Law of Attraction


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According to Abraham Hicks once a positive thought, such as 'Satisfaction' is held for as little as seventeen seconds a fortifying secondary vibratory force will form to compound the thought with another like it in a person's future. Thought that is sustained for a 68 seconds (4 x 17) or more is said to actually bring about physical evidence of manifestation.  To that end the positive slides below change only once every twenty seconds to assist a person in feeling, or mentally repeating, the meaning of the word for that duration. To help achieve a physical manifestation in due course hit the 'Reverse' arrow 3 times for 4 viewings total in order to time, and sustain, the thought for the recommended period. A simple mouseover while closing one's eyes will hold the thought for as long as desired.

The premise is that feelings such as "allowing" and "enjoyment" are important and necessary in leading to the recipience of popular concepts such as "prosperity" and "abundance".

Momentum can be gained via this methodology via a person out-talking their inner critical voice in duration daily and also via increasing enthusiasm.  Energizing words are included for that purpose.

Many of the adjectives presented here are also of the uncommon 'Expand your Vocabulary', variety complete with definitions offering potential growth in literary and linguistic skill.  The adjectives, in particular, could be effectively mentally prefaced with the words "I Am..."


Law of Attraction Vocabulary

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