Congratulatory words


to say "Congratulations


For Congratulants; people who congratulate success of any kind.

Pretty great in itself!

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A-1, accomplished, aces, admirable, advanced, A-OK, bad, beautiful, best ever, brilliant, capital, cat's pyjamas, certified, champion, charming, choice, choicest, classy, commendable, cool, copacetic, crackerjack, cutting-edge, dazzling, delightful, deserving, distinctive, distinguished, dream, estimable, excellent, exceptional, exemplary, expert, exquisite, fabulous, fantastic, fascinating, fine, finest, first, first-class, first-rate, foremost, good, graceful, grand, great, greatest, handsome, higher, ideal, important, incomparable, invaluable, keen, laudable, leading, leading-edge, liberal, lovely, magnificent, marvelous, masterful, masterly, meritable, meritorious, neat, nice, notable, noted, out of sight, out of this world, outstanding, peachy, peerless, pleasing, praiseworthy, precocious, premium, priceless, prime, progressive, radical, rare, refined, resplendent, select, skilful, solid, splendid, state-of-the-art, sterling, striking, stunning, sublime, super, superb, super-duper, superior, superlative, supreme, tiptop, top-notch, terrific, transcendent, tremendous, valuable, virtuoso, well-formed, wicked, wonderful, world-class, worthy, zero cool


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acclaim, acclamation, accolade, ace, acknowledgment, admiration, adulation, applause, appreciation, approbation, approval, asset, attraction, attractive, avant-garde, award, benefit, best wishes, big hand, blessing, boon, breakthrough, bring down the house, celebration, cheering, cheers, clapping, commendation, compliment, compliments, confirmation, congrats, congratulate, congratulation, congratulations, credit, distinction, encomium, encouragement, endorsement, esteem, exaltation, excellence, extolment, favour, feather in your cap, felicitate, felicitation, felicitations, Good going, good thing, Good wishes, Good work, gratulation, gratulations, hail, Hats off, Hip, hip, hooray!, homage, honour, Hooray!, hurrahs, I’m impressed/How very impressive, kudo, kudos, laud, laudation, laurels, master, merit, notability, notice, ovation, panegyric,  pat on the back, plaudits, points, praise, rave, recognition, regard, respects, righteous, rooting, salute, sanction, sentiment, standing ovation, tender one's congratulations, Three cheers, tribute, value, Way to go, Well done!, Wow!, Yay!, You did it!, You Rock!




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