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A walking/cycling/rollerblading/skateboarding or jogging circumnavigation of False Creek can start at either the Main Street-Science World Skytrain station, on the east-west Expo Line, or along the north-south Canada Line at the Yaletown-Roundhouse station.  The name of the Olympic Village station is a bit of a misdirect as it's situated a fair distance away, west of the Cambie Bridge on W. 2nd Ave.


For the purpose of this website we'll start at the Main Street-Science World Skytrain Station, the oldest station on the system.  This station is one spoke in Vancouver's transportation hub which includes Translink bus routes along Main Street and Pacific Central Station's rail and intercity coach (bus) services.  Pacific Central Station's rail services are Amtrak, Via Rail, and the Rocky Mountaineer and its intercity coach services are Greyhound CanadaPacific Coach Lines, and Malaspina Coach Lines which serves the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Airport.

Parking for cars can be found in this ($10/day) Impark parking lot on Walter Hardwick Avenue within nearby Athlete's Village.

Factoid: The False Creek Trail, closely following a very old native-built trail, was opened in 1860 between New Westminster and False Creek. Today's Kingsway follows its route fairly closely.  - A Brief History of Greater Vancouver



To get to False Creek from this Skytrain station cross Quebec Street (west) to Science World (aka The Golf Ball).  It's a highly visible destination in itself.  Science World rests in the middle of Creekside Park.  The black sculpture in the foreground known as The Solar Bike Tree.  It sits at the confluence of three major cycle paths and up to 15 different bikes can be parked under it at once - 3 of which can be hung from the tree trunk.  Solar panels store energy for motion detector activated lights. It replaced a conventional street light.

A short distance to the left (south), along the seawall, can be found the nearest dock, and eastern terminus, for both the Aquabus   and   False Creek Ferries.  These small water taxis criss-cross False Creek to provide short cuts around the waterway as well as a quick return back to this Skytrain station at any time.  Aquabus, seen in the photo, is large enough to accommodate bicycles.

There are many intriguing art works, like The Solar Bike Tree above, along this circuit for most of which you can find details via the links embedded here.  Here's a fun one titled Surface;  It's a live feed from an underwater camera mounted on a False Creek Aquabus.  Watch it here.



It has largely gone unreported that a significant number of stick-ups occur in vicinity of Science World.

One of the perpetrators caught in the act!

Evidently, from just the right photographic angle, it looks as if the subject is holding the Science World sphere up between their hands.

Some people are stronger than others.

BC Place Stadium can look like a spiky halo too.

A circumnavigation of False Creek could go either clockwise or counter clockwise.  This website will go counter clockwise from Science World along the north side first.

Looking (heading) north, with Creekside Park in the foreground, that's BC Place Stadium, home of the B.C. Lions, in the middle.  Therein can also be found the BC Sports Hall of Fame.  The smaller domed structure on the right with the blue signage, is Rogers Arena, home of the Vancouver CanucksCondord Place comprises the lower lying buildings in front of Rogers Area.  In front of this is found the Seaside Bicycle Route which is a shared pedestrian walkway. 

Concord Place is a staging area for various outdoor events.  We happened across the annual Electric Vehicle (EV) shown in the background behind the fountain taking place on the Concord grounds.  With 5 Teslas, about a dozen Nissan Leafs, a plug-in Prius and much more at this show it's evident that EVs are becoming increasingly mainstream.  Notwithstanding the aesthetics of the nostalgic (noisy, greasy) historic car culture, how cool will our neighbourhoods be when EVs are zipping quietly around?

The Seaside Bicycle Route leads to the Plaza of Nations    -    Edgewater Casino buildings.

The glass structure on the left is the Edgewater Casino.  The grey buildings on the right/centre are the Plaza of Nations offices. Two of the Plaza's tenants are nightclubs; Gossip  and  BLVD 22.  This is also the home of Pacific Boulevard Marina which hosts several charter boats.  

One of those is the Queen of Diamonds for those times when rowing just won't do.



This shady wooded pathway is found just on the other side of the Plaza of Nations/Casino area. 

The first public park on the north side is Cooper's Park.  This site contains a playground, skate park, ample open lawn and...

...this pair of push-button dog watering stations.

The painted blue stripes at the base of the Cambie bridge pilings are a work of art titled A False Creek which, in part, foreshadows the anticipated rise of the water due to global warming.

This all-weather playground is sheltered by the bridge.

West of the Cambie Street Bridge there's a shoreline sculpture known as the Time Top in the style of a 1940's space ship, encrusted with crustaceans.   

Along Marinaside Crescent the seawall comes closest to downtown/Yaletown city streets.  Along the street can be found Reckless Bike Rentals,     Provence Marinaside Restaurant,     TWB (The Wine Bar),     Hurricane Grill, and Bojangles Cafe.  Along here can also be found a sculptural installation titled Lookout.

This sculpture at Davie Street and Marinaside Crescent is called Street Light.

Just around the corner from there you'll find... artwork installation titled Welcome to the Land of Light.

The seawall view approaching David Lam Park

Brush With Illumination represents a calligraphy brush that dips into the ink well of false creek at high tide.  It transmits (air and water) environmental information to a land based computer which creates calligraphy-like drawings.

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