"We Are One"   =   Universal Law

 UNIR1           We R 1


Including: Objective, (Omni=All) Omniactive, Omniactual, Omnibenevolent, Omnicausal, Omnicompetent, Omnidirectional, Omnierudite, Omniessencial, Omnifarous, Omniferous, Omnific, Omniformal, Omnilingual, Omnilucent, Omnimental, Omniparental, Omnipatient, Omnipercipient, Omniperfect, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniprevalent, Omniproductive, Omniprudent, Omniregent, Omnirevealing, Omniscient, Omnisentient, Omnisignificant, Omnisufficient, Omnitemporal, Omnitonal, Omnivalent, Omnivisual, Open, Optimistic, Orbific, Original, & Overflowing


Divine Adjectives            Divine Nouns

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