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From South Park Colorado comes this large 18 inch plush of famed TV star Kenny.




Opus, here, is from the critically acclaimed and broadly-syndicated cartoon strip Bloom County by Bert Breathed.  Like the others he's a handsome licensed and trademarked product. He bears all his original tags albeit the front page of the 4-page cardboard tag is worn from reading.  The reason it's worn is because it features all manner of amusing information about Opus, his species, care and feeding: "You are holding a scientifically accurate replica of OPII BIGGUS SHNOZOLUS, or, "The Common Hefty-Nosed Penguin"... His red bowtie, shown here slightly askew, is detachable on a band for all those evenings when you may need to accessorize your own tuxedo. He stands a magnificent 17 inches tall and was made by Dakin in 1984.  He's the largest and tallest and earliest of Dakin's Opus plush products. His original retail price was $45.99.

Pillsbury Dough Boy


Made for Pillsbury in 1997 by "Creations by Dakin" this little fellow is full of beans and measures 10 inches tall to the tip of his chef's hat. His beany weighting means that he can sit presentably on his rear end on a flat surface or furniture edge. His blue apron has four little pieces of velcro in the corners via which they attach to his white velvet body. For some reason they don't grip very well. Otherwise he's nice and clean and in excellent condition. The apron reads "Pillsbury Makes it Fun!". He's perfect for collectors of advertising mascots or for doughboy collectors in particular.




Pickles & Bruno


Pickles and Bruno, while suitable for children, they're also adult decor type of stuffed animals.  Unlike most cats they're attentive listeners as they grace the bottom of the curtains, your plants, bed or elsewhere.

Large Monkey


This is a handsome, high-end, very expensive-when-new plush monkey with lavish black fur.  He's absolutely first quality measures about 24 inches long.  An excellent hugger and he's perfect for jungle or African decor. (The photo is a little over exposed. In really his complexion is just slightly darker.).

All of these are in good-to-excellent condition from a non-smoking home.

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