Graphic Definition of Quabang

Quabang means "I love you" in Klingon

also QaparHa' depending, of course, on one's location within the galaxy


"The very sound of this word brings joy to my ear. Quabang is the embodiment of our code, the reason for our battles, the fuel that drives our quest for greatness, it is the pulse that beats within our hearts and the melody we sing when we gather.

It is a word of such power and depth, that it can express the most profound of emotions, the very essence of our being. To say Quabang is to bare one's soul, to reveal the true nature of our warrior spirit. It is not a mere phrase, but a declaration, a bond that ties us together as one united family
of Federation brethren

I would fight the galaxy with, and for, you!

To bloodwine, 

and our shared success!


                                - G'rok, House of Kor, son of Korath,               

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