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Among a person’s many skills and abilities from previous jobs, or transferable from life, can be found vibrant self-motivated action words; a human resource that can make a job resume more attractive.  Starting each sentence of a resume’s Work History with these eye-catching positive past tense verbs can make statements resonate better as employer touchstones.



Absorbed, Accelerated, Accepted, Accessed, Acclimated, Accommodated, Accomplished, Accorded, Accrued, Acculturated, Accumulated, Accustomed, Achieved, Acquainted, Acquired, Acted, Activated, Advantaged, Actualized, Actuated, Adapted, Added, Added to, Addressed, Adjusted, Administered, Administrated, Admired, Adopted, Adored, Advanced, Advantaged, Advertised, Advised, Affiliated, Affirmed, Agreed, Agglomerated, Aggregated, Agreed, Aided, Alerted, Alleviated, Allotted, Allowed, Altered, Amalgamated, Amazed, Amassed, Ameliorated, Amplified, Analyzed, Animated, Announced, Anticipated, Applied, Appointed, Appraised, Appreciated, Approbated, Apprised, Approached, Approved, Arbitrated, Aroused, Arranged, Arrested, Arrived, ascertained, Assented, Assembled, Assessed, Assigned, Assisted, Assuaged, Assumed, Assured, Astounded, (Ate, slept, and breathed), Attacked, Attained, Attended, Attended to, Attracted, Attuned, Audited, Augmented, Awakened

Advertising Words That Sell

Backed, Balanced, Beatified, Became, Began, Beefed up, Belonged, Benefited, Bid, Billed, Blended in, Bloomed, Blossomed, Blueprinted, Bolstered, Boosted, Bound, Bounded, Bore, Bought, Briefed, Broadcasted, Broke ground, Brought, Brought about, Brought in, Brought into play, Brought off, Brought to bear, Brought together, Brought to fruition, Brought to pass, Budgeted, Built, Built up   

Cached, Calculated, Calibrated, Called, Cancelled, Capped, Captivated, Carried, Carried on, Carried out, Cast, Catalogued, Caught, Caused, Celebrated, Challenged, Championed, Changed, Chaperoned, Characterized, Charted, Checked, Cheered, Chose, Circulated, Clarified, Classified, Cleaned, Cleaned up, Cleansed, Cleared, Closed, Coached, Coalesced, Coaxed, Collated, Collected, Collocated, Combined, Commanded, Commenced, Commended, Communicated, Compared, Compelled, Competed, Compiled, Completed, Compensated, Complied, Comported, Composed, Computed, Conceived, Concentrated, Concentrated on, Conceptualized, Concluded, Concurred, Conducted, Confirmed, Conformed, Confronted, Conjoined, Connected, Conquered, Conserved, Consigned, Consolidated, Constructed, Consulted, Consummated, Contained, Continued, Contracted, Controlled, Converted, Cooked, Cooperated, Coordinated, Corralled, Corrected, Correlated, Corresponded, Counselled, Counted, Counteracted, Counterbalanced, Covered, Cracked, Created, Critiqued, Cuddled, Cultivated, Cumulated, Curbed   

Dazzled, Dealt, Débuted, Decided, Deepened, Defeated, Defended, Defined, Delegated, Delighted, Delivered, Delivered speech, Demonstrated, Designed, Detailed, Detected, Determined, Developed, Devised, Devoted oneself to, Diagnosed, Dialled back, Did justice, Did proud, Did the trick, Directed, Disambiguated, Discovered, Discussed, Dismissed, Dispensed, Dispersed, Dispatched, Displayed, Disposed, Disproved, Dissected, Distributed, Diverted, Diversified, Divided, Dovetailed, Drafted, Dramatized, Drew, Drew together, Drew up, Drove, Dug up, Dwelt

