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    The Happiness Advantage provides real-life daily applications which can lead to success in nearly every domain, including work, health, friendship, sociability, creativity, and energy. 

        “In the Introduction, I mentioned the impressive meta-analysis of happiness research that brought together the results of over 200 scientific studies on nearly 275,000 people – and found that happiness leads to success in nearly every domain of our lives, including marriage, health, friendship, community involvement, creativity, and, in particular, our jobs, careers and businesses.”

- Shawn Achor, -The Happiness Advantage


    The Happiness Advantage is an engaging and elevating book written by Shawn Achor who is the winner of over a dozen distinguished teaching awards at Harvard University, where he delivered lectures on positive psychology in the most popular class at Harvard.


Shawn Achor at Ted Talks


        “…based on the wealth of data they compiled, they found that happiness causes success and achievement, not the opposite.” P.42

“study after study shows that happiness precedes important outcomes and indicators of thriving.” P. 42

    A children's book, titled Ripple's Effect, is also available.  It's a delightful tale, set in an aquarium, which tells the tale of a brave dolphin named Ripple who teaches a shark to smile.  It's never to early to set your children on the path to success.


Increased happiness also improves the performance of  every job..

          “If a study has proven how CEOs can become 15 percent more productive, or how managers can improve customer satisfaction by 42 percent, then I think the people in the trenches should know about it, not just a handful of academics.”   -The Happiness Advantage P. 23

“Optimistic salespeople outsell their pessimistic counterparts by 56 percent.”


    A number of online corporate products are available as well as a scientifically validated material tool called the Success Scale that helps us effectively assess where you stand on three key measures of positivity: work optimism, provision of social support, and outcome mastery. Use it as an add-on to engagement surveys, pre-employment hires, or as a benchmark test across departments.  Shawn Achor, and other positive psychology presenters, are also available for speaking engagements.


    Happiness has been a long-sought end in itself for millennia. Find out how your business and career, as well as your personal life, will benefit and thrive from it.


"Happiness is not the belief that we don't need to change;

 it is the realization that we can."  -The Happiness Advantage P. 24



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Think Happiness!