Christmas Words


Includes Winter Vocabulary

Hint: Better use all of these words often if you want Santa to find you.  Somewhere within them, for sure, is found the meaning of Christmas.

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Find Kringly Christmas Adjectives below, in a Ring-ting-tinglingly fashion, find Christmas Adverbs here, and Welcoming Christmas Verbs at the bottom.



Christmas Nouns

Concrete (vs. abstract) nouns are in black.

Purple words could be both concrete and abstract nouns.

A. Abundance, Acceptance, Accommodation, Acquaintance, Action, Adeste Fideles, Adoration, Adornment, Adulation, Advent, Affability, Affection, Affinity, Agape, Agreeability, Agreeableness, Aid, Allegiance, Altruism, Altruist, Allure, Amenity, Amiableness, Amiability, Amity, Ampleness, Angel, Announcement, Anticipation, Antlers, Appeal, Appreciation, Array, Aroma, Artificial (Tree), Assistance, Assuagement, Atmosphere, Attraction

B. Babe, Baby, Baking, Banquet, Bauble, Bazaar, Beard, Beautification, Beauty, Bedizenment, Beginning, Belief, Bell, Belonging, Bellyful Benedicite, Benediction, Benefactor, Benefaction, Beneficence, Benevolence, Bestowal, Bethlehem, Birth, Birthplace, Blessedness, Blessing, Blitzen (Reindeer Trans: Lightning), Bonhomie, Boots, Bough, Bounteousness, Bountifulness, Bounty, Buoyancy, Bows, Box, Boxing Day, Broad-mindedness, Brother, Brotherhood, Busyness, Buying

C. Calling Birds (4), Camel, Camraderie, Candle, Candlelight, Candy, Candy Cane, Cap, Cards, Care, Caring, Carol, Caroller, Carolling, Carousel, Cathedral, Celebration, Celestial being, Centerpiece, Ceremony, Champion, Chapel, Charitableness, Charity, Charm, Cheer, Cheerfulness, Cheeriness, Cherub, Cherubim, Chestnuts, Child, Children, Chill, Chime, Chimney, Chocolates, Choir, Chorale, Chorister, Christ, Christ Child, Christian, Christianity, Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas Future/Past, Christmas Mass, Christmas Morning, Christmas Movie Releases, Christmastide, Church, Cindy-Lou Who, Tree, Cider, Cinnamon, Civility, Closeness, Coal, Cocoa, Cognizance, Cold, Comet (Reindeer), Comfort, Comity, Commotion, Communication, Community, Commercialisation, Commercialism, Companionability, Companionship, Compassion, Condiments, Confections, Confelicity, Congeniality, Congenialness, Congregation, Connection, Contentment, Contribution, Consideration, Consumerism, Consumption, Convention, Convive, Conviviality, Cookies (& Milk for Santa), Company, Cookery, Cooking, Cooperation, Cordiality, Correspondence, Coziness, Crafts, Cranberries, Creation, Crèche, Chris Cringle, Crowds, Cuisine, Cupid (Reindeer), Customs 

A Christmas Wish for Ewe

D. Dad, Dancer (Reindeer), Dasher (Reindeer), December, Decency, Décor, Decoration, Deed, Delectation, Delight, Delightfulness, Delivery, Deo, Desire, Devotedness, Devotion, Dickens, Dinner, Display, Divine messenger, Dolls, Dolly, Donations, Donkey, Donner (Reindeer Trans: Thunder [Donder]), Donation, Donor, Dove, Dressing, Drinks, Drum, Drummer (Boy/Tin)

E. Earth, Eating, Ebenezer, Edification, Efforts, Eggnog, Elation, Elevation, Elf, Elves, Embellishment, Embrace, Emmanuel, Enchantment, Endearment, Enlightenment, Enjoyableness, Enjoyment, Enough, Entertaining, Entertainment, Enthrallment, Enthusiasm, Enticement, Enrichment, Essence, Eve, Events, Evergreen, Exaltation, Exchange, Excitement, Exhibit, Exhibition, Exhilaration, Expectancy, Expense, Extravagance, Exuberance, Exultation

F. Faith, Familiarity, Family, Father, Father Christmas, Favour, Feast, Feelings, Fellowship, Fest, Festival, Festivity, Figurines, Fir, Fire, Fireplace, Fireside, Firewood, Flash, Flavour, Flock, Flourish, Folklore, Fondness, Food, Forgiveness, Formalities, Fragrances, Frankincense, Fraternity, French Hens, Friend, Friendliness, Friendship, Frills, Frivolity, Frolic, Frost, Frosty the Snowman, Fruitcake, Fruitfulness, Fullness, Fun, Furbelow

Good Wishes!