Earned, Eased, Edited, Educated, Edified, Effected, Electrified, Elevated, Elicited, Eliminated, Elucidated, Embarked on, Embodied, Embraced, Empathized, Employed, Empowered, Emulated, Enabled, Enacted, Encouraged, Ended, Endorsed, Energized, Enforced, Engaged, Engaged in, Engineered, Engrossed, Enhanced, Enjoyed, Enlarged, Enlisted, Enlivened, Ensured, Entertained, Enthralled, Enticed, Enumerated, Epitomized, Espoused, Equalized, Equalled, Established, Estimated, Evaluated, Evened, Eventuated, Evinced, Evoked, Examined, Exceeded, Excited, Executed, Exercised, Exerted, Exerted influence, Exhibited, Expanded, Expedited, Experimented, Explained, Explicated, Exploited, Expressed, Extended, Extracted

Faced, Facilitated, Familiarized, Fascinated, Fastened, Fast tracked, Fed, Felicitated, Fine-tuned, Filed, Filled, Filmed, Finalized, Financed, Finished, Fired up, Fit, Found, Fixed, Fixed up, Fleshed out, Flew, Forecast, Forewent, Foresaw, Foretold, Formed, Formulated, Forwarded, Forewarned, Found, Framed, Fulfilled, Furnished, Furthered, Fused

    Fine fluency, in its fidelity and form, is a fantastically fundamental faculty. Forming flair for flavourful fluency is fulfilling and fortuitously fruitful. Follow-up fundamental foundations are fortunate feelings furthering a flourishing fortified firmament.

Gained, Galvanized, Gathered, Gathered momentum, Gave, Gave a leg up, Gave a lift, Gave rise to, Gave a rundown, Generated, Giggled, Got, Got going, Got hold of, Got in there, Got into, Got someplace, Got there, Got together, Got ready, Governed, Graded, Graduated, Greased the wheels, Greeted, Grew, Guaranteed, Guarded, Guided, Gunned

Habituated, Handled, Handwrote, Hammered out, Harmonized, Hastened, Headed, Headed up, Heightened, Helped, Held, Held the reins on, Held office, Held with, Helped, Heralded, Hiked up, Hit, Honoured, Hustled, Hyped

Identified, Illustrated, Impelled, Implemented, Impressed, Improved, Improvised, Inaugurated, Incentivized, Included, Incorporated, Increased, Induced, Influenced, Informed, Initiated, Injected, Inlayed, Innovated, Input, Inspected, Inspired, Inspirited, Installed, Instituted, Instructed, Insured, Integrated, Intensified, Interacted, Interceded, Interconnected, Interested, Interfaced, Interfered, Interlaced, Interlaid, Interplayed, Interpreted, Interviewed, Intrigued, Introduced, Intuited, Invented, Inventoried, Investigated, Invigorated, Invited, Involved, Ironed out, Irroborated

Jacked up, Joined, Juggled, Justified

Kept, Kindled, Kissed, Knew, Knit together, Knocked off, was Known, Knuckled down to

Labelled, Laboured, Laid foundation for, Laid out, Landed, Laughed, Launched, Leant, Leaned in, Learned, Lectured, Led, Led to, Lengthened, Liberated, Licensed, Lifted, Liked, Lined up, Linked, Livened, Lightened, Listed, Listened, Loaded up, Loaned, Located, Locked, Locked up, Lured 

Maintained, Made, Made a bundle, Made a hit with, Made hay, Made it, Made known, Made progress, Made rain, Made ready, Magnified, Manoeuvred, Manned, Managed, Manufactured, Mapped, Mapped out, Marketed, Massed, Matched, Mated, Mattered, Measured, Mediated, Melded, Memorialized, Memorized, Mended, Mentored, Meshed, Met, Meted, Mitigated, Mobilized, Modeled, Moderated, Modified, Monitored, Motivated, Mounted, Moved, Multiplied, Munified

Nailed, Nailed it, Named, Navigated, Negotiated, Nobilitated, Nominated, Normalized, Noted, Notified, Nourished, Nurtured 

Obliged, Observed, Obtained, Occupied, Occurred, Offered, Officiated, Offset, Opened, Opened the throttle, Operated, Orchestrated, Ordered, Organized, Oriented, Originated, Outgunned, Overcame,  Oversaw, Owned 

