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    In the burgeoning, and scientifically unassailable, field of Positive Psychology there's a well-known, and infinitely repeatable, 2.9013/1 ratio, based on extensive mathematical modelling, known as the Losada Line.  It consistently proves that, in order for employees to be most productive they need to receive about three positive interactions for every one negative interaction.  At 6/1 teams produce their most optimal work.

The Primary Sentiment: Thank-you!

Shakespearian thanks        For the Help

For Quality Service        Because Cooperation Rocks 

Thank-you words to compose your own message


 Not the Bible: A Positive Word Resource and much More  



Congratulatory Words

Kudos!    You Rock!     Well Done!     High 5!     Huzzah!

You may not Fish for Compliments



      Fantastic Job!     I really like working with you (female to female)

I'm glad that you can work independently (Jedi Mind Trick)

For Creatives

The way you look at things



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