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Alliance for Global Consciousness

Duke University Early Parapsychology Studies

The Edgar Cayce Foundation Library

Eileen J. Garret Research Library of the Parapsycology Foundation Inc.

International Accademy of Consciousness

International Association for Near Death Studies

Koestler Paraphsycology Library at the University of Edinburgh

Monroe Institute remote viewing education

New York Public Library Occult Sciences and Parapsychology

The "PSI Encyclopedia", by The Society for Psychical Research (SPR)provides detailed articles on current and past research.

Rhine Research Center Facebook Page

Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library Ashland Oregon

The Seattle Metaphysical Library

Selected PSI Research Papers - Evidence by Dean Radin 

Psychophysical Interactions with Entangled Photons by Dean Radin 

The Society for Psychical Research (Since 1882)

University of Manitoba Psychical Research and Spiritualism Collections

University of Toronto Parapsychology Research

University of West Georgia Humanistic Psychology and Parapshchology

The Vail Collection at M.I.T.

The Free Parapsychology online Research Library at the University of Alternative Studies

The Good Book

Psi phenomena, and how to achieve it, is laid out in The Good Book identifying the rarely seen collected Universal Laws, their relationship to the (Psi) Gifts of the Spirit and the Fruits of the Spirit methodologies used to accomplish them. 

Hypnotism in a 3rd Person as a Diagnostic Modality

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