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Synonymous Nouns

Accuracy, Actuality, Correctness, Exactitude, Fact, Factuality, Factualness, Irrefragability, Precision, Realism, Reality, Rightness, Sooth, Trueness, Truthfulness, Veracity, Veraciousness, Veriloquence & Verity


Synonymous Adverbs

Absolutely, Certainly, De Facto, Definitely, Exactly, Forsooth, Indeed, Positively, Surely, Truly, Truthfully, Unequivocally, Veraciously & Verily



Accurate, Actual, Apodictic, Authentic, Bona fide, Correct, Dependable, Dinkum, Exact, Factual, Genuine, Honest, Indubitable, Irrefragable, Legitimate, Perfect, Precise, Proper, Pure, Right, Sincere, Straight, True, Trustworthy, Truthful, Undeniable, Veracious, Veridical, Veridicous, Veritable, Very


Ya got that right!




Spontaneous Verbal Expressions:

Aah! (Surprise)            Aaah! (Satisfaction)            Aww!            Cool!             Excellent!

"Mmmmm..."            Oooo!


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