G. Gabriel, Gaiety, Games, Garland, Garnish, Gathering, Geese-a-laying, Generations, Generosity, Geniality, Gentleness, Gift, Gift Card, Gingerbread (Cookie, Man, House), Giving, Gladness, Glass, Glee, Glitter, Globe, Gloria, Glorification, Gloves, Glow, God, Godliness, Gold (also Five Rings), Good, Good Cheer, Goodies, Good-naturedness, Goodness, Good will, Goose, Gospel, Grace, Graciousness, Gratefulness, Gratification, Gratitude, Gravy, Greenery, Greeting, Grinch, Guest

H. Ham, Happiness, Harmony, Heart, Hearth, Heaven, Help, Helper, Helping (assisting, food [seconds], hand), Helpfulness, Henosis, Herald, Heritage, Holiday, Holly, Holiness, Homage, Home, Home Cooking, Hope, Hospitality, Host, Hot Chocolate, Hot Cider, Hubbub, Hug, Humaneness, Humanitarian, Humanitarianism, Humanity, Hustle-and-Bustle

I. Ice, Ice Castle, Ice Skates, Icicle, Illumination, Immanuel, Inclusion, Indulgence, Infant, Inn, Innocence, Interchange, Invitation, Involvement, Ivy

J. Jack Frost, Japanese Orange, Jerusalem, Jesus, Jingle Bells, Jollity, Joseph, Journey, Joy, Joyfulness, Joyousness, Joviality, Jubilance, Jubilation

K. Kids, Kin, Kindness, Kind-heartedness, Kindliness, Kindred, King (Christ the…/Wenceslaus), Kings (Three/King-of…)

L. Ladies Dancing, Lamb, Lamb of God, Largesse, Laughter, Layout, Lenity, Letter (to Santa), Libation, Light-heartedness, Lights, List (Santa’s/Shopping), Little One, Liveliness, Log, Longing, Lord, Lords-a-leaping, Love, Loved Ones, Luminosity, Lustre 

M. Maids-a-milking, Magi, Magic, Magnanimity, Mail, Mandarin Orange, Manger, Mantle, Marvel, Mary, Max (Grinch’s dog), Meal, Meaning, Memories, Memory, Mercy, Merriment, Merrymaking, Messiah, Milk (& Cookies for Santa), Mince pie, Minister, Miracle, Mirth, Mistletoe, Mittens, Mom, Money, Mood, Morality, Mother, Munificence, Music, Myrrh

N. Nascency, Nativity, Naughtiness, Needles, Neighbourliness, Neonate, Nestling, Newborn, Niceness, Nicety, (Silent) Night, Nobleness, Noel, North Pole, Nostalgia, Nourishment, November, Nutcracker, Nutmeg, Nuts

O. Observance, Occasion, Offspring, Olive (The other reindeer), Omniety, Origin, Ornaments, Ornamentation, Ostreaphile, Oven, Ox

P. Package, Pageant, Parade, Parcel, Parcel Post, Parish, Partridge, Party, Party Poppers, Patience, Peace (incl. Prince of...), Peacefulness, Pear Tree, Philanthropist, Philanthropy, Philoxenia, Phone Calls, Pickles, Pie, Piety, Pine Tree, Pinecone, Pipers Piping, Playthings, Pleasantness, Pleasure, Plenitude, Plenteousness, Plenty, Poinsettia, Polar Express, Positivity, Potato Chips, Potatoes (Baked/Mashed), Popcorn String, Prancer (Reindeer), Preoccupation, Preparation, Pretzels, Present, Presentation, Priest, Prince of Peace, Procinct, Production, Profusion, Protector, Pudding (Figgy/Plum), Punch, Purpose

Returning Home: The Meaning of Christmas

R. Ravishment, Reception, Recipient, Reciprocation, Reciprocity, Redolences, Refreshments, Regalia, Regard, Reindeer, Rejoicing, Relations, Relatives, Relaxation, Religion, Relish, Repast, Respect, Rest, Revelry, Reverence, Reunion, Ribbon, Ritual, Rudolph

