Transcribed from:

Sleeping Through Space


By Alexander Cannon

K.C.A., M.D., Ph. D., D.P.M., M.A., Ch. B., F.R.S.A, F.R.G.S.j, Hon. F.B.P.S. Etc.

Kushog Yogi of Northern Thibet

Chapter VI

The Invisible Method of Diagnosing Physical Ills, by Deep Hypnosis Induced by a Third Party – The Accuracy of Astral Diagnosis


The future of medical science will be completely revolutionized by the practice in the medical profession of the methods revealed in this work.

A third party is put into deep hypnosis (somnambulism), and after considerable training in anatomy and physiology in this state of somnambulism, the subject is able to diagnose accurately all anatomical, physiological and psychological defects of any importance, with information which could not be obtained by ordinary clinical methods.  I might mention in passing that a person need not state what he complains of, as the defects and causes of symptoms are all revealed by the hypnotized in the curse of diagnosis guided by the hypnologist.  The treatment can even be correctly outlined as well as the prognosis so that a definite time limit can be more or less (but usually extremely) accurately given.

Experience has confirmed this.  For example, gall-stones are only visible to X-ray after they have been formed a certain period of time and the cholesterin has been covered with calcium, but under somnambulism the gall-stones can even be seen in the early stages of formation, before calcium has formed.   Muscle strain can also be shown, every organ in the body can be clearly seen, and as it were, histologically examined during life.  Every nerve in the body – of the involuntary sympathetic nervous system and of the central nervous system and the peripheral nerves – is clearly seen and the diagnosis then made.  The lymphatic system can be examined and I have observed that whenever the hypnotized states that the lymphatics are grey in colour, it is a fact that the subject easily gets tired.  As regards the blood the haemoglobin content and percentage of red and white cells (both types), and any deposits, such as the calcium deposit as in rheumatism malaria or septicemia.  The cerebro-spinal fluid can be examined hypnotically, equally accurately.

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Every tissue in the body can be seen and described and hence the verdict given.  The state of the endocrine glands (the glands of internal secretions, spoken of in connection with rejuvenation, by certain experts) can be seen.  When the pituitary gland or hypophysis in the centre of the forebrain is dull in its anterior or front lobe or part, the deduction that concentration power is poor is found to be correct, it being recognized that the pituitary gland, with the remaining endocrine glands, is controlled and linked up by fibres of the involuntary sympathetic nervous system, as can be studied under hypnosis.  The pineal gland in the centre of the brain is a receiving centre and the texture of the “sand” (to pick up vibrations) is different in each individual, giving an individual vibration or wave-length, and is even gummy and sticky in texture in the “insane.”  When the gland is enlarged the owner is always psychic, clairvoyant, or very intuitive.

A tumour of the brain is located at once and its damage ascertained.  The condition of disseminated sclerosis where fibrous-like plaques are found either in the brain of spinal cord are easily located and under treatment the size of the plaque and the recovery of the surrounding spinal cord tissue are readily observed.  The effect of treatment is readily seen and the curative rays or method decided upon.  Catarrhal states are located, and the state of the sinuses (the cavities in the skull between the forehead and brain are called the frontal sinuses and cavities between the mouth and the eyes are named the maxillary antra) and thereby accurate and quick remedy brought to aid.  Dislocations, fractures, pressure on nerves, the position of the vertebrae and the state of the bones can also be ascertained.  A heart condition can be more accurately diagnosed by hypnosis than by the electrocardiograph and clinical methods, so can the disease states of the bronchi, lungs and pleura including asthma and other conditions.

The pancreas with its Islets of Langerhans, - that organ which is the seat of digestion, can be rapidly examined and its resulting catarrhal state ascertained.  Even a round worm in the stomach, which had been diagnosed as a chill on the liver by one and indigestion by another was seen curled up and its length given:  this has occurred in several cases of travellers on board ship.

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