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Count thy hardships, thy troubles, even thy disappointments rather as stepping-stones to know His way better.  262-83

Infinite Love is the Love of God, while Love Divine is that manifested by those in their activities who are guided by love divine.  These bring happiness and the experiences of joy; not mere pleasure, not gratification of any of the material things.  But differentiate – or, as has been given – put the proper value upon the proper phases of one’s development.  262-11

Wherever truth is made manifest it gives place for that which is heaven for those that seek and love truth.  262-87

What is Love Divine?  That the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit may direct thee, does direct thee, will direct thee, in every thought, in every act.  262-104

(262 was the designated number for the original study group)

Remember, Love is Law and Law is Love, and with the measure that the same is meted the same is meted to self.  Through every channel does this law hold good, whether of the mental, the spiritual or the physical being of man. 270-15

…happiness is love of something outside of self!  It may never be obtained, never be known by loving only things within self or self’s own domain! 281-30

…as God’s purpose is to glorify the individual man (or soul) in the earth, so the highest purpose of an individual soul or entity is to glorify the Creative Energy or God in the earth.  338-3

The greater an individual, the more content the individual may be.  Not as an animal that is satisfied with the body filled, but rather that contentment which is seen in the acts of those that bring joy with the expression of themselves; as a bird in song, a bird in flight, an animal in the care of its young.  That is contentment; the other lethargy.  347-2

Do all in the joyous manner, for His gospel is the glad gospel, the joyous life, the happy life.  397-1

If it is held…as a cross, It will remain as one…with individuals where there [are] in their experiences crosses to bear, hardships or surroundings that to them are overpowering, overwhelming, by slights, slurs, and fancies of the inactivity of a corresponding force.  If these are to be held continually as crosses, or as things to be overcome, then they will remain as crosses.  But if they are to be met with the spirit of truth and right in their own selves, they should create joy; for that is what will be built.  552-2

“I will not leave thee comfortless, but will come and enjoin thee in thy daily activities, thy daily service.”  This is the promise to every soul.  If ye would make that promise thine own, then seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto thee.  Let there be definite periods [in] which ye look within self, cleansing the mind, the body, in such ways and manners and measures that seemeth that as ye would offer as thine offering unto the holy experiences that may be thine.  For, he that expects nothing shall not be disappointed, but he that expects much -  if he lives and uses that in hand day by day – shall be full to running over.  For the love of the Father constraineth thee to keep thine council with those thou meetest day by day that thou mayest aid.  Thus may the soul find expression.  Thus may the life, the experience, that portion of life thou has in this present experience, become more and more beautiful and the sunshine of thy love into the hearts and souls that are wondering, that are troubled because they find not the spirit of truth and life in their own lives, wild come into those experiences of calling thee blessed in the name of the Father.  557-3


To live love is to be love.  To be one with the Father is to be equal with the Father, and as the understanding of the entity is gained in the application of truths gained in the consciousness of truth is apparent – for, as has been given, to love is to live love – not the answer of desire or amorous affection, but is all in one – for love is law, law is love.  900-331

As He gave: “That peace I give you; that ye may know that thy spirit, yea thy soul, beareth witness with me that ye are mine - - I am thine,” even as the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.  987-4

For it has not entered the heart of man all the glories that have been prepared, nor all the beauties that may be experienced by those that seek His face…  987-4

…to bring hope, to bring cheer, to bring joy, yea to bring a smile again to those whose face and heart are bathed in tears and in woe, is making that divine love shine – shine – in thy own soul.  Then smile, be joyous, be glad!  For the day of the Lord is at hand.  987-4

For hath not God given freedom of choice to every soul?  And it is the heritage of every man, every soul – Freedom!  1129-1

The whole of the experience of an individual entity in a material plane is the coordinating and cooperation of Creative Forces from without to the Divine within as to keeping an activity that may bring into manifestations health and happiness.  1158-8

Then, to be able to remember the sunset, to be able to remember a beautiful conversation, a beautiful deed, done where hope and faith were created, to remember the smile of a babe, the blush of a rose, the harmony of a song – a bird’s call; these are creative.  For if they are part of thyself, they bring you closer and closer to God.  1431-1

For it is only in [love] that one becomes, in materiality, aware of the closeness of relationship to the Creative Forces or God.  1703-3

Contentment is the greatest boon in man’s whole experience. 1925-1

Be happy – be in the attitude of ever being helpful to others.  These will bring that peace within that is the promise from Him.  1968-7

Be glad you have the opportunity to be alive at this time, and to be a part of that preparation for the coming influences of a spiritual nature that must rule the world.  These are indicated, and these are part of thy experience.  Be happy of it, and give thanks daily for it.  2376-3

The Lord loveth those who expect much of Him, in giving much of themselves -- Joyously. 2401-1

Know the first principles: There is good in all that is alive.  2537-1

(See) the ridiculous side of every question – the humor is same.  Remember that a good laugh… is good for the body, physically, mentally.  2647-1

Happiness is a state of mind attained by giving same to others. 2772-2

It is by thy smile and not a word spoken, that the day may be brighter for many a soul and in making the day brighter, even for the moment, ye have contributed to the whole world of affairs.  2794-3

Patience, love, kindness, gentleness, long-suffering, brotherly love…of themselves bring peace.  3175-1

For many an individual entity, those things that are of sorrow are the greater helps for unfoldment… 3209-2

Q1.  What is God’s plan for me in the assisting of the furtherance of His kingdom here on this planet, so that I may accomplish the greatest good with the talents that I possess?

A1.  Brighten the corner where thou art from day to day.  Let not a day go by without speaking to someone with a smile of the face and the eye reminding them that somebody cares, and it is Jesus.  3357-1

Truth is the unalterable, unchangeable law, ever.  What is truth?  Law!  What is Law?  Love!  What is Love?  God!  What is God?  Law and Love.  These are as the cycle of truth itself… He is the same yesterday, today and forever - - unalterable…  I Am That I Am.  That is true.  3574-2

 …there is no urge in the astrological, in the vocational, in the hereditary or in the environmental – which surpasses the will or determination of an entity… it is true that there is nothing in Heaven or hell that may separate the entity from the knowledge or from the love of the Creative Force, called God – but self.  5023-2

God is Love; hence occupies a space, place, condition, and is the Force that permeates all activity.  5749-4




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