S. Sack, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Sales, Santa, Santa Claus, Santa's Helpers, Santa's Little Helper, Santa's Workshop, Satiation, Satiety, Satisfaction, Saviour, Savouriness, Scarf, Scents, Scrooge, Scrumptiousness, Seals, Season, Seasoning, Season's Greetings, Seconds (Helpings), Secret Santa, Self-indulgence, Selflessness, Senses, Sensation, Sensitivity, Sentiment, Sharing, Shepherd, Shine, Shop, Shortbread (Cookie), Silence, Sincerity, Sister, Skate, Sled, Sleep, Sleeplessness, Sleigh, Sleigh bells, Smiles, Smiling, Snacks, Snow, Snow Angel, Snowball, Snowbound, Snowfall, Snowflake, Snow Globe, Snowman, Snugness, Social, Soft-heartedness, Sociability, Sodality, Song, Spangle, Sparkle, Spectacle, Spice, Spirit, Spread (dinner), Spruce, Stable, Star, Starlight, St. Nicholas, St. Nick, Stocking, Stocking Stuffer, Story, Stove, Strands, Stuffing, Suffisance, Sufficiency, Sugarplum, Surprise, Swans-a-swimming, Sweater, Sweetness, Sweet Potatoes, Sweets, Symbolism, Sympathy

T. Tanenbaum, Tantalization, Tenderness, Thanks, Thankfulness, Thaumatology, Theism, Theology, Thoughtfulness, Tidings (Glad/of Wonder & Joy), Tinkling, Tinsel, Tin Soldier, Throng, Tiny Tim, Teddy Bear, Tenderheartedness, Toboggan, Togetherness, Tolerance, Toleration, Toy, Toyland, Tradition, (Toy) Train, Tranquility, Transport, Travel, Treasure, Treat, Tree (incl. Charlie Brown's), Trimming, Trinket, Trip, Trumpet, Trumpeters, Tucket, Turkey, Turtle Doves, T.V. Specials, Twinkling

U. Understanding, Undertaking, Unification, Unity, Universality, Unselfishness

V. Vacation, Value, Values, Veneration, Virgin, Virtue, Visit, Visitants, Visitation, Visitors, Vitality, Vivaciousness, Vivacity, Vixen (Reindeer), Vocalists, Volunteers

W. Walnuts, Warmth, Wassail, Welcome, Well-being, Wholesomeness, Whoville, Window Display, Wine, Winter, Winter solstice, Wintertide, Wintertime, Wise men, Wish, Wishes, Wonder, Wonderland, Wonderment, Workshop, World, Worship, Wrap, Wrapping, Wrapping Paper, Wreath

X. Xmas

Y. Youngsters, Yule, Yule log, Yuletide

Z. Zeal, Zest


 Christmas Adjectives


A. Abiding, Abundant, Accepting, Accommodating, Accommodative, Adoring, Aesthetical, Affable, Agapeistic, All Heart, Alluring, Ambrosial, Ambrosian, Ample, Anamnestic, Angelic, Anointed, Anticipative,  Appreciative, Aromatic, Arriving, Astral, Awaited, Awesome

B. Beauteous, Beautiful, Begotten, Beloved, Benefic, Benedictive, Benedictory, Beneficent, Blessed, Biblical, Big-hearted, Blustery, Born, Bounteous, Bountiful, Boxing, Bracing, Bright, Brilliant, Brotherly, Bucolic, Buoyant, Bustling, Busy

C. Candlelit, Candescent, Caring, Celebrated, Celebratory, Celestial, Charming, Cheerful, Cherished, Childlike, Chilly, Chocolate, Choral, Christian, Christmassy, Cold, Colourful, Comfortable, Comforting, Coming (Santa), Commodious, Commutual, Companionable, Compassionate, Confelicitous, Congenial, Considerate, Contributive, Convivial, Cooked, Cooperative, Coruscant, Cozy, Cultural

D. Dazzling, Dear, Decent, Decorated, Decorative, Delectable, Delicious, Delightful, Devotional, Dickensian, Divine, Dovelike, Doxological, Dynamic

Divine Adjectives

E. Eager, Eaten, Ecclesiastical, Ecumenical, Edible, Edified, Edifying, Effervescent, Effulgent, Elating, Eleemosynary, Elfin, Empathetic, Empyrean, Enchanting, Endearing, Enduring, Energizing, Engaging, Enjoyable, Enjoyed, Enlightening, Enlivening, Ennobling, Enriching, Enthralling, Enthusiastic, Enticing, Euphonic, Euphonious, Eventful, Evocative, Exalting, Excellent, Excelsis, Excited, Exciting, Exhilarating, Expensive, Exuberant, Exultant

