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Inherent in omnipresent existence, as prepotent as the laws of physical science, are motivational touchstones that guide, and ultimately impel us towards our personal and collective moral and spiritual evolution. These can be identified and pragmatically utilized via our daily use of language.

The Good Book is intended primarily as a word resource when reaching for the upper spectrum of the English lexicon and as a personal workbook for practical betterment.

Positive words, and their accompanying thoughts, fortified by every positive emotion from ability to zing, can elevate us from the abyss of despair, up through reason, compassion, and all the way to ecstatic gramercy.

Know yourself. This book helps a person find, and underline or otherwise identify, their best personal characteristics as well as to best describe the attributes of someone's adversary, co-worker, family, friend, lover, or spouse.

Listed are all the words that empower the popular Laws of Attraction as well as all the other rules that govern at the foundation of the Universe. The Universal Laws are listed in this book as well as The Fruits of the Spirit that are the personal characteristics imperative for psychological and spiritual advancement. Also listed are many of the motivational Gifts of the Spirit; each one as miraculous as ESP, that are the rewards for spiritual advancement. To this end it helps to choose a single Personal Ideal to consistently work towards and a segment of this book is devoted to selecting one.

Romantic Words are perennially popular and they’re all listed in this book. Lists of Positive Business Words are also listed here including attention-getting Dynamic Verbs for a Resume. Positive words can be used wherever optimal performance and experience is desired.

Learn which words are most useful for hypnotizing self, and others and discover how some respected people can actually use positive Jedi Mind Tricks on others.

Explore the Positive Words About Mothers to realize what truly amazing creatures they are.

Appreciation greatly, positively enhances life including when expressing gratitude to someone else. See the Thank-you Words to most accurately and eloquently express gratitude.

An Extraordinary Word Dictionary is found at the end that explains the meanings of all of the many uncommon words found along the way. Contemplating each definition slowly, one after the other, can be pleasant reading.

 “There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the Holy Place where the most high dwells” – Psalm 46-4

These positive words propel, and flow with, the current. The spiritual foundation underlying this book is by virtue of American prophet Edgar Cayce. His largely Christian outlook isn’t the only spiritual framework but it’s among those oft proven true and accurate.

Edgar Cayce stated that the “I Am” is of the ego and also that there is “no other way than the 'I Am'”; a noteworthy observation. Evidently the ego isn’t merely something that needs to be overcome via suppression. The ego is intended to be directed towards “Oneness”, “Love”, “Patience”, “Compassion”, “Joy”, and more.

Warning: This book can be mind-boggling and directed towards Oneness including when contemplating Divine Words and Unlimited Love.

 The words found here can help take the “I Am” and answer the question “what?”

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