Graphic Definition of Sustentative

Sustentative adj. 1. Of something that supports or sustains.

2. Of maintenance or sustenance such as money. 

"Sustentative" suggests a quality or attribute related to sustaining or supporting something, typically in a physical or metaphorical sense. It implies a capacity to provide nourishment, stability, or sustenance to ensure the well-being, growth, or continuation of a person, thing, or idea.

At its core, "sustentative" embodies the concept of nurturing and sustaining life or existence. It can refer to actions, qualities, or processes that contribute to the maintenance or preservation of something over time.

In a physical sense, "sustentative" might describe the provision of essential resources such as food, water, or shelter necessary for sustaining life. It can also encompass activities or practices aimed at promoting health, vitality, or resilience in individuals or communities.

Metaphorically, "sustentative" can refer to the support or reinforcement of ideas, values, or systems that are deemed essential or beneficial. It may involve fostering an environment conducive to growth, innovation, or stability, ensuring the continued existence or success of a particular endeavor or enterprise.

Overall, "sustentative" conveys a sense of care, responsibility, and commitment to nurturing and supporting that which is valuable, whether it be life, livelihood, or the pursuit of meaningful goals. It emphasizes the importance of providing sustenance and support to ensure the well-being and longevity of individuals, communities, and endeavors alike.


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