F. Fabulous, Faithful, Familial, Familiar, Fancy, Fascinating, Festal, Festive, Five Golden…, Flamboyant, Flashy, Flavourful, Flourished, Food, Forbearant, Forbearing, Fragrant, Fraternal, Freezing, French (Two Hens), Friendly, Frolicsome, Frosty (also the Snowman), Fruitful, Full, Fulfilling, Fun

G. Galore, Garnished, Gay, Generous, Gift-wrapped, Giving, Gleaming, Glistening, Glittering, Global, Glowing, Godly, Golden, Good, Goodhearted, Good-natured, Gracious, Gratifying, Green, Gustatory

H. Haloed, Hallowed, Happy, Heartfelt, Heartening, Heartsome, Heavenly, Henotic, Helpful, Heralded, Holy, Holliday, Homemade, Homeward (also an adverb), Host, Humane, Humanistic, Humanitarian

I. Icy, Idealistic, Illecebrous, Illuminated, Immaculate (conception), Imaginative, Immaculate, Incandescent, Indulgent, Indulging, Innocent, Inspiriting, Intemerate, Interactive, International, Intriguing, Invigorating, Inviting

J. Jingly, Jolly, Jovial, Joyful, Joyous, Jubilant

K. Kind, Kind-hearted, Kindly

L. Lambent, Largifical, Lautitious, Lavish, Lepid, Liefly, Light, Light-hearted, Lively, Longanimous, Long-established, Long-standing, Lordly, Loved, Lovely, Loving, Lucent, Luciferous, Lucriferous, Luminous, Lustrous

M. Mabsoot, Magical, Magistral, Magnanimous, Marvellous, Meaningful, Mellifluous, Melodious, Merry, Memorable, Miraculous, Moral, Motivated, Motivating, Multicultural, Munificent, Musical, Mutual

N. Nascent, Natal, Naughty, Near-to-one's-heart, Neighbourly, Nice, Nippy, Nocturnal, Nourishing, Nurturing

O. One-horse-open, Open-hearted, Ornamental, Overflowing, Overjoying

P. Pabulous, Pacific, Parental, Parthenian, Patient, Peaceable, Peaceful, Philanthropic, Philoxenial, Picturesque, Piquant, Playful, Pleasant, Pleasing, Pleasurable, Plenteous, Plentiful, Prayerful, Pretty, Preoccupied, Preoccupying, Prevenient, Procinct, Proleptic/Proleptical, Propitious

Q. Quiet

R. Recipient, Reciprocal, Red, Red & Green, Red-nosed, Redolent, Rejoicing, Rejuvenating, Relaxing, Religious, Resplendent, Restful, Revered, Rewarding, Riant

S. Sacred, Sapid, Satisfying, Savoury, Scintillating, Scrumptious, Seasonal, Selfless, Sensate, Sensational, Sentimental, Sharing, Shining, Shiny, Shiny-eyed, Showy, Silent (Night), Sincere, Sisterly, Snowy, Sociable, Social, Sparkling, Special, Spectacular, Splendid, Splendorous, Spirited, Spiritual, Sprauncy, Starry, Stellar, Stuffed, Suaveolent  Sufficient, Sumptuous, Supernal, Surprised, Swaddling, Sweet, Symbolic

T. Tachytelic, Tasty, Thankful, Thaumatological, Thoughtful, Time-honoured, Touching, Traditional, Traditive, Tranquil, Treasurable, Treasured, Trimmed, Triumphant, Trumpeting, Twinkling, Twinkly

U. Ugly (Christmas Sweater), Unifying, United, Universal, Unwrapped, Uplifting

V. Venerable, Vestal, Vibrant, Virtuous, Vivacious, Vivifying

W. Waiting, Warm, Warm-hearted, Welcome, Welcomed, Welcoming, Well-fed, Well-intentioned, Well-liked, Well-meaning, Well-received, Welsome, White (Christmas/Beard/Snow), Wholehearted, Wholesome, Wintertide, Wintertime, Wintry, Wonderful (incl. Life), Wondrous, Worldwide, Worshipful, Wrapped

We Are One

Y. Young-at-Heart, Yule, Yuletide

X. Xenial, Xenodocial

Z. Zazzy, Zestful, Zesty


Christmas Adverbs


"I do things..."

