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Linea Imperiale Collection Faucets





  Make a lavish splash your kitchen with this sleek and elegant Italian designed arcing kitchen faucet.   It's contemporary stylish form and deluxe quality combine to command a retail price of $375 .  Manufactured by C-Tech-I and it's their FRUILI  Model No.:LI-VLK-2.  It's an exclusive high-end item that comes with a matching satin brushed stainless steel liquid soap dispenser.  It's Mint-In- Box and yours for less than half price at $185.













For your bathroom(s) we have equally fine bathroom faucets which retail for $354.  Also manufactured by C-Tech-I this is their Bicarri (aka Evora Tre) Model No.: LI-VLV-4.   This too is yours for less than half price at $175.






  Both faucets are from the Italian designer line: Linea Imperiale. See the photos for specs.  Never used they're in absolutely pristine condition.  You won't be disappointed.




These items could be shipped worldwide for the appropriate S&H fees.

Location: North Burnaby, BC, Canada

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