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Hotdog Condiment Dispenser


Perfect for Bar-b-cue season the Hot Dog Condiment Dispenser is Brand NEW and never used.  It’s a figural representation of a pile of hot dogs and measures 7 inches tall.  Whether for ketchup or mustard you’ll relish it.  For an whimsical touch of elegance.     ~ Bon Appétit! ~ 


Deluxe Mid-Century Tiki Sea Shell Planter Hanger



Perfect for your Tiki or Patio decor this was originally intended as a planter but would work equally well with a large bowl containing snacks, tiki mugs, a large tiki idol, and so on.

This large, elaborate, and elegant sea shell hanger was brought to Vancouver by a member of the Philippine Consul in 1963. It was therefore likely made in the 50's or earlier. It measures 46 inches in height and 11 inches across at its widest point - at the Cowrie shells. The 8 large Cowrie shells, prized by collectors, measure 3 inches in length and 1.75 inches in width. The hanger is very heavy weighing 5.2 Kg.

There are literally thousands of shells here each one of them meticulously drilled, and beautifully strung into this attractive form. How many hundreds of hours did it take to craft this? This wasn't made for a common Philippine household, but rather, for a wealthy aristocratic home. It's from the estate of a member of the Philippine embassy.  Many of these shells can no longer be legally harvested so there won't be any more like this made in the future. Other shell hangers found on the Internet are all much smaller and, frankly, much crappier. This one is stunning in comparison.

Moreover it was just recently painstakingly cleaned, removing up to 70 years of film from each and every shell, in a tub of soapy water, with a toothbrush, to make them shine like new.

This is likely your only chance to ever buy a handsome quality vintage hanger like this one.

Cool Flamingo Keychain Holder


This handsome bird will not only grace your wall with its glorious countenance but will also hold all of your responsibilities for you. This key holder holds up to a maximum weight of 1.2 KG.  It's constructed of heavy duty plastic and supported by three one-inch diameter suction cups (two on top, one on bottom) on the back.  It's new and is still within its (Mint on Card) factory sealed packaging.  Its Condition is Impeccable (unable to be eaten by a chicken).  Let's see... what would be a good name... Frankie, Francine, Florence...?






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