Imagine v. and excellent hypnotic suggestion that engages the Universal Laws of Attraction.

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Imagining skies,
Where dreams soar on wings of hope,
Infinite horizons.

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Imagine the world of your dreams

where everyone is eager to help one another.

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"Imagine" is a word that holds within it the power of creativity, possibility, and vision. It invites us to transcend the boundaries of reality and explore the vast realms of imagination. With just a whisper of this word, worlds are born, dreams take flight, and the impossible becomes possible. It beckons us to close our eyes and envision a reality beyond what is seen, to paint the canvas of our minds with the colors of our wildest fantasies. "Imagine" is a call to embrace the boundless potential of the human spirit, to dream without limits, and to dare to create a world that reflects the beauty and wonder of our imagination.


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"There is no way to be pointed out save [except] the 'I AM'

It is the birth of the spirit." - Edgar Cayce Reading 262-10

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