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 1999 Christmas Coke Case of 6 Glass Bottles

1999 Edition Christmas Coke Case of 6 empty glass bottles including original caps.  Seven inches tall. - $10


2010 Olympic Moose Antlers & Coke Bottles

One-Size-Fits-All Olympic Moose Antlers and Olympic Coke Bottles.  These foam antlers were worn at the Vancouver Winter Olympics Closing Ceremonies.  The Coke bottles are gone. $10/both.



EXPORT 'A' KINGS Golf Moustache Cup/Mug



EXPORT 'A' KINGS 1 UNDER Moustache Cup/Mug.  A multi-crossover collectible; (Tobbaccoanna/Golf/Moustache Cup) It measures 4 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter across the rim. The polarized image features four Scotsmen, wearing tams, playing golf. In Excellent Condition. - $10 


McDonalds Pin-back Buttons

Four McDonalds Pin-back Buttons including the sought after "McDonalds Day at Expo 86. - $10


Old Lover Engraving

Old Lover Engraving.  This romantic black & white print is titled "Wooing" by F. Aderotti Pinxt.  The frame appears modern but the Art Engraving Co. of New York no longer exists. 9 x 12 inches. It's very beautiful!  - $10 (a steal)



Limited Edition Babylon 5 Component Game System Centauri Republic Starter Kit

This is a Limited Edition Babylon 5 Component Game System Centauri Republic Starter Kit, 2258 Edition. Copyrighted in 1997 by Warner Bros. it's still in its original shrink wrap it still bears the original price tag of $23 (plus tax). "Can your ambassador outwit the representatives of the other races in this fast-paced component board game. The Council resides on Babylon 5 voting on many issues which affect the galaxy. The board is different every time you play. Use strategy to lead your fleets into combat with your opponents. Sway the Babylon 5 crew to your aid to gain a political edge over your opponents. The Centauri Republic consists of Centauri colonies including Ragesh 3, Beta 3, and Immolan V, as well as map pieces, ships, cards and rules for the Centuari Republic. Great for creating and expanding your Centauri Republic play kit.Each player needs 1 Starter Kit to play or the CB5-101 Core Set." Contents: Centauri Republic Empire Control Sheet, 6 Map Pieces, 10 Playing Cards, 16 page Rulebook, 3 Dice, 20+ Tokens. It's in absolutely pristine condition. - $10


Two Disneyana Books


Two Disneyana Books. ‘Tomart’s illustrated Disneyana’ has a creased soft cover. The other is a small hard cover titled; ‘Disneyana, Classic Collectibles 1928-1958’. - $10 for both

Mickey Mouse Necktie


This Disney Mickey Mouse Necktie has no label. It’s dominant colours are navy blue and maroon with Mickey peeking out from various paisley patterns. - $10

Mickey Mouse Batons

Mickey Mouse Batons from a "Disney On Ice" Ice Capades show. Measuring 16 inches long one baton lights up, the other one doesn't. - $10



Vintage hand-painted black musician figurines

Old, vintage, matching, 4 inch tall, hand-painted black musician figurines. A singer and a trombone player.  Made of plaster or a composite material. The original hand-written price tags are still on the bottom ($16 each). These may be nightclub performers of the 1930's era.  - $10 for both


Green M&M Hand Held Cooling Fan

Green M&M Hand Held Cooling Fan.  It measures 8.5 inches tall and features the sultry green M&M character sitting on top looking like she's blowing a kiss.  The fan is very safe being made of soft rubber.  Used batteries ARE included.  - $10


Harley Davidson Cafe Shot Glass

Rare “Flaming” Harley Davidson Cafe Shot Glass (2 oz). - $10

Champagne Bottle 2000 Celebration Candle


Full Size Millennium Champagne Bottle 2000 Celebration Candle. Still wrapped in cellophane. Excellent Condition. A year 2000 collectible could be found relatively easily a few years ago. Now most are disappearing into collections. This will appreciate in value - $10.

Earthenware Jug Salt & Pepper shakers

Earthenware Jug Salt & Pepper shakers. Perfect for both earthenware and S&P shaker collectors. - $10

Vintage AVON Milk Glass Grecian Pitcher


Handsome, statuesque, corked, Vintage AVON Milk Glass Grecian Pitcher.  At one time this lovely 5 inch tall, 1972-76, vessel contained skin lotion . Today it would make a lovely display piece or vase. - $10


Three Vintage Wedgewood Tunstall Dishes

Three Vintage Wedgewood Dishes.  These three green diamond-pattern dishes are marked "Gold Medalion, Enoch Wedgewood Tunstall Ltd." and measure about 5 inches in diameter across the rim. - $10 for all three.

Heart-Shaped Dish 

Heart-Shaped Dish -  This Beautiful Heart-Shaped Dish measures 6.25 x 6.25 x .75 inches.  The Gorgeous rose pattern with leaves is raised on the bottom to show through beautifully on the smooth interior of the dish.  The picture speaks eloquently of its beauty.  Fill it with love. - $10.



Portraits of Life - With LOVE 

Celebrity Photo Book

Portraits of Life - With LOVE Celebrity Photo Book "An Intimate Collection of Exclusive Photographs of Celebrities with their personal reflections on Life and Love"  "This inspiring volume of exclusive photographs offers a rare peek inside the souls of the famous by presenting beautiful, natural-light portraits by photographer Joan Lauren of over 100 celebrities with their families, friends and loved ones. Intimate, personal reflections on life and love, exclusive to this moving photographic essay, accompany each portrait." Published by General Publishing Group for the Hands On Care Foundation the book measures 10.25 x 10.25 x 7/8 inches and has 264 pages. This book is in Excellent Condition and sports a clean white dust jacket.  So... How much is love worth? In this case - just $10.




Silk Garfield Necktie

This 100% Silk Garfield Necktie features Garfield in a variety of amusing facial expressions. The background colour is dark brown and it was created RomaNcing of Italy (The birthplace of lasagna).  It also comes with the added benefit that, in the event of an accidental spill while voraciously eating lasagna, the colours will probably match. - $10

Victoria BC Souvenir Spoon

Victoria BC Souvenir Spoon.  This gold-coloured spoon features a dogwood flower at the top, measures 4 inches long, and comes in its original aged Birks box (with lid). "Victoria BC" is etched in the spoon bowl. - $10

Coleman Camp Stove 

Nice Coleman Camp Stove.  Model 421B Comes with its original box. 2 Burners. Good Condition. Measures about 17.75 inches by 11.25 inches. Carries like a suitcase.  Bought it from a nurse in 2002 and never used it.  Camping self-sufficiency that's cozy for two.  - $10 

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