Packed, Paid, Painted, Paralleled, Participated, Parcelled, Partitioned, Patronized, Penetrated, Perceived, Percolated, Perfected, Performed, Permitted, Persevered, Persisted, Personified, Persuaded, Phoned, Photographed, Picked up, Piled up, Piloted, Pinpointed, Pioneered, Pitched, Placed,  Planned, Planted, Planted seeds, Played, Played the game, Pleased, Plunged into, Polished, Portrayed, Possessed, Posted, Practiced, Predicted, Premiated, Prepared, Prescribed, Presented, Preserved, Presided, Pressed, Prevailed, Prevented, Primed, Printed, Processed, Procured, Produced, Proffered, Profited, Programmed, Progressed, Projected, Promoted, Prompted, Promulgated, Proofread, Propelled, Propitiated, Proportioned, Proposed, Prospered, Prorated, Protected, Proved, Provided, Publicized, Pulled in, Pulled things together, Purchased, Purified, Pursued, Pushed, Put forward, Put on the map  

Quadrated, Qualified, Quantified, Quarterbacked, Quelled, Quenched, Quickened, Quieted

Racked up, Raised, Rallied, Ran, Ran interference, Ran the show, Ran with the ball, Ranked, Rated, Ratified, Reached, Reacted, Read, Readjusted, Realigned, Realized, Reassured, Recalibrated, Recast, Received, Reciprocated, Recognized, Recommended, Reconciled, Reconstructed, Recorded, Recruited, Rectified, Redintegrated, Redressed, Reduced, Re-established, Refashioned, Referred, Reflected, Reformed, Refreshed, Regarded, Regimented, Regulated, Rehabilitated, Reinforced, Reinfunded, Rejuvenated, Related, Relaxed, Released, Relied, Relieved, Reminded, Remitted, Remodelled, Removed, Rendered, Renovated, Reorganized, Repaired, Replaced, Reported, Represented, Reproduced, Requested, Requisitioned, Rescued, Researched, Reshaped, Resolved, Respected, Responded, Restored, Restructured, Retired, Retrieved, Returned, Revamped, Revealed, Reviewed, Revised, Revived, Revivified, Revved, Revved up, Rid, Riveted, Rode shotgun, Rolled up, Rolled with the punches, Rose, Rounded up, Roused, Routed 

Satisfied, Saved, Savoured, Saw, Scared up, Scheduled, Scored, Sealed, Searched, Secured, was Seen, Seized, Serviced, Set, Set forth, Set in motion, Set in place, Settled, Sought, Selected, Sent, Separated, Served, Serviced, Set, Set in motion, Set up, Settled, Sewed up, Shaped, Shaped up, Shared, Shipped, Shone, Showed, Sided, Simplified, Smiled, Smoothed, Sold, Solicited, Solved, Sorted, Souped up, Sparked, Spellbound, Spoke, Spoke for, Specified, Sped, Spotted, Sponsored, Spread, Sprinted, Spruced up, Spurred, Squared, Squared away, Stabilized, Standardized, Started, Stayed, Steered, Stimulated, Stirred, Stockpiled, Stood by, Stopped, Stored, Straightened up, Streamlined, Strengthened, Stretched, Strove, Struck, Struck deals, Struck gold, Struck the market, strove, Submitted, Succeeded, Suggested, Suited, Summarized, Summated, Summed, Superintended, Supervised, Supplemented, Supplied, Supported, surprised, Surveyed, Sustained, Sweetened, Switched, Switched on, Sympathised, Synchronized, Synthesized, Systemized   

Tabulated, Tailored, Tailor-made, Tallied, Talked, Tamed, Targeted, Taught, Tempered, Tested, Thanked, Thrived, Thrust, Tied, Titivated, Toned, Took care of, Took control of, Took charge, Took part, Took possession of, Took on, Took over, Took the floor, Took steps, Took up, Took under one's wing, Took wing, Topped, Toted up, Totalled, Touted, Traced, Traded, Trained, Transacted, Transcribed, Transferred, Transformed, Translated, Transmitted, Transported, Travelled, Triumphed, Troubleshot, Tuned, Turned, Turned on afterburners, Tutored, Tweaked, Typed

