"I don't even know what Street Canada is on."  - Al Capone

"When they said Canada I thought it would be up in the mountains somewhere."  - Marilyn Monroe

""John Kenneth Galbraith and Marshall McLuhan are the two greatest modern Canadians the United States has ever produced."  -Anthony Burgess

Canada vs. the U.S.

    "Americans are benevolently ingorant about Canada, while Canadians are malevolently well informed about the United States."  - J. Bartlet Brebner

    If it wasn't for the Canadian export of comedians (Jim Carey, Howard Mandel, Dan Ackroyd, Martin Short, Michael J. Fox, John Candy, Phil Hartman, and many many more) to the US they probably wouldn't have any, so desperately needed, laughs at all.  Here's why they need it.   While somme Americans may believe that, because of the exchange rate inequity, they're worth more. The facts tell a diferent story:  Canada doesn't have the highest national debt - The U.S. does, 9ha?) and we have a slightly lower debt per capita as well.  We also enjoy a trade surplus, which they do not, and of the G7 countries Canada is experiencing the greatest growth.

    Canadians are 300% less likely to be murdered than Americans and the average life expectancy of a Canadian is 79 years, the highest in the world, wheras in the U.S. it's 75 years.  We have a falling crime rate.  Our schools have less discipline problems than theirs and our students rank higher in Math, Science, English, and so on.  This may be because we also have Smarties candies and they don't.

    We're more compassionate with health care and social services and our international reputation for altruism in foreign aid is unsurpassed.  Canada introduced peace-keeping whereas Americans introduced the bomb.

    The list goes on and on. We never had slaves but rather, gave them a safe haven, at the cusp of the information age we're the telecommunications capital of the world, we have more clean water and on and on.  This is why Canadian cities lead the world in quality of life with Vancouver and Toronto among the top three.  The highest ranking American city is Atlanta at thirty-something.

Pride is what we have. vanity is what other people have.

The Canada Chronicles

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