An Ideal is the single word pinnacle of positive lexicology and the highest imperative of positively motivated language. We all choose physical, mental, and spiritual ideals whether we know it or not. Making a conscious choice in a positive direction significantly improves our possibilities.

"The most important experience of this or any individual entity is to first know what is the ideal—spiritually.”

- Edgar Cayce 357-13


An ideal is a guiding star that has a Physical, Mental, and Spiritual component. It's the standard by which we live.

A spiritual ideal is the highest spiritual quality or attainment that we could hope to have motivating us in our lives right now. Fill in the following three columns as shown. Some possible ideals can be found among the Fruits of the Spirit or can be other things like service, personal growth, spiritual development, Oneness, or gramercy. Corresponding Mental Attitudes can be found among Positive Adjectives. Ideals are good subjects to meditate upon.

  My Spiritual Ideal My Mental Attitudes My Physical Activities
  LOVE A. Patient 1. Stop thinking "I can't".
    B. More Understanding 2. Pray for determined empathetic endurance
      to go forward
      3. etc.

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 “...Know the ideals—spiritually, mentally, materially. Write them down. Alter them from period to period of real study and meditation...Let each question be answered by determining what thy ideal should be respecting same.” - Edgar Cayce 270-48