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Dynamic and descriptive positive words, from A-Z, that generate positive worlds.  A resource for teachers, writers, tutors, positive psychologists, consultants, coaches, students and all those who want to improve their, and others', lives.

Positive Adjective Glossary

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The Positive Emotions! - These are the jet fuel for the other words.

Romantic Adjectives            Sexy Romantic Adjectives

 Happy Birthday Greeting Adjectives              Birthday L.O.V.E. Message Game 

Positive Nouns that Describe People            Positive Abstract Nouns

Positive Business Adjectives            Professional Nouns that Describe People

 Positive Verb Glossary            Effective Ad Words

Positive Adverb Glossary

Divine Adjectives

Adjectives and Nouns Describing Moms, Wives & Daughters


Positive Words that Describe Fathers, Husbands, Sons and Other Good Men

Positive Resources for Depression

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Thanksgiving Adjectives          Christmas Words           

Happy New Year!          Romantic Valentines Adjectives

Easter Vocabulary            Horrible Halloween Vocabulary!

Positive Adjective Word Search Puzzles

Common Positive Words in Every Language including...

 ..."Hello, I Love you, Congratulations, My Love, Thank-you, Good-bye."

Positive Adjectives in Arabic, Chinese (simple), German, Hindi & Spanish

 Compliments                   Unlimited Love

The Overture                  The Empty Boat

Blog: The Martyan Chronicles

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  Positive Word of the Day


Funny Definitions of English words.

The biggest, oldest, and funniest anguished language archive on the Net

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All the Love in the World

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The Westminster Club

University of the People

The Happiness Advantage

Glossary of Educational Terms

Vancouver Skytrain Excursions

Halloween Vocabulary Gateway

Vancouver Metaphysical Network

Psoriasis/Intestine Connection Research

The Amazing Story of Your Fantastic Life

Historic Medical Diagnosis via Hypnosis in a Third Party Part One & Part Two website reputation


"There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy place where the Most High dwells."    Psalm 46:4

These words are one such stream.


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