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I. Ideal, Idealistic, Idiosyncratic, Idolized, Idoneous, Illecebrous, Illimitable, Illuminable, Illuminated, Illuminating, Illustrious, Imaginative, Imitable, Immaculate, Immarcescible, Immeasurable, Immediate, Immense, Immortal, Immune, Impartial, Impassioned, Impavid, Impeccable, Impeccant, Imperturbable, Impish, Important, Impressive, Improved, Improving, Improvisational, In, In 7th Heaven, Inaurate, Incandescent, Incisive, Included, Inclusive, Incomparable, Incomplex, Incontestable, Incontrovertible, Incorrupt, Incorruptible, Incredible, Inculpable, Indefatigable, In demand, Independent, Indestructible, Indispensable, Indisputable, Individual, Individualistic, Indivisible, Indomitable, Indubitable, Industrious, Inebriating, Ineffable, Inerrant, Inexhaustible, Infallible, Infatuated, Infatuating, In favour, In fine fettle (good spirits), Infinite, Influential, Informative, Informed, Ingenious, In good health, Inimitable, Initiative, Innate, Innocent, Innocuous, Innovative, In love, In one's grasp, In one's power, In order, Innoxious, Inquisitive, In the moment, In the now, In readiness, In seventh Heaven, Insightful, Insouciant, Inspirational, Inspired, Inspiring, Inspirited, Inspiriting, Instantaneous, Instinctive, Instructive, Instrumental, Integral, Integrated, Integrative, Intemerate, Interconnected, Interconnective, Internal, Intellectual, Intelligent, Intense, Intent, Interactive, Interested, Interesting, International, Intertwined, In the bag, In the groove, In the mainstream, In the pink, In the saddle, In the swim, Intimate, Intoxicating, Intrepid, Intrigued, Intriguing, Intrinsic, Introspective, Inventive, Invigorated, Invigorating, Invincible, Inviolable, Inviting, In vogue, Irenic, Iridescent, IridineIrrefragable, Irrefutable, Irreplaceable, Irrepressible, Irreproachable, Irresistible, Irrevincible

J. Jam-packed, Jaunty, Jazzed, Jazzy, Jestful, Jesting, Jewelled, JiggishJim-dandy Jimp (Scot. and N. English), Jocose, Jocoserious, Jocular, Joculatory, Jocund, Joint, Jointed, Jolif, Jolly, Jovial, Joyful, Joyous, Joysome, Jubilant, Judicious, Juicy, Junoesque, Just, Justified, Just right, Juvenescent


K. Keen, Kempt, Key, Kind, Kind-hearted, Kindly, Kindred, Kinetic, Kingly, Kissable, Knightly, Knowable, Knowing, Knowledgeable, Known, Kooky, Kosher

Blessed Insult!

L. Ladylike, Laid-back, Lambent, Large, Largifical, Lasting, Latitudinarian, Laudable, Laudatory, LaureateLautitious, Lavish, Law-abiding, Lawful, Leading, Leading-edge, Learned, Learning, Legal, Legendary, Legible, Legit, Legitimate, Leisured, Leisurely, Lenient, Leonine, Lepid, Lettered, Level-headed, Liberal, Liberated, Liberating, Libertarian, Liefly, Light, Lightened, Lightening, Light-hearted, Likable, Liked, Likely, Like-minded, Limber, Limpid, Lionhearted, Lionized, Lissome, Literary, Literate, Lithe, Lithesome, Littoral, Live, Lively, Living, Logical, Longanimous, Long-established, Long-lived, Long-standing, Long-suffering, Lordly, Lousy with love, Lovable, Loved, Lovely, Loving, Loyal, Lucent, Lucid, Lucky, Luciferous, Lucrative, Lucriferous, Luculent, LudibundLudic, Luminous, Luscious, Lush, Lustrous, Lusty, Lusory, Luxuriant, Luxurious, Lyric

For more descriptive words that start with a particular letter try the positive nouns that describe people.

M. MabsootMacrobian, Made (...of money, have it...), Magical, Magistral, Magnanimous, Magnetic, Magnificent, Maiden, Main, Mainstream, Majestic, Major, Major league, Making a difference, Manageable, Managerial, Manifest, Malleable, Manly, Mannerly, Many, Margaric, Margaritiferous, Marketable, Marmoreal, Marmorean, Marvellous, Masculine, Massagable, Massive, Master, Masterful, Masterly, Matchless, Maternal, Matter-of-fact, Mature, Maturing, Maxed, Maximal, Maximum, Meaningful, Measured, Mediagenic, Meditative, Meek, Meet, Melioristic, Mellifluent/Mellifluous, Melliloquent, Mellisonant, Mellow, Melodious, Memorable, Meracious, Merciful, Meritable, Meritorious, Merry, Mesmerizing, Metaphysical, Meteoric, Methodical, Methodological, Meticulous, Mettlesome, Mickle, Mighty, Mind-blowing, Mindful, Minikin, Ministerial, Mint, Miraculous, Mirific, Mirthful, Mischievous, Mitigative, Mitigatory, Model, Modern, Modernist, Modernistic, Modest, Momentous, Moneyed, Monumental, Moonstruck, Moral, More, Most*, Most Excellent, Motherly, Motivated, Motivating, Motivational, Mouthwatering, Moved, Moving, Mucho, Muliebral, Muliebrile, Muliebrous, Multicultural, Multidimensional, Multidisciplined, Multifaceted, Multifarious, Multilingual, Munificent, Muscular, Musical, Mutual

