Graphic Definition of Patience


Patience is not only one of the 'Fruits of the Spirit' but, according to Edgar Cayce, it's also, along with Time and Space a fundamental element of the universe. It supplants Matter as a universal element as conventional thinking in this regard. The Fruits of the Spirit are the personal application of The Universal Laws.

" to all, love to all; finding fault with none; being patient with all, showing brotherly love and brotherly kindness. Against these there is no law. the application of them... ye become free of the laws of the body or of mind; for ye are then conscious of being one with the Creative Forces."  - Edgar Cayce 1620-1

"Know that in patience you become aware of thy soul. And that thy body and thy mind and thy soul are one. They live together." - Edgar Cayce 2885-1

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"There is no way to be pointed out save [except] the 'I AM'

It is the birth of the spirit." - Edgar Cayce Reading 262-10


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