Uncovered, Understood, Underwent, Undertook, Unified, United, Updated, Upgraded, Upheld, Uplifted, Upraised, Upbuilt, Upskilled, Upstayed, Urged, Used, Utilized

Vaulted, Valued, Varied, Verified, Vindicated, Vitalized, Vivified

Wakened, Was in unison, Wed, Wedded, Weighed, Welcomed, Went by the book, Went to bat for, Went flat out, Went for it, Went the extra mile, Went to work, Went to town, Were of one mind, Whet, Whipped out/up, Whished (sped), Widened, Withstood, Won, Won over, Worked, Worked out, Wove, Wrangled, Wrapped, Wrote




 Best words to share on LinkedIn
  To Stand Out, Use These Words:
-    Created – Increased – Reduced – Improved – Developed – Researched – Accomplished – Won – On Time – Under Budget -
 Overused on LinkedIn
 To Stand Out, Skip These Adjectives:
-        Responsible -        Strategic -        Creative -        Effective -        Patient, -        Expert -        Organizational -        Driven -        Innovative
-        Analytical -  
- Fine words from Kevan Ley's blog.

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Positive Non-Business Verbs

Abide, Absterge, Acclaim, Accourage, Accoy, Acknowledge, Admire, Adore, Allure, Amuse, Applaud, Apricate, Arouse, Asseverate, Assoil, Aver, Awaken, Beatify, Become, Befriend, Beguile, Be smitten with, Bestow, Bless, Blow away, Bonify, Brighten, Buoy, Buss (kiss), Calm, Canoodle, Caper, Captivate, Caress, Cavort, Celebrate, Charm, Cheer, Cherish, Chirk, Comfort, Complect, Compliment, Comport, Concrew, Condole, Conflate, Console, Content, Coruscate, Court, Crown, Cuddle, Cruise, Dance, Degust, Deosculate, Depurate, Dig, Dignify, Dine, Disport, Dote on, Dream, Ease, Edify, Effloresce, Elate, Electrify, Enamour, Enchant, Endear, Enliven, Enjoy, Enkindle, Ennoble, Enrapture, Entrance, Epuration, Equiparate, Esteem, Exalt, Excite, Excogitate, Exculpate, Exhilarate, Exosculate, Extol, Fall for, Fascinate, Favour, Feast, Felicify, Feel, Fill, Finesse, Flip over, Flow, Fly, Forgive, Free, Frolic, Gambol, Giggle, Gladden, Glorify, Go over big, Grant respite, Gratify, Have being, Have fun, Have place, Hearten, Herald, Hold, Holiday, Homologate, Honour, Hospitate, Hug, Hypnotize, Imagine, Impetrate, Incede, Indulge, Infatuate, Inspirit, Intrigue, Jest, Joke, Ken, Kiss, Kick up one's heels, Laud, Laugh, Like, Lighten, Live, Love, Loving, Macarize, Maffick, Magnetize, Make merry, Massage, Mesmerize, Move (emotionally), Mundify, Nest, Nestle, Nosh, Nurse, Nuzzle, Omnify, Osculate, Pacificate, Pacify, Pamper, Peak, Pet, Play, Peacekeeping, Please, Praise, Prize, Propitiate, Rede, Refocillate, Regale, Reguerdon, Rejoice, Relish, Revalorize, Revel, Revere, Rollick, Romp, Sail, Salute, Salve, Sate, Satiated, Savour, Score, Skip, Slake, Smooch, Soften, Spellbind, Soothe, Still, Star, Stay, Stir, Suffice, Suit, Survive, Sway, Sweep off one's feet, Sweeten, Temper, Thrill, Tickle, Tickle pink, Titivate, Touch, Tower, Travel, Treasure, Trumpet, Trust, Uprear, Vacation, Valentine, Vaticinate, Venerate, Warm, Whoop it up, Winnow, Wive, Worship, Woo, Wow,


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