Words Describing Mom


N. Nailed Down, Nanophilic, Nascent, Natalitial, National, Nationwide, Native, Natty, Natural, Near to one's heart, Nearby, Neat, Necessary, Needed, Neighbourly, Neoteric, Neutral, Never-failing, New, Newborn, New-fashioned, Next, Nice, Nifty, Nimble, Nimble-witted, Nitid, Nobilitate, Nobiliary, Noble, Nobody's fool, No dummy, No end, No end of, Noetic, No strings attached, Noctiflorous, Nonchalant, Nonpareil, Normal, Normative, Notable, Not born yesterday, Noted, Noteworthy, Not tied down, Not unlikely, Nourished, Nourishing, Novel, Now, Nubigenous, Nubile, Number 1, Number one, Numero uno, Nurtured, Nurturing, Nutrimental, Nutritional, Nutritious

Jaunty OK

O. Objective, Obliging, Observant, Obtainable, Oecumenical, Oenophilic, OK, Okay, Okayed, Olympian, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, On, On Cloud Nine, On hand, On one's toes, On target, On the ball, On the beam, On the button, On the job, On the outlook, On the money, On the move, On the nose, On the qui viveOne, One and only, Oneiric, Open, Open-handed, Open-hearted, Open-minded, Opinable, Opportune, Optimal, Optimistic, Optimum, Opulent, Orbific, Orderly, Organic, Organized, Oriented, Original, Ornamental, Orphean, Oscular, Outdoorsy, Outgoing, Out-of-sight, Out-of-this-world, Outspoken, Outstanding, Overflowing, Overjoyed, Overjoying, Overriding, Overruling, Overt


P. Pabulous, Pacific, Paciferous, Pacifistic, Painstaking, Palatable, Pally, Palmarian, Palmary, Panglossian, Pansophical, Pansophistical, Paramount, Pardonable, Parental, Par excellence, Paradisaic, Paradisal, Paradisiacal, Paradisiac, Parnassian, Parthenian, Participative, Participatory, Particular, Passionate, Paternal, Patient, Peaceable, Peaceful, Peachy, Peachy keen, Peak, Pecuniary, Peerless, Peppy, Pellucid, Penetrating, Perceptive, Perceptual, Percipient, Perdurable, Peregal, Perennial, Perfect, Perfectible, Perfective, Perky, Permissive, Perpetual, Perseverant, Persevering, Persistent, Personable, Perspicacious, Perspicuous, Persuasive, Pert, Permanent, Pertinent, Pet, Petite, Pharaonic, Phenomenal, Philanthropic, Philodemic, Philoprogenitive, Philosophical, Philoxenial, Phlegmatic, Picked, Picturesque, Piece of cake, Pierian, Pioneering, Pious, Piquant, Pithy, Pivotal, Placid, Planetary, Plausible, Playful, Pleasant, Pleased, Pleasing, Pleasurable, Plenary, Plenteous, Plentiful, Pliable, Plucky, Plum, Plummy, Pluperfect, Poetic, Poignant, Poised, Polished, Polite, Pollent, Popular, Posh, Positive, Possible, Potable, Potent, Potential, Powerful, Practicable, Practical, Practiced, Pragmatic, Praised, Praiseworthy, Prayerful, Precious, Precise, Precocious, Predominant, Preeminent, Preemptory, Preferable, Preferred, Prefulgent, Premier, Premium, Prepared, Preponderant, Prepossessing, Prepotent, Prescient, Present, Presentable, Presidential, Prestigious, Pretty, Prevalent, Prevailing, Prevenient, Prevoyant, Priceless, Primal, Primary, Prime, Primed, Primo, Princely, Principal, Principled, Priority, Pristine, Privileged, Prized, Prize-winning, Pro, Proactive, Probable, Probative, Procinct Procurable, Prodigious, Productive, Professional, Proficient, Profitable, Profound, Profulgent, Profuse, Progressive, Proleptic/Proleptical, Prolific, Prominent, Promising, Promoted, Promoting, Prompt, Proper, Propertied, PropitiablePropitiative, Propitious, Prophetic, Prospective, Prospering, Prosperous, Protean, Protected, Protective, Proto-, Providential, Provocative, Proud, Proven, Prudent, Psyched up, Psychic, Public-spirited, Puissant, Pulchritudinous, Pukka, Pumped, Pumped up, Punchy, Punctual, Pure, Purified, Purifying, Purposeful, Purposive

Q. Quaint, Quantifiable, Qualified, Qualitative, Quality, Queenly, Quemeful, Quick, Quickened, Quick on the draw, Quick on the uptake, Quick-witted, Quiet, Quietsome, Quintessential, Quirky, Quixotic, Quotable

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