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This vintage bakelite beauty above was made by Autophone, of Wimbleton, in the 50's and is a near lookalike of a British BPO 332 style phone. The transmitter, receiver, and dial were made in Germany.  It's wired it to work on local lines.  A new little Batman logo label has been added the front of the case to appeal to any Batfans out there - it's easy to remove. You'll likely be the only one in the province, if not the country, to have this style of phone.



Antique Northern Electric wooden crank wall phone (Made in Canada).  Beautiful woodgrain not adequately pictured here.  Nice wood joinery on the corners. Bells ring when the handle is cranked.  The handset has a button in the middle for alternately speaking and listening. 




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These items could be shipped worldwide for the appropriate S&H fees.

Location: North Burnaby, BC, Canada

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