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America borders on the magnificent: CANADA!

Quotation Tracks

"A British subject I was born and a British subject I will die." - Sir John A. MacDonald

"When Columbus made his well-remembered voyage to the Caribean, Canada had been known to Europeans for more than five hundred years." - R.A. Phillips

"When the white man came we had the land and they had the bibles; now they have the land and we have the bibles."  - Chief Dan George

"Let the fight come if it must; I don't care whether our sea coast cities are bombarded or not; We could take Canada."  - Theodore Roosevelt

"There never has been a war of Canadian origin, nor for a Canadian cause."  - William Arthur Deacon

"My theory is that if you can make it in Canada you can make it anywhere."  - Bernard Slade

"The real friend of this country is the guy who believes in excellence, works for it, fights for it, defends it, and tries to produce it."  - Morely Callahan

"Canada has no cultural unity, no linguistic unity, no religious unity, no economic unity, no geographic unity.  All we have is unity."  - Kenneth Boulding

Our true nationality is mankind.

Did You Know...?

Canada is and Indian word meaning "Big Village."

0.3% of all road accidents in Canada involve a moose.

There are more Barbie dolls in Italy than there are Canadians in Canada.

Canada has two national sports. The winter sport is hockey and the summer sport is lacrosse.

The cast of SCTV received Gemini lifetime achievement awards for the giving such an accurate voice to the Canadian identity... yet no one ever saw them full contact figure skating.

"C" eh, "N" eh, "D" eh!   (Canadian literacy is at 99%)

Are You a True Canadian Quiz

1. What country do you live in? (Sometimes this is a strong clue, if not please continue.)

2. Do you see anything wrong with these words?


3. Is a "Prime minister" a cut of beef?

4. What is the capital of Canada?

a) Quebec        b) Toronto        c) England        d) The U.S.

5. Do you feel that there's never enough exciting canoe chases on TV?

6. Do you sometime wish it would snow beer?

O Canada

    Is it feeble and impotent not to have a strong Canadian cultural identity?  Simple - yes. Weak - no.  National borders don't really exist. They're a singular construct of human imagination. Not having an identity based on primitive territorial tribalism is simply the most highly evolved outlook we could possibly have. 

    It's no accident that Canada is frequently selected as the best country in the world in which to live.  It's people are open of heart, mind, and eyes with regards to our immediate neighbours - all the other peoples of this great Earth.   The fact that we've never started a war is evidence and testimony enough that Canadian is a great way to be.  

    A lack of cultural identity, or differentiation based on nationality, is far from an anemia, as is oft lamented, but is rather closer to the great power of love than most other nations have ever conceived.  It may be because we're more like a tossed salad than an melting pot that we have gained the fundamental understanding that we are equal citizens on this plane no matter what the fickle geographic circumstance of our birth.

     So is this a lack of cultural identity or is it an identity in itself?  Whatever it is it's the best and wisest identity.  Happy Birthday Canada but God bless our simple and sympathetic understanding of the world.  Only in Canada eh? - Pity?

Notwithstanding:  Canada vs. the U.S.

Reasons to Worship Canadian Back Bacon

"I... am... Canadian!"

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