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Unofficial Words Found Online

Firstly adj. the -ly suffix is redundant; "First" is superior

Basorexia n. the overwhelming urge to kiss

Beauteousness n. the quality of beauty

Commuovere adj. an oft lost in translation word approximate to 'heartwarming', but in specific regard to a story that moves one to affectionate tears  Italian

Forelsket n. the euphoria felt at the beginning of falling in love

A New Book for a New Time
All the Goodest Things

Fleek adj. 1. of perfectly trimmed eyebrows  2. of perfection

Gigil n. the overwhelming feeling when encountering something cute (less so in Filipino-English)

Hoppipolla v. jumping into puddles  Icelandic

Librocubicularist n. someone who reads in bed

Livsnjutare n. one who loves life deeply and lives to the extreme  Swedish

Meraki n. the creativity, love, or soul put into something; your essence put into work

Murrma v. to wade through shallow water searching for something using only one's feet

Nelipot n. one who walks barefoot

Novaturient adj. desiring or seeking powerful change in one’s life, behaviour, or situation

Quaintrelle  n. a woman who emphasizes a life of passion, expressed via personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life's pleasures

Redamancy n. the act of fully returning someone's love for you

Respair n., v. the return of hope after a time of despair (the world's first Neoantilogism?)

Sonder n. the realization that everyone has a story as rich and complex as yours

Strikhedonia n. the pleasure of being able to say "the hell with it"

Thagomizer  n. stegosaurus tail spikes in memory of caveman Thag Simmons

Tuko Pamoja statement  “We are together” in Kiswahili; used for family therapy intervention

Unzymotic adj. fabulous

Woke adj. politically woken; awoken; awakened


Self Explanatory

Figureoutable  adj.

More-ish  adj.

You-nique  adj.


    "-Phile" and "-Philia" Neologisms
The following words are still not yet officially part of the English language yet reasonably must exist:

     -Phile Suffixes

Cynophile/Caninophile/Dogophile  n. one who loves dogs (Cynophilia is a recognized mainstream word)

Nyctophile  n. one who loves darkness or the night  (Nyctophilia is a recognized mainstream word)


The Good Book

 The Goodest Words  

     -Philia Suffixes

Discophilia n. love of collecting phonograph records or CD's. (Discophile is a recognized mainstream word)

Ergophilia  n. love of exercise or work  (Ergophile is a recognized mainstream word)

Foodophilia  n. love of food  (Foodophile is a recognized mainstream word) 

Iconophilia  n. love of icons, illustrations, images and symbols  (Iconophile is a recognized mainstream word)

Jazzophilia  n. love of jazz (Jazzophile is a recognized mainstream word)

Logophilia  n. love of words (Logophile is a recognized mainstream word)

Musicophilia  n. love of music (Musicophile is a recognized mainstream word)

Orchidophilia  n. love of orchids (Orchidophile is a recognized mainstream word)

Ornithophilia n. love of birds  (Ornithophile is a recognized mainstream word)

Pluviophilia  n. love of rain; joy and peace of mind found on rainy days  (Pluviophile is a recognized mainstream word)

Thalassophilia n. love of the sea (Thalassophile is a recognized mainstream word)

Typhlophilia n. love for the blind (Typhlophile is a recognized mainstream word)

Videophilia  n. love of video; especially technology or production (Videophile is a recognized mainstream word)

 There's a Fork in the Road; Take it!


Ailihphilia  n. the love of palindromes; designed as a palindrome (read backwards)

Amerindophile  n. one who loves all things Native American

Anthophile  n. an organism that visits flowers  Anthophilia n. the love of flowers  Anthophilous adj. of loving flowers

Autophile  n.  Oxford Dictionary describes this as one who loves (or love of) cars but medically it refers to an unhealthy love of self  Autophilia  n. the  love of cars or self

Bulbophile  n. a person who loves bulb plants  Bulbophilia  n. the love of bulb plants

Chionophile  n. one who thrives in winter especially snow  Chionophilia  n. the love of winter and snow

Chocophile  n. one who loves chocolate  Chocophilia  n. love of chocolate

Colombofile  n.  pigeon breeder or pigeon fancier

Demophile  n. one who loves crowds  Demophilia n. love of crowds

Dendrophile  n. one who loves trees

Dinophile  n. one who loves dinosaurs  Dinophilia  n. love of dinosaurs

Europhile  n. one who loves Europe and/or its cultures, peoples, and/or the European Union

Glossophilia  n. one who loves language and languages

Hodophile  n. one who loves travel  Hodophilia  n. love of travel

Lexophile  n. one who loves words especially in games and other twists

Ludophile  n. one who loves games and puzzles  Ludophilia  n. love of games and puzzles

Museophile  n. one who loves museums  Museophilia  n. love of museums

Nanophile  n. one who loves nanotechnology and its prospects  Nanophilia  n. love of nanotechnology

Paperphile  n. one who loves paper  Paperphilia  n. love of paper

Panphilia  n. love of all things

Potterphile  n. One who loves all things related to Harry Potter  Potterphilia n. The love of all things related to Harry Potter

Pyrophile  n. one who loves fire, fireworks or volcanoes Pyrophilia is sometimes a paraphilia (an erotic focus)

Selenophile n. is sometimes reported as meaning 'one who loves the moon' however empirically refers to the preference of most plants for selenium in the soil

Technophile  n. one who loves NEW technology

Teslaphile  n one who loves the man or the car

Typophilia  n. the love of printed matter  Typophile n. one who loves printed matter

Velophile  n. one who loves bicycles and bicycling  Velophilia n. the love of bicycles and bicycling

Vexillophile  n. one who loves flags

Lovers of Regions 

(including the place, and/or people, and/or culture, and/or history)

"One who loves..."

Afrophile  n. Africa

Armenophile  n. Armenia

Asiaphile  n. Asia

Bulgarophile  n. Bulgaria

Cambrophile  n Wales

Catalanophile  n. Catalan (north-eastern Spain) culture

Danophile  n. Denmark

Egyptophile  n. Egypt

Estophile n. Estonia

Europhile  n. Europe and/or its cultures, peoples, history, and/or the European union

Fennophile  n Finland

Gallophile  n. France (Francophile is the recognized mainstream term)

Hispanophile  n. Hispanic countries, cultures, peoples and/or history

Hungarophile  n. Hungary and/or Hungarian people and/or culture

Hibernophile  n. Ireland and/or Irish culture

Israelophile  n.  Israel

Italophile  n.  Italy

Lettophile  n. Latvia

Londonphile  n. London

Lusophile  n. Portugal

Nipponophile  n.  Japan

Palestinophile  n. Palestine

Prussophile  n. Prussia

Serbophile  n. Serbia

Slavophile  n. Slavic countries, race development, culture, history and/or prosperity

Suecophile/Swedophile n. Sweden

Teutonophile/Teutophile  n. Germany

Turcophile  n. Turkey

Lovers of


 Islamophile  n. Islam or Muslims    Judeophile  n.  Jews



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