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3 RARE 1987 Vintage McDonald's Plush Stuffed Dolls.  All 3 of these are from 1987 and back then all three originally came in clear plastic bags -- not like the newer broadly produced and boxed versions. All are safety tested for children of all ages. Ronald's right foot squeaks and the back of his neck reveals that he was made in Canada making him considerably more rare than his American counterparts of that era. Both Ronald and the Hamburglar have vinyl heads and measure 17 inches high. It's important to note that this Hamburglar IS COMPLETE. Some others apparently have lost their detachable cape, necktie, or pants over time. Birdie measures 12 inches high. All are RARE and are in EXCELLENT CONDITION.



McDonalds Pin-back Buttons


Four McDonalds Pin-back Buttons including the sought after "McDonalds Day at Expo 86". 


Ronald McDonald Fridge Magnet


Rare Vintage McDonald's RONALD MCDONALD Fridge Magnet - $15


MacDonald's 1995 Collector Mugs

Batman and Robin


McDonald's Batman and Robin Mugs promoting Batman Forever.  Made of thick sturdy glass these mugs/cups are actually quite well crafted.  Robin is running through the bat cave.  Batman has wound his batarang around the handle.  New Yorks (Gotham's?) skyline is on the back side with both the bat signal, and Riddler's question mark, in the sky.  A definite must if you don't already have them in your Batman collection.  Use them to toast "Batman Forever". More $10 Collectibles


Set of 3 1980's vintage McDonald's Character Glasses measuring 5.5 inches tall and 2.75 inches in diameter. They feature Ronald, The Grimace, and Birdie. These were issued exclusively in Canada.  Several sets of 3 are available and all are in Excellent Condition.




These items could be shipped worldwide for the appropriate S&H fees.

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