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Vintage Native Pendant


60ís Vintage Native American Diamond Pattern Necklace Pendant - In attempting to determine from which native nation this diamond pattern originates Iíve found that it could be from plains or southwestern natives and that the design could be derived from the back of a rattle snake. If anyone knows more about the origins of this native jewelry please email me and let me know. The pendant measures 2.5 inches tall and 2.75 inches wide. There are two beaded loops in the top of the necklace string which will hang the item evenly for display. Thereís also a single asymmetrical loop on one side at the top of the pendant (for more casual display?) It sports four evenly-spaced tassels at the bottom. The bead colors in the pendant are red, white, yellow, and a transparent blue. Thereís a few transparent green beads in the mix of the string portion of the necklace. Itís in very good condition.


Large Porcelain Native Statuette


This magnificent noble figure stands an impressive 16 inches tall.  The base is 4.75 inches square.

 From the base it can be seen that the interior is white bisque porcelain. 

The signature, or maker's mark, has been rendered indiscernible by the glaze.



Meticulously sculpted and painted in his left hand he holds a native drum adorned with feathers.

Reduced from $185

(The coffee mug is to demonstrate scale)



Vintage Copper Native Eagle Salt & Pepper Shakers


Beautiful condition with corks. Made in Japan.




These items could be shipped worldwide for the appropriate S&H fees.

Location: North Burnaby, BC, Canada

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