Graphic Definition of Hunky-dory

Hunky-dory adj. Going well; fine.

Let's embrace hunky-dory's face,
And dance to its rhythm, with style and grace.
For in its simple charm, and story,
A tale of joy that's hunky-dory.

 A Dory is a rowboat...

...when it's not a narrow deep-bodied blue fish.

"Hunky-dory" is a whimsical expression used to denote a state of ease, contentment, and overall well-being. It suggests that everything is proceeding smoothly and satisfactorily, often in a cheerful and carefree manner. When things are described as hunky-dory, it implies a sense of harmony and satisfaction, evoking a lighthearted atmosphere where all is well and life is proceeding pleasantly.

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