTIC' and 'EPIDIDACT' arrived in the dream state between sleeping and waking after having spent the previous day reorganizing this website's Divine Adjectives. Divine adjectives can be mind-boggling (Omnisentient) to contemplate and the dream state somehow made it clear that the Divine Adjectives are EPIDIDACTIC, and that I'm an EPIDIDACT.

Googling the word disclosed that it could only be found rare academic .pdf files. Here's its meaning broken down:

Epi = over, above, and/or on, as well as 'in addition to', toward, or among.

Didactic = intended to teach moral instruction.

Epididactic means above and beyond moral instruction.

Note: In this list of Divine Adjectives undergoing editing this new word Epididactic fell right in between Epideictic and Epigrammatic; neither of which belonged on the list and required deletion; A remarkable coincidence.

I spent the next day wondering about the meaning of the dream? What was that about? Why did it happen? Then the next morning in the same waking dream state 
I was shown another word: NOETIC. This time I knew what it meant; "Of, or based in, mental activity or intellect." This dream was apperantly just reflecting my questioning back to me. It felt somewhat disappointing relative to the word from the previous day and still left me wondering about the answer.

On the third morning, again whilst waking up, I got a much clearer answer: GRAMERCY. Googling the word disclosed that it's derived from the French 'Grand Merci' it means "great appreciation with a touch of awe."  I take thisto mean, for me at least, and possibly for others, that this is the ultimate word to aspire to. I takes all of the feelings of Joy, and all of the feelings of Love, and invites God into the picture. While, to many, the ultimate word is 'Love'; a great word to harmonize with, it's possible that gramercy could bring something more.  


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