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Good is an adjective, noun, and adverb.


Good Wishes

                 Good in Adjectives  

   1. To be desired or approved of.  2. Having the qualities required for a particular role.

 The Popular Positive Adjective Glossary

Divine Adjectives (Good God!)

          Good in Nouns  

 1.  That which is morally right; righteousness

Agape, Agapism, Amour-propre, Aroha, Assiduity, Assiduousness, Constancy, Diligence, Earnestness, Ethicality, Good, Goodness, Honesty, Honour, Humaneness, Integrity, Love, Morality, Probity, Rectitude, Righteousness, Rightness, Sedulousness, Truth, Truthfulness, Uprightness, Values, Vigilance, Virtue, Virtuousness, Wholesomeness

 2. Benefit or advantage to someone or something.

Acclamation, Aceology, Activity, Acumen, Accession, Adroitness, Advantage, Aegis, Afflatus, Alacrity, Alannah, Aplomb, Apogee, Apotheosis, Apperception, Approbation, Assurance, Attention, Attentiveness, Aubade, Beneficence, Benefit, Benevolence, Blessing, Calculation, Calm, Calmness, Carefulness, Comfort, Composure, Concern, Contentment, Coolness, Delight, Discretion, Ease, Economy, Estimation, Favour, Foresight, Forethought, Friendliness, Frugality, Gain, Happiness, Health, Heedfulness, Help, Industry, Interest, Joy, Joyfulness, Merit, Nicety, Nourishment, Obligingness, Peace, Peacefulness, Pleasure, Precaution, Profit, Providence, Quickness,  Prudence, Reasoning, Relief, Solicitude, Staunchness, Tranquility, Tolerance, Value, Vigour, Virtuosity, Watchfulness, Welfare, Well-being

1&2.  Both Righteous and Beneficial.

Aid, Alertness, Application, Appositeness, Assistance,  Ataraxia, Ataraxis, Ataraxy, Authoritativeness,  Aureole, Awareness, Care, Certainty, Certitude, Confidence, Considerateness, Definiteness, Discernment, Encouragement, Esteem, Exactitude, Faith, Firmness, Forbearance, Generosity, Judiciousness, Keenness, Kindliness, Kindness, Indubitableness, Inevitability, Intent, Intentness, Mercy, Mindfulness, Niceness, Pertinacity, Politeness, Positiveness, Positivism, Precision, Quality, Refinement, Respect, Responsibility Sagacity, Steadiness, Sureness, Surety, Tact, Thoughtfulness, Validity, Wisdom, Worth


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             Good as an Adverb 

informal  1. Well.  “My mother could never cook this good”

Ably, Admirably, Adroitly, Agreeably, Aptly, Appositely, Appropriately, Capably, Competently, Decently, Deftly, Desirably, Excellently, Expertly, Exquisitely, Finely, Fittingly, Obligingly, Perfectly, Pertinently, Pleasingly, Precisely, Relevantly, Satisfactorily, Skilfully, Suitably

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...The Positive Emotions

These are: Hope/Certainty, Interest/amusement/inspiration, Pride, Serenity, Love, Joy, Awe, and Gratitude.

They're the fuel for the other words as well as the path and destination. Is there a more worthy target?

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