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Vancouver Chinatown Landmark List


Vancouver Chinatown Landmarks


1.  Vancouver Chinatown Millenium Gate - West Pender Street, near Carrall Street.  A symbol of the past and future to commemorate your "Journey in Time."

2.  Century's Winds of Change Mural - 11 West Pender Street.  A historical depiction of Chinese in Canada from 1858 to the present.

3.  Shanghai Alley - Access from West Pender & Carrall Streets.  The earliest Chinese immigrants settled in Shanghai and Canton Alleys between 1890-1920.

4.  West Han Dynasty Bell -  Shanghai Alley Near West Pender Street.  This bell was a gift from the City of Guangzhou to the City of Vancouver commemorating 15th anniversary of the twinning of the two cities.

5. Sam Kee Building - 8 West Pender Street.  Until very recently this was the world's shallowest building at only 6 feet wide including 2nd floor bay windows.

6. Chinese Freemasons Building - 1 West Pender Street.  Today it's the site of the last Chinese tailor shop in Vancouver's Chinatown. The recessed balconies are like those found in Southern (Cantonese) China.

7. China Gate - 50 East Pender Street.  Previously part of the China Pavilion at Vancouver's Expo 86 today it's the gate to Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver.

8. Chinese Zodiac Mosaic - Between China Gate and the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden.  The animals of the Chinese Zodiac are represented in mosaics in the courtyard.

9. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.  This is the first Ming Dynasty Scholars Garden built outside of China and the golden flower of Vancouver's Chinatown.  A must-see.

10. Chinese Cultural Centre Museum and Archives  - 555 Columbia Street.  Dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of Chinese Canadians and fostering an appreciation of traditional and contemporary Chinese art.  

11. The Monument of Canadian Chinese - Corner of Keefer & Columbia Streets.  The monument is in the shape of the Chinese character "zhong," symbolizing moderation and harmony.  There are two bronze statues next to the character; a railroad worker and a Canadian Chinese WWII soldier.

12.  Chinatown Plaza Neon Sign - Corner of Keefer and Quebec Streets.  A 45-foot neon sign at Chinatown Plaza. The bilingual sign reads "Chinatown Plaza" in English and "Chinatown welcomes you" in Chinese.

13. Chinatown Abacus.  Keefer Street near Taylor Street.  A large abacus work of art with beads of British Columbia jade.


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