The Fruits of the Spirit

"It isn't the great things...  It is just being kind, just being gentle, just being patient...."  

                                                    - Edgar Cayce 416-7

Edgar Cayce stated that the ways of man are via power whereas the ways of God are via the "Fruits of the Spirit".  These are consistent with the biblical 'Meek inheriting the Earth' idiom and with the eastern 'Seva' concept.  They are:

Brotherly love    Compassion    Fellowship    Friendship    Gentleness    Hope

Joy    Kindness    Long-suffering    Love    Nobleness    Obedience

Patience    Peace    Self -Sacrifice    Tolerance    Truth

"Long-suffering" and "Obedience" are positive according to Edgar Cayce. Long-suffering, not often thought of as particularly positive, is a virtue that's required recurrently throughout our lives of always pursuing the positive and rarely, while not being a doormat, being rebellious. Long-suffering is a patience and longanimity that's required in waiting for lagging individuals (corporations, governments, etc.) to come around even though it can take longer than this lifetime.  Those who embody these gentle spiritual attributes are like the leading tip of a slow-moving and loving wave that's starting to crest which the rest of the wave must inevitably karmically follow.  Note that Hope/Certainty, Joy, Love, and Peace are also among the energising, oh-so-desirable, and sought-after Positive Emotions.

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