A. Abidingly, Abundantly, Acceptingly, Accommodatingly, Actively,  Adorably, Adoringly, Affably,  Affectionately,  Agelessly, Agreeably, Altruistically,  Amenably, Amiably, Amply, Amusingly, Angelically, Appetizingly,  Appreciably, Appreciatively, Approachably, Appropriately, Approvingly, Ardently, Artistically, Attentively, Attractively, Authentically, Avidly, Awesomely

B. Beautifully, Beauteously, Befriendingly, Believably, Beneficently, Beneficially, Benevolently, Benignly, Blazingly, Blessedly, Blissfully, Blithely, Boisterously, Bounteously, Bountifully, Brightly, Brilliantly, Briskly, Brotherly, Buoyantly, Busily

C. Carefully, Caringly, Celestially,  Charitably, Charmingly, Cheerfully,  Clemently, Colourfully, Comfortably, Comfortingly, Communicatively, Compassionately,  Compellingly, Completely, Congenially, Conscientiously, Consciously, Considerately, Consonantly, Constructively, Contently, Contemplatively, Contributively, Contently,  Convivially, Cooperatively, Cordially, Courteously, Cosily

D. Dazzlingly, Dearly, Decently, Decorously, Deeply, Delectably, Delicately, Delightedly, Delightfully, Dependably, Deservingly, Desirably, Devotedly, Devoutly, Diligently, Disarmingly, Discerningly, Discretely, Distinctively, Diversely, Divinely, Dreamily

E. Eagerly, Ebulliently,  Effervescently, Elaborately, Elatedly, Elatingly, Elegantly, Elevatingly, Enchantingly,  Endearingly, Enduringly, Engagingly, Enjoyably,  Enliveningly, Enrichingly, Entertainingly, Enthrallingly, Enthusiastically, Enticingly, Entrancingly, Equitably, Especially, Eternally, Ethically, Euphorically, Evenly, Evocatively, Exaltingly, Exceedingly, Excellently, Excellingly, Excitingly,  Exhilaratingly, Expectantly, Expressively, Exquisitely, Extravagantly, Exuberantly, Exultantly, Exultingly

F. Fabulously, Faithfully, Fantastically, Felicitously, Festively,  Finely, Flamboyantly, Flavourfully, Flourishingly, Fondly, Forever, Forgivingly, Formally, Fortuitously, Fortunately, Fraternally, Freely, Frolicsomely, Fruitfully, Fully, Fullfilingly

G. Gamefully, Gamesomely, Gaily, Generously, Genially, Gently, Genuinely, Gladly, Gleefully, Gloriously, Glowingly, Good-humouredly, Good-naturedly, Gracefully, Graciously, Grandly, Gratefully, Gratifyingly, Greatly

H. Happily, Hardily, Harmoniously, Heartily, Heavenly, Helpfully, High-spiritedly,  Highly, Hopefully, Hospitably, Humanely, Humbly, Humorously

I. Ideally, Idealistically, Illuminatingly, Illustriously, Imaginatively, Immaculately, Impassionedly, Impeccably,  Impressively,  Indefatigably, Infinitely, Innocently, Insightfully, Inspiredly, Inspiringly, Intensely, Intimately, Invitingly, Irrepressibly, Irresistibly

J. Jauntily, Jazzily, Jestingly, Jocosely, Jocularly, Jovially, Joyfully, Joyously, Jubilantly

K. Kiddingly, Kindly, Kind-heartedly, Knowingly

L.  Laughingly, Lavishly, Leniently, Liberally, Liberatingly, Lightly, Light-heartedly, Likably,  Lively, Longingly, Lovably, Lovingly, Luminously, Lusciously, Lushly, Lustrously, Luxuriantly, Luxuriously

M. Magically, Magnanimously,  Magnificently, Majestically, Marvellously, Maternally, Meaningfully, Measurably, Melodiously, Mellowly, Mercifully, Merrily,  Meticulously, Mindfully, Miraculously, Mirthfully, Morally, Most deeply, Most fully, Most highly, Munificently, Musically, Mutually

N. Neatly, Nicely, Nobly, Notably, Noticeably

O. Obligingly, Observantly, Openly, Openhandedly, Open-heartedly, Opportunely, Optimally, Optimistically, Opulently, Outstandingly

P. Pacifistically, Parentally, Paternally, Patiently, Peaceably, Peacefully, Perceptively, Personably, Philanthropically, Philosophically, Philoxenially, Picturesquely, Piously, Piquantly, Placidly, Playfully, Pleasantly, Pleasingly, Pleasurably, Politely, Popularly, Positively, Praiseworthily, Prayerfully, Preciously, Preparedly, Prodigiously,  Prolifically, Promisingly, Prosperously, Proactively, Public-spiritedly, Purely

Q. Quaintly, Qualitatively, Quietly, Quintessentially

R.  Radiantly, Readily, Receptively, Reciprocally, Reflectively, Remarkably, Resolutely, Resoundingly, Resourcefully, Respectfully, Resplendently, Restfully, Restively, Restoratively, Rewardingly, Reverently, Rhapsodically, Risibly, Robustly, Rollickingly, Rosily

S. Satisfactorily, Sanguinely, Scintillatingly, Scrumptiously, Scrupulously, Selflessly, Sensationally, Sensitively, Sentimentally, Serenely, Significantly, Simply, Sincerely, Skilfully, Smashingly, Smilingly, Sociably, Socially, Soft-heartedly, Softly, Soothingly, Specially, Spectacularly, Spiritedly, Spiritually, Splendidly, Splendiferously, Sportively, Stunningly, Stupendously, Sublimely, Substantially, Sufficiently, Sumptuously, Superabundantly, Superbly, Supportively, Supportingly, Surprisingly,  Sweetly, Sympathetically, Synergistically

T. Tastefully, Tastily, Tenderly, Terrifically, Thankfully, Thoughtfully, Thrillingly, Tidily, Tirelessly, Touchingly, Traditionally, Transcendentally, Tranquilly, Tremendously, Triumphantly, Truly, Trustingly, Trustfully

U. Unconditionally, Understandingly, Universally, Unstoppably, Upbeat, Uprightly, Unselfishly

V.  Venerably, Veraciously, Vibrantly, Vigilantly, Vigorously, Virtuously, Vitally, Visually, Vivaciously, Voluntarily

W. Warmly, Warm-heartedly, Well, Whole-heartedly, Wholesomely, Wholly, Willingly, With relish, Winningly, Wisely, Wonderfully, Wondrously

Y. Yearningly, Youthfully

Z. Zanily, with Zeal, Zealously, Zestfully


Christmas Verbs


Abiding, Accepting, Accommodating, Adoring, Adorning, Anticipating, Appreciating, Assisting, Awaiting, Baking, Beautifying, Bedecking, Belonging, Buying, Caring, Carolling, Celebrating, Comforting, Cooking, Decorating, Delighting, Desiring, Dining, Displaying, Drinking, Drumming, Eating, Edifying, Elating, Embellishing, Embracing, Enchanting, Endearing, Enlightening, Enlivening, Enriching, Enjoying, Entertaining, Enriching, Enthralling, Exalting, Exchanging, Expecting, Feasting, Feeding, Feeling, Festooning, Filling, Flavouring, Flourishing, Freezing, Frolicking, Fulfilling, Gathering, Garnishing, Getting, Gift-giving, Gifting, Giving, Gleaming, Glistening, Glorifying, Glowing, Gracing, Gratifying, Helping, Heralding, Holidaying, Hoping, Hosting, Hugging, Illuminating, Imagining, Imbibing, Including, Indulging, Ingesting, Interacting, Intriguing, Invigorating, Inviting, Jingling, Journeying, Laughing, Lighting, Listing, Longing, Loving, Marvelling, Merrymaking, Ministering, Munching, Nibbling, Nourishing, Nurturing, Offering, Ornamenting, Packaging, Parceling, Partying, Paying, Piping, Playing, Pleasing, Posting, Praising, Praying, Preparing, Protecting, Receiving, Rejoicing, Relaxing, Resting, Revelling, Revering, Roasting, Sating, Satiating, Satisfying, Sending, Serving, Sharing, Shining, Shipping, Shopping, Shovelling, Showing, Singing, Skating, Skiing, Sledding, Sleeping, Sleighing, Slicing, Snacking, Snowball fighting, Snuggling, Socializing, Spangling, Sparkling, Spending, Spicing, Sprucing, Storytelling, Stuffing, Surprising, Symbolizing, Sympathizing, Tasting, Thanking, Thronging, Tobogganing, Traveling, Treasuring, Treating, Trimming, Trinketing, Trumpeting, Understanding, Unifying, Unwrapping, Upholding, Uplifting, Vacationing, Valuing, Venerating, Visiting, Volunteering, Vivifying, Waiting, Warming, Wassailing, Welcoming, Wishing, Wondering, Worshiping, Wrapping, Wreathing